iPhone XR Durability Test – is the ‘cheap’ iPhone weak?

Apple’s released quite a few new phones this
year. The iPhone XS and XS Max, which I’ve already
tested on my channel, and then 6 different flavors of this guy: the iPhone XR. It’s basically Apple’s iPhone with the price
of a flagship. I asked on Twitter which color of the iPhone
XR I should test today, and it was a close call, but the peachy coral version was chosen
as tribute, which is kind of good because our brand new blue friend isn’t even turning
on this morning. He’s got a little bit of performance anxiety. I’ll plug him in and we’ll start with peachy. (silence) Let’s get started. [Intro] Inside the box we have the standard slow charger,
along with the lightning headphones that you can’t use anywhere else. And the proprietary lightning cord with no
dongle for the missing headphone jack. Let’s start with the scratch test. The one feature that gets used more than anything
else on a smartphone by far is the screen. The biggest downside of the iPhone XR, besides
being a flagship priced budget phone, is the screen. There’s been a 1080p resolution standard across
computer screens, TVs and cell phones for the past 3 years. [Phone voice saying “staying healthy.”] Even the iPhone 6 Plus released 4 years ago
had a super defined 1080p display. But Apple here, sneakily dropped the iPhone
XR from a high definition 1080p screen down to just 828. You can always say iPhone users just don’t
really care about specs, but there’s a line that got crossed when Apple takes advantage
of that and keeps the high price of $800 after tax, while handing out hardware from 5 years
ago. Glass is still glass though, and scratches
at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7. Apple’s never been a leader in screen resolution,
but going backwards in technology is a slap in the face to unsuspecting customers. There’s one 7 megapixel front facing camera
hidden up in the notch, along with a metal earpiece grille, very solidly attached and
will never be coming out on it’s own. Another difference between the XS and XR is
the build material. While the more expensive XS is made from stainless
steel, the regular expensive XR is made from softer aluminum –
anodized aluminum. Anodizing is a pretty amazing process where
the metal is dipped and electrically coated in a super hard protective layer of oxide,
and could literally be any color we want. So it makes the color matching look pretty
sweet. Even the SIM card tray with no expandable
memory slot got dipped in the same anodizing bath. The buttons are made from metal, along with
the top of the phone, and the new switch slider over here on the side. I still think every phone should have one
of these switches. The volume buttons are made from metal. And the bottom of the phone, right next to
that missing headphone jack is also metal. The only thing down here is the lightning
port and the little metal grilles for the loud speaker and microphone. The back of the iPhone XR is made from glass. It still has that wireless charging. I think the coloring is a great idea and definitely
adds a nice splash of uniqueness to the smartphone world. If the Apple logo gently glowed for notifications
like it does on the Razer Phone, it would look even cooler. The flash is under the back glass and protected,
along with the little wire microphone grille. Which now brings us up to the camera. Apple’s cameras are incredibly good. Just remember though, that the screen on this
iPhone XR can’t show all the pixels your camera captures when you use it – kind of blows my
mind. Let’s say you take a picture and post it to
Instagram. Instagram publishes images in 1080 pixel blocks. The iPhone XR is 252 pixels short of that
and literally can’t show Instagram pictures at full quality. This is an $800 phone that can’t even social
media right. Not to mention, Apple is still advertising
a sapphire lens cover protecting the camera, which should scratch at a level 8 or 9 on
Mohs scale of hardness, yet we are still seeing heavy marks at levels 6, 7, and 8. Other sapphire manufacturers like this Tissot
watch face manage pure sapphire just fine. The Tissot sapphire has no scratches below
a level 8. It’s kind of messed up that with Apple you
aren’t getting what you pay for on so many levels. The phones are very pretty though. No doubt about that. But if all you want is just beautiful, surface
level aesthetics, or just want to cover up the Apple logo, just spend a few dollars and
slap a dbrand skin on your current phone. Then use the rest of the money you had saved
to literally book a round trip ticket to Hawaii. You can get to Hawaii and back from basically
anywhere in the USA for the price of this phone. The inexpensive skins are linked in the description. Huge thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this
video and inspiring colorful phones everywhere. Not to mention, if you purchased basically
any other phone in the past 3 years, you’ll be able to Instagram at full quality on your
trip. You might be like, ‘but Jerry, what about
YouTube? Is the YouTube app still going to work okay
with this lower resolution screen?’ Yeah, it works. 720P is just fine, it’ll even pretend to let
you select 1080p. And of course, the XR will use your data to
stream that 1080 into phone, but you won’t get the high definition displayed on your
screen. The pixels just aren’t physically there to
do it. Of course, if you have seen someone who has
or loves this phone, there’s no need to make fun of them. Remember, they are just 252 pixel rows short
of the full picture, and not quite all the way there hardware-wise…if you catch my
drift. The iPhone XR is a 6.1 inch, 828×1792 ips
LCD and lasted 10 seconds under the heat from my flame, going completely black and turning
off. It’s kind of a risk to burn pixels on the
XR when it doesn’t have any to spare in the first place, but they all did make it back
to life with a full recovery. Now it’s time for the bend test. Apple is using the stronger 7000 series aluminum
on the iPhone XR, so it should be solid. But the only way to find out for sure is with
a structural flex. Bending from the front yielded no movement
in the phone. No kinks in the frame or bending in the body. Bending from the back got the slightest of
flexes, but nothing to get excited about. Our little orange friend is built like a solid,
low resolution brick. If Apple charged $500, or maybe even $600
for this hardware, I’d be pretty pumped. But charging $800 after tax for this is like
robbing an old folks home. Yeah, it’s easy and your targets won’t notice,
but it’s just…wrong. Apple didn’t get to be a trillion dollar company
by selling stuff at a fair price though. So it is what it is. The XR is structurally sound, even if the
sapphire isn’t pure and the screen automatically downgrades Instagram and YouTube, it does
pass my durability test. I’ll probably give away this unharmed blue
iPhone XR over on my Twitter or Instagram. So come hang out over there for the giveaway. You can always sell it and buy yourself a
real phone. Customize your current phone with the dbrand
link in the description. And thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

