Is an old Mac Pro Worth It? Watch this Review.

Hey how’s it going people, Michael here
and Thank you for tuning in to used gadgets And in this episode, I’m going to try To help you determine whether or not Buying an older Mac Pro is worth it in 2015 First off this video is not a battle between Mac OS X, or Linux or Windows So let’s not get into a war of words about which operating system is more superior I have all 3 operating systems running Somewhere around here and each one has a special place in my heart Secondly, this video is meant for people considering purchasing their first Mac Pro Or maybe they already received one As a present And it’s an older Mac Pro and they are Undecided whether or not to keep it or Upgrade to a newer model. So let me introduce you to my 2006 Mac Pro which I purchased back in 2012 When I bought it it was already 6 years old And it came preinstalled with Mac OS X 10.5 Code named Leopard And then it’s now currently running Mac OS X 10.7 code named Lion This was apple’s last computer to move Up into the Intel platform It was designed to work with high definition Audio and video And these applications demand storage and
memory that was not commonly found in desktop computers The codecs used also required high levels
of processing and multi-threading which was why
it had not 1 but 2 CPU sockets on the motherboard
with multi-core CPU’s Even today, it’s uncommon to find 2 CPU
sockets in consumer motherboards Now the question is “Is it still worth it
to buy this Mac Pro in 2015?” Well, that’s an ambiguous question which
requires a bit of quantifiable measurements So first, let’s define what it means to be “worth it” As I mentioned earlier, the Mac Pro was designed for digital video and audio editing. Both Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro run
great on it which is perfect for creating personal videos, or small time video production It is also powerful enough to handle processor intensive rendering of animations And if you are into photography, when used
with a good photo management tool it is also a great machine for managing your photos There is also excellent support for hardware
and software for producing music and sound effects So you will need to ask yourself how much post-production work will you be
doing on the Mac Pro? Is it worth getting if all you’re doing
is watching YouTube videos? Well we all know that Mac’s cost double
the amount of an equivalent Windows-based PC And from the surface, you might be thinking
why that is when underneath, it is just a clone
PC Right? Well, no not really Consider this: This Mac was made in 2006 Any PC that I had back in 2006 are now long
gone Let me give you another example This is a 2013 Windows 7 laptop that cost
me $300 brand new and when it was new, it took 3 minutes to
get to the desktop Today, it takes 10 minutes, and the hard drive would still be hammering It takes 1 minute for Firefox to open and I have multiple pop-up windows because
of malware infection I would not even dare render a video on this laptop This is a 9 year old computer and it takes 45 seconds to get to the desktop Obviously, a newer computer at twice the cost will boot up in just 30 seconds but is a 15 second improvement worth the upgrade to you? How about triple the cost for a 20 second improvement? But boot time contests follow the laws of diminishing returns So let’s extrapolate that to something like
video production will you be exporting sequences that take
45 minutes to render Will a 15 minute improvement be worth it? How about a 20 minute improvement? One of the advantages of the Mac Pro is that
it has 2 CPU sockets On this machine, I can boot into Windows 7 Professional which takes advantage of 2 CPU sockets each having 4 cores giving me a total
of 8 By the way, originally this had 2 dual core CPU’s I upgraded it to 2 quad core CPU’s a few
months after I bought it The extra cores make it convenient for me
to run virtual machines because I still need Windows
to do my accounting I can dedicate 2 cores to run Windows 7 in
a virtual machine without logging out of OS
X It makes video rendering a lot faster because
of this but at a price This is one of the downfalls of an older Mac
Pro The outdated Xeon processor in it consumes
a lot of power and when all 8 cores are at 100% it would be consuming electricity equivalent
to running 3 – 100 watt light bulbs But in the winter, it makes a great space
heater because even at idle it would still consume 175 watts My 2008 MacBook Pro on the other hand only
uses 85 watts when both cores are at 100% So you can guess which one I use if I’m
just going to be surfing the web I am averaging $5 a month in my hydro bill
when I use my Mac Pro 5 days a week My newer Windows 7 computer which has an i7
quad core CPU only uses about $2 a month in electricity in casual use By comparison my 8-core Linux server which is running 24-7 consumes about $10 a month This is why whenever I am not using my Mac
Pro I put it to sleep or power it down Will the higher processing power be worth
the cost of a higher electricity bill for you? The 2006 Mac Pro officially supported Mac
OS X 10.7 code named “Lion” Beyond that, you would need to do a lot of tinkering I didn’t bother… yet But if you want the latest Mac OS X, there
is a way to do it The only software that I know of that no longer supports Lion is the Box sync tool which is unfortunate because I use it a lot to transfer
