iPhone 7 Plus Motherboard Replacement

Hello everyone today I gonna show you how
to replace motherboard on iPhone 7 Plus What tools you will needed to disassemble
the iPhone 7 Plus: • Screwdriver set
• Plastic mediator • Tweezers
• Suction cup for removing display • Adhesive tape for restore water protection
• Hairdryer • Replaceable motherboard
In the description under the video, I left links where you can buy all the necessary
tools and replacement parts for the iPhone 7 Plus To replace the motherboard on iPhone 7 Plus you will need to remove a lot of screws and
the most important step is to fasten all the screws back correctly I recommend using a magnetic mat and folding
the screws step-by-step during disassembly Before disassembling, turn off the smartphone
and remove the SIM card tray Take a Pentalobe 0.8 mm screwdriver and remove
2 screws near the charging port Now take any hairdryer and heat the display
surface for 1-2 minutes Take a suction cup and fix on the display
surface near the home button Next, take a plastic tool and disconnect the
display from the case On the iPhone 7 Plus, the top of the display
has latches inside So, when you opening case pull the display
down. The iPhone 7 Plus case opens like a book,
that is, you open the case by folding the display module to the right. You can place a suction cup under the display
so as not to damage the cable when disconnected. Now you need a Tri-Wing 0.8mm screwdriver. Take a screwdriver and remove 4 screws from
the metal panel. Now disconnect the battery cable from the
iPhone motherboard. Next, remove 3 more screws on the top of motherboard
and remove the second metal panel. Disconnect 3 cables of the display from the
mainboard of iPhone. Now lets begin to removing the motherboard
and for this you need a Phillips screwdriver. Also for removing the motherboard, you need
Standoff 1.5 mm screwdriver that is in our HowFixit One screwdriver set. Disconnect two camera cables from the mainboard
and remove the camera from the case. Unscrew 2 screws, one of which is located
on the inner of case. Disconnect the cable from the board and carefully
peel off the cable from the metal panel. Next, unscrew another 2 screws and remove
another metal panel. Now let’s begin to removing the Wi-Fi antenna. Unscrew 5 screws, one of which is located
on the inner of case. Next, disconnect the two antennas from the
motherboard … disconnect the cable and push the SIM card eject plunger out. Again, take a Standoff 1.5 mm screwdriver
and remove the last 5 screws that hold the iPhone 7 Plus motherboard Remove the motherboard from the iPhone case. In the description under the video, I left
a link where you can buy a motherboard for iPhone 7 Plus Now take a short break, drink coffee and return
to the installation of the motherboard. So, let’s begin to install the new motherboard
on the iPhone 7 Plus. Install the motherboard in the case and connect
all cables. Check all cables, that all must be above the
motherboard. Next, fasten 5 Standoff screws. Now move on to installing a Wi-Fi antenna. Now go to the installation of the second antenna. Install the metal panel and fasten the 2 screws. Pay attention to the flexure of the cable
and how I install the camera in the housing. Next, connect the cables to the motherboard
and install the metal bracket on top and fasten 2 screws The iPhone assembled and now you can connect
the display and check how smartphone works with the new motherboard. Please note that first connect 3 cables of
the display to the motherboard and only after that connect the battery cable. As you can see, the iPhone show message that
the Touch-ID function does not work and, therefore, the home button does not work. That’s because the old button is tied to the
iPhone 7 Plus motherboard and the new motherboard that I installed will not work with the old
home button at all, it won’t even work when pressed In this case, there are 2 ways to solve this
problem: you buy a new motherboard with the home button, or you can install the universal
home button. How to install the universal home button;
watch in another video, I left a link in the description under the video. Next, check the remaining functions of the
smartphone and install the SIM card. If the SIM card not detected, just restart
your iPhone Remove the adhesive tape from the back cover
of iPhone. Now take a cotton swab and medical or isopropyl
alcohol, and wipe the iPhone back cover from the remnants of glue. Now take a waterproof adhesive tape and put
it on the iPhone case. Using this adhesive tape, you restore resistance
to dust and water. First, connect three display cables to the
mainboard of the smartphone, and then connect the battery cable. Install metal panels and fasten the screws. Turn the display over and push it to the back
cover. Fasten the last 2 screws near the charging
connector. Install the SIM card and turn on the iPhone I hope this video was useful to you and helps
repair your iPhone 7 Plus See you soon on HowFixit

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  1. *Links where to buy a replacement motherboard for iPhone 7 Plus and screwdrivers for disassembly – in the description under the video

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