100 thoughts on “iPhone XR Durability Test – is the ‘cheap’ iPhone weak?

  1. i use a xr and tbh i never noticed the low resolution screen. that's a new one to me lol. i find it very unnoticeable and i love my phone a lot. i don't notice the bad hardware or anything either so!

  2. I think people choose Coral because…

    Everyone Love the Blue so they don't want him to Destroyed it so people will choose the Coral one for instead.

  3. 720p display: 921.600 pixels
    iPhone XR Display: 1.483.776‬ pixels
    Calls it a "Technology" channel LMAO
    now I know why I unsubscribed a while ago.

  4. They need to just make this phone better though. Because I had both and you can clearly see the difference bet the X and the XR

  5. The iPhone XR isn't a bad phone. It's just unnecessarily expensive for a "budget" phone that, from a hardware perspective, is offering less at this price point than other phones. It would easily be a GREAT phone had it been $200 lower, like at that $599 price you seen thrown at most budget phones. What really blows my mind is that the current Pixel flagship, Pixel 4, starts out at $799, the price this BUDGET PHONE started with, and it doesn't offer 1080p (something off brand cheap phones give at fuck all prices). The point everyone is reiterating here is that while a great phone, you're paying absolutely too much. If you value your money over the branding you should either wait for a price drop or look into another phone. If you simply have to have an Apple device, save up a little more and buy the flagship version. The only steal you're getting from this phone is from Apple into your wallet.

  6. Him: “This is a 800 dollar phone that can’t use social media right.”
    Me: “Well now that I know that I think I need to sue apple..”

  7. 2:22 i can’t watch this video anymore 😵😵😨 1) because of the sound and 2) because I can’t watch someone destroying a new iPhoneXR while I have a iPhone 5

  8. Jerry’s child: Hey dad can I have that choral….
    Child sees that his recking a phone-
    The child has now left the room

  9. Jerry- “apples cameras are incredibly good,”
    Me watching on XR
    Also me- “finally the one good comment jerry ha-“
    Jerry- “but u can’t tell *blah blah blah more bad stuff”
    Me-“bruh r u serious😑”

  10. Guys, I don’t care what this “jerry” dude says, it’s called, get a 7$ screen protecter and BAM it’s as good as the XS max😏

  11. You really annoy me not in a bad way but if I had those apple products I would leave them in the box so they don’t get dirty

  12. How come that the back glass dont have scratches using metal my xr is having a scratch like a honeycomb style because of the casing fcking casing now i have a beautiful design no need case

  13. Jerry's title: iPhone XR durability test -is the 'cheap' iPhone weak?

    Me: oh my god it's cheap ima go buy it myself! * drives to Apple Store *

    Me: sir how much is the iPhone XR?

    Apple employee: oh hello sir it's $800

    Me: I just wasted my time😐

  14. 3:14 "if the apple logo gently glowed when u get a notification like it does on razor phone it would look even cooler".

    Yea Apple😂😂😂

  15. 1 year later, I actually think the xr is a great phone. you get a good chunk of savings and honestly the spec is solid. the display is retina and really looks good. i went from the iphone x oled to an xr and i'm actually really happy just to have a bigger screen. to me the size of the phone matters a lot more for daily usability than just trying to cram a ridiculous resolution onto such a small screen.

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