my recorded Audio from my BlackBerry Z10 Yes, the sync still works, but it’s just
a matter of time until they update the tool and then
break it As for software support, you can still run
the latest versions of Adobe Premiere and Final
Cut Pro I don’t use Microsoft Office for Mac anymore I use Google Apps for that, but if you’re
still into that, it fully supports Microsoft Office
for Mac I have the 2003 version, I’m not sure if
it will support later versions I suspect that this machine will continue
to be supported by most of the software that I use
for another 5 years But beyond that, I will be stuck with using
older software While it doesn’t mean I will be less productive, it also means it can no longer be more productive Is it worth the risk of getting stuck with
older software 5 years from now? Well, there is no contest The Mac Pro is by far the quietest computer
I have around the house I remember the first time I had it running
under my desk And I couldn’t tell on which side it was
on because it was so quiet The next one up in terms of sound level Is my MacBook Pro Then my Windows 7 gaming PC And by far the loudest is my Linux server
in the basement Which can be heard even from the second floor So it makes for a quieter audio recording
when I have to shoot next to the Mac Pro Which was what I did in this video Is the silence worth it to you? If you are a Mac user, you probably already
know that one of the greatest benefits of owning
a Mac is that it just works And I mean everything including the data backup, USB, Firewire, and Bluetooth devices This is the Mac Pro’s greatest strength
in that I have not found myself tinkering with hardware
or software because of a crash, a virus, or malware Not only because Mac OS X is so stable, but because the hardware components were made
to last Even the case is so thick and heavy that it
feels like a tank Seriously, when I did a system restore on
this thing When I upgraded my hard drives, it even restored the windows I had opened But if you feel the need to upgrade any of
the components An older Mac Pro can accommodate many upgrades Like I said earlier, since I bought this Mac
Pro I have already upgraded the CPU and RAM I have installed 3 drives configured in a
striped RAID array giving me faster response time
and more storage If I’m ever going to spend more money on
this thing I would invest in an SSD drive Having said that You will be limited by the maximum bandwidth
that the motherboard supports For example The highest CPU it will support is the quad
core Xeon X5355 Which has a 1.3 Ghz front side bus These can be had for as low as $50 on eBay
today These processors, while cheap Are nothing to sneeze at Just look at this decent Geekbench score Also, the RAM frequency will be limited to
667 Mhz DDR2 And while you can install the latest SSD drive The interface will only support a maximum
link speed of 3 Gigabits per second Will the limited upgradability be worth it? And finally, we come down to the purchase
price These prices for a 2006 Mac Pro are accurate
as of July 2015 Now these are prices for the newest Mac Pro’s And these are the prices for the newest Windows PC’s You will need to accept that Macs cost considerably more than a Windows PC of equivalent specs And that is because it uses Server grade components But the 2006 Mac Pro now costs less than a
2012 Windows desktop PC Considering all of the previous points that
I have made in terms of intended use, processor speed, power consumption, software support, noise level, dependability and upgradability, is it worth it to you? Well it has been 3 years since I bought this thing and I am still using it today In fact, this video was edited using this
machine and is the only machine I use to edit and
render my videos My first YouTube video was a walkthrough of
my 2006 Mac Pro back in 2012 and if you would
like to see it go ahead and click over here So back to our original question: Is it worth buying an old Mac Pro? Let’s quantify it using the return on investment I paid $1200 for this including the upgrades
over the past 3 years with a power consumption of about $5 a month That is equivalent to $460 a year Or $38 a month The total cost of downtime during the 3 years
due to a crash was $0… Yes, it never crashed on me Buying the Mac Pro made an immediate impact
on my productivity Over the 3 years that I have owned it It helped me deliver videos, music, sound effects, animations, websites, and mobile
apps To my customers far exceeding the initial
cost within the first 3 months that I owned it Was it worth it for me? Damn right it was… and it still is Would I still buy another old Mac Pro today? Absolutely. Should you get a 2006, 2007, 2008 or a 2009 Mac Pro? Again, it will follow the laws of diminishing results especially if you are only going to
be using it for web surfing Let me put it another way: If you had a budget of $2,000 and 4 employees Wwould you buy 1 dependable 12-core 2009 Mac
Pro To share among them? Or 4 equally dependable 2006 Mac Pros? And on that note, I will end this episode Hey guys, let me know what you think of this video in the comments section And if you liked this video, please hit share Or hit that like button or better yet hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you in my next video Thanks for watching

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  1. This video was very helpful! I am considering an older Mac Pro for home use. I have a 2008 MacBook that just went out on me.

  2. Yep, grab one for about £200 and you've got a better machine than an average iMac or Mac Mini, you can put in a decent graphics card and 64 g ram as well.

  3. You can't install Sierra from App Store, there is a way to do it tho, but why bother unless you want Siri on your desktop?

  4. The new Mac Pro unfortunately has none of those outputs and you're gonna have a heck of a time if you want more than one hard drive AND you want those hard drives to turn off and on with the computer.
    I have three internal hard drives and never even think about them because they're just a part of the computer. With usb3 I'd have to turn them off and on separately and it's a big pain since I use them in a studio and the computer is in another room.

  5. cool video btw. I have a question i want to start editing videos and short clips i don't have 2017 mac book pro budget and i was wondering if a 2012-2014 apple laptop a good way to good for a beginner ?

  6. Good discussion. I think it still make sense to go for it even in 2017, when the price of old mac is significantly lower! Thanks for your effort and time, in creation of this useful clip.

  7. Great Video! I just upgraded my 2008 to a 2013 and my old 2007 gave to my cousin for his accounting business was just returned Friday.

    Right now, Im thinking about repurposing both machines in two ways.

    1. Use one machine to house all of our photo and video media (Wife is a photographer and video editor) We use final cut pro X. on our primary machines and the old pro's don't support the application. Due to the limited amount of space we have on our new machines, having a centralized location to manage and deploy files will be useful.

    2. The other machine I want to use to house all of my virtual servers images, Xcode, cache, so I can store and run images remotely from my other mac workstations on my local network.

    I also want to utilize the disk space also for remote time machine backups and storage and podcasts.

    Im not 100% sure these machines should be better utilized but Im happy to have them both back together in any capacity.

  8. I know this is an old video but I have a 2008 8 core mac pro. This computer is SO OUT DATED by todays standards. the thing is, it just keeps getting the job done. the only thing I have done to it was add an SSD and replace the shipping factory video card with an HD5770 I found on Ebay. This thing as been solid for the 4 years I have owned it.

  9. I got a 2006 Mac Pro about 4 months ago – now have it running OSX El Capitan with 14GB RAM and a 1GB video card. It's awesome!

  10. Got a macpro 1.1 for 90$.Are 32gb ddr2 ecc ram, two quadcore xeons and a gtx 770 4gb going to be ok at gaming or 1080p rendering???Hope so because I want to switch to mac till Pc parts don´t cost a fortune.

  11. Just bought my second 'older mac pro'. A 2,1 (2007) for my daughter. It came with upgraded graphics card, 2xquads cpu and 28gb of ram. Love it. Great video. I totally agree with all you said.

  12. "Each operating system has a special place in my heart"…"oh yeah those old windows machines, naw man long gone" lol. I still got a vista HP

  13. Great Video – thank you. Not sure if you still get notifications from these comments but I have a PowerMac11,2 G5 Quad 2.5GHz 'Dual Core/Late 2005' (October 2005) and would love your suggestion on how I can maximise it please.

  14. good video, and completely agree that these Macs are still very useful. I would go with the 2008 3,1 model or newer, as this allows for El Capitan (or newer with the 5,1 model). One can find good deals on the 3,1 model on eBay or CL, and with a few upgrades its a very nice machine. I upgraded my 2008 Mac Pro 3,1 with the following:

    1) 32 GB of RAM ($60-$120 on Ebay or Amazon, you can go with the cheaper 667 GHz memory, as there is no practical speed difference to the 800 Mhz sticks)

    2) an Inateck USB3 PCIE card ($30) for four USB3.0 ports

    3) a Kingston Hyper X PCIE 240 GB SSD as a boot drive (I get read/write speeds above 700 Mb/s) ($160) (plus several 1TB HDDs for data storage and time machine)

    4) a Nvidia GTX-980 graphics card ($300 used).

    This configuration should keep my Mac Pro competitive for a few more years!

  15. 2009 Mac Pro is still a great machine, I upgraded mine to a 5,1 3.33 ghz 12 core, flash pcie boot drive with two esata ports, Nvidia 980ti, usb 3 card, boots into windows for gaming. Great box for Pro Tools 12 HD native when doing large mixes, which likes to use a lot of cores. Running Sierra and FCPX, editing 4k multicam edits. So yes still a viable machine today, hoping they do come out with a new Mac Pro next year that is upgrade able more so than the current tube mac pro. Faster is always better when it comes to editing video 🙂 and i7 chips do certain video processes much faster than Xeons like converting 4k to proxy media. You can now run the newer 1080ti GPUs s in the old mac pros thanks to new drivers though not perfected they should be soon.

  16. very well explained.
    Last year i purchased a MacPro 2.1 for $400 Canadian and i am very happy with its performance and reliability.

  17. +UsedGadgets Michael please help! Im new to streaming (bare-with me here!) and currently have a 2015 MacBookPro Ret ICi5, Ive been in the Apple/Mac EcoSystem for 25+years so would like to stick with it. Ive just bought an Elgato HD60S to start game streaming but my MacBook Pro really struggles, the fan starts going mad and the unit gets so so hot. Now I no the MacBookPro Isn't the specs Elgato say you require but it will run the HD60S as I said, but not great. Now, ten years ago I use to dream about the MacPro, I still do, but no way could I afford the current Pro but an older one, I could, do you think it would hold up now? Would/could it run my Elgato? Or should I look at something different like a second had more current iMac or Mac Mini for example? Please help! MJ

  18. I still use my mac pro 2006 desktop, its a badass machine, I upgraded the ram to 32gb, I use it mainly just for audio production/music and general surfing. Its the only computer I have and it is worth it.

  19. its 2017 now and i still use my mac pro 1.1 as my main pc, i got a macbook pro (mid 2015) too, but the mac pro 1.1 still outperforms it, i installed an SSD for the OS, its running el capitan, it got 12Gb of ram, airport (wifi and bluetooth) card (the original apple one), replaced the 7300GT with a 2GB DDR5 gtx 750GS and also installed 2 new 4x 2.66GHz xeon cpu's which makes it an 8core pc

  20. I have a 2010 Mac Pro which I bought new. I have done the firmware upgrade to a 5.1. I have also changed out the processor tray to a 12 core with dual Xeon 5690's. The highest processors Mac installed even in 2012 was the Xeon 5675. The X5690 blows it awayI also have 64 gig of 1333 DDR3 ram installed. I am running El Capitan. Although this machine is used for Pro Tools HD almost exclusively and Pro Toold HDx uses it's own very expensive processors I will put it up to any nearly any modern machine PC or Mac including the trash can Macs of today. My highest Geekbench 3 multi-core score was at 31,800 and single core is was around 3,800 as I recall. This machine rocks. I have an old ATI Radeon HD 5870 which is just fine for my purposes and 4, 1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD drives. Total amount of upgrades invested about $2,680 (SSD's, processors, ram) which is way cheaper than a new Mac Pro. Plus I have pcie slots (although all in use) which a trash can Mac does not have. I will be using this computer long into the future.

  21. Yeah "lets not get into a war of words". Leave it to a liberal to be politically correct, and then abandon it when its convenient… PC is still 90% of the market for a reason. Facts matter. Trump 2016!

  22. I bought a 2006 iMac as my main computer, with a core 2 duo and was advertised with a 2gb of ram but really came with 1.5Gb >:( but I didn't bother claiming a return, because for the price it would cost to pay for the shipping, I could spend that money for a 3gb ram kit

    But so far this iMac with just 1.5Gb is pretty zippy, I can't wait for the ram to come in to see a speed boost.

    But I would say a 2006 iMac is worth buying in 2017, I could see a 2006 Mac pro probably being worth buying is 2020

  23. Yes yes yes! I bought a 2010 Mac Pro (some kind of special model as apparently not many have the same specs/hardware that mine does) and it is astounding! With a 500GB SSD and 2TB HDD as its core upgrades, it'll still blow a lot of new computers out of the water. And the design. Oh gawd I think I love it more than my girlfriend. If you find one for a good price, go for it!

  24. Thanx ! Great video! Looks awesome!
    I need a word of advice. I have a Mac pro mid 2010, 20gb ram and run Premiere pro cc and After Effects 1080p and 4k videos on it and these programs are killing it and I need to do something about it. Where would you start? Graphic card or?. I run both Sierra and 10,9 on two different disks.
    Keep it up.

  25. I have got this mac for free. which graphic cards i should buy for ewsutubd videos? I plan to edit videos and records audio as a speaker etc.

  26. Loved this video!!! It really legitimized for having my 2008 Mac Pro and its still going really strong! I've had a few bumps in the road over the years, but it's been very minimal.

  27. I have a 2009 MacBook and it's great except it doesn't have wifi. Do you know of a way to install WiFi cheaply? Under forty bucks.

  28. So, I just got one of these from my job for free. Is it work doing any updates inside still today? I was thinking of gutting the entire internals and upgrading just to keep this form factor. I myself cannot do any of the work, or even selection though, as I do not know enough. I was just going to hand it off to someone to pay them to make it modern. Worth it? Jus to be clear though, mine is a Power Mac G5 …

  29. Great video. I bought a 2006 MacPro in 2010 with four HD's and have since upgraded 3rd party ram to 32 gigs for 3D work and video editing. It's been a solid workhorse these last seven years without a hitch and is the single best computer I've ever had! I'll soon be upgrading the processors to xenon 5365s and putting in new larger faster hard drives along with Windows 10 in a separate partition. I never thought a computer could be so long lived but I guess that is one of the differences between a personal computer and "workstation" class computer, which is what makes the MacPro differrent from most other Macs and PCs. With these additional upgrades I expect at least another 3-5 years of service. I've also got my eye on a 12 core MacPro 5,1.

  30. i just bought a Mac Pro 2006 (1,1)Dual Xeon 2.66 Ghz and 32GB of ram and 2 Xeon 3.0 Ghz Cpus to make it a 2007 Mac pro, all for less than 300 dollars and it blows the case off my dell Studio 9000/435t (core i7 920) all day! best 300 bucks i ever spent!

  31. Oh boy. I've had three 8 core Mac Pros and a 12 core Mac Pro running around the clock for two years now. $480 so far according to 2015 electricity prices (you said hydro, and from your coffee cup I assume we live in the same place).

  32. I purchased an older 2008 Mac Pro for $200, upgraded with 2- 3.2Ghz CPUs.(Intel Xeon 5482)and an extra heat sink for the extra CPU also added 32Gbs of memory…couldn't be happier these computers are works of art and great engineering…it draws 175-200 watts

  33. I enjoyed your production, and as someone who has been running a Mac Pro 2,1, also limited to Lion, I concur with the majority of your findings. The only correction I would make, is that mine is fitted with a PCI-E SATA Card, with an SSD actually attached to it, which gives full SATA 3 (6GB/s) transfer speeds. The card cost me £30 from eBay, and the machine now hits the desktop in under 20 seconds…

    PS – I have just acquired a faulty 4,1, which I have diagnosed with a PSU failure, so saving up for a replacement – not cheap when compared to a Windoze box! Once sorted, it should allow me to run 10.10 Yosemite, which is where I want to be

  34. Hi Micheal. Great video it helped me a lot. I would like to get your opinion on getting a Mac Pro. My bother has one but now it doesn't work. I wanted to buy his old Mac and use it as a project to fix it up and then use it for normal use and some games. The motherboard needs replacing and I think some other parts need changing as well. For normal use would it be worth to get it? Also could I update the OS for the latest one? Thanks for the help.

  35. Had to like this because it answered all my questions . I own 4 macs , but was recently questioning buying a 2006 mac pro for music editing . Asked the guy if it was i5 or i7 which I don't think it's either .. I can here to help make that decision …

  36. i would say a hackintosh would be cheaper and use less electricity , i only use mine in the day when my solar panels are working lol

  37. I hope you are still answering questions. I loved your videos. Very informative.
    I own a Mac Pro 1.1. It's been a very good desktop computer for me. I am adding Adobe Suite in order to get Premiere Pro for editing software, which I have used for years on my work computer. My question is, "What is a good software for storing and organizing my photos and videos? I found out that my Mac does not come with the Photos program until after the 4.1 version. I refuse to pay a monthly fee for some of these new programs! Thank you in advance.

  38. Now in 2018 I think this is difficult to run. If you don't have a graphic card with Metalsupport you can't upgrade to MacOS 10.14 Mojave. It is more or less out of the game even if you have one from 2012 which I have. Quiet? No not mine. I can hear it running several meters from it, even when the tv is on. Very annoying!

  39. I say it’s worth it. I have one from 2006 or from 2008 and it works fine. I got it with El Capitan and replaced the hard drive with my mom’s old one and it actually works better with OS X Leopard than it did before. I also have a PowerBook G4 aluminum

  40. Seriously considering to buy a 2010 one with one quad core. While originally planning to throw in some other UNIX, I can see that it would probably make video editing, easy cake. Thank you so much for the insight man!

  41. Is Mac worth it? If you are Designer or Desktop Publisher or Audio Studio operator or Video Editor or Photoshopper: YES, i like the older versions of OSX way more than the new one's, but you have to check if YOUR version of Photoshop is working on older OSX, it an "old" Mac Pro 3.1 worth it for LogicX and Adobe Video editing? YES 🙂 I loved my Mac Pro 3.1 and miss it dearly (have an little mac mini core2duo sitting around here doing nothing but LogicX and sometimes Screenflow… but not oftne in use)

  42. Long gone Apple with there every year up dates. Microsoft is the way of the future if you want to be able to keep you're pc for more than 3 years and dond mention the up dates you need with Apple

  43. I’m planning to buy an refurbished mac pro 4.1 and upgrade it to 5.1 to latest dual cpu. I believe it will be definitely worth it for 3d cpu rendering.

  44. My daily user is an updated by the seller Mac Pro early 2009, 3.33 Ghz 6 core with 16 GB ram and High Sierra, I bought it used from a good seller on Ebay as I always do every couple of years, trying to double my machine specs each time as I can- hard now because they have more or less topped out around 4.0 Ghz, but it was easier years ago going from G3, 300 to G4 800 I think it was, and then G5 maybe it was 933 and so on. I was able to usually get a seat of the pants noticeable increase in speed.
    I ALWAYS installed a new WB caviar black drive no matter what the mac came with, and then this Mac would be left on 24/7 and run pretty hard. I'd replace the drive after a year or 18 months and keep the "old" one for archive backup, same for the "old" machine when I replace it. I NEVER had a drive failure of any kind in 20 years, every one of them worked 100%, 100% of the time.
    Now though I cant update to the newest- Mojave without having to change the graphics card, so now I'll likely finish my Hackintosh which needs a MB, processor and graphics card- if I'm going to buy a card I may as well install it in that box which has a big metal Corsair case with plenty of fans.
    I've never done the tonymac86x installing OSX on a Hackintosh before, so I guess I'll learn how because Mac has basically reached the end of the line for me with that $4,000 round trashcan. Most I paid for a good used Mac like my current daily user was around $550 to $650 or so, but now there's no seat of the pants better spec Mac Pro available, even the brand new Macs barely have higher specs, you can't even seem to buy more than a 4.7 GhZ processor, so it's not going to be any BIG speed change over what I have and the cost for the minimal faster is not worth it.

  45. Brother, these 2006-2007 mac pros will suppport x5365 dual quadcores at 3.0 ghz…you stated x5365 which is 2.66 ghz at 9:10 in ur vid….im using a pair of x5365s in my 2006 mac pro ,they Are compatible and the fastest u can get for those yrs

  46. Excellent presentation in general (yes, here comes the but) but I would like to see you do a performance review on the Mac Pro 2009, 2010 & 2012 versus your current Mac Pro. For a lot of reasons but mainly for their upgradeability and ability to run the lastest macOS software. I am looking forward to such a review. And yes, I happen to have a Mac Pro 2010 and would enjoy your insights into which video card upgrade you would use given performance and price, as I am retired and have to watch the budget.

  47. These are so cheap in the UK now that people almost give them away. I recently picked up a standard 2x 2.66 dual core with 5gb, GT 7300 and 2x HDs on their last legs for £80, very dirty inside but otherwise in excellent condition. After I upgraded the RAM to 32gb (re-using the original heatsinks), 2x quad core 3.0 Xeon, a K620 Quadro and an Intel 160gb SSD and a 2TB spinning disc, the whole machine comes in at under £200. It's a powerful mutitasking machine and probably the most overbuilt thing I have ever seen/owned in my life. Just FYI, with a little bit of persuasion, these machines will run El Capitan and Windows 10 x64 beautifully. It's rare to think of macs as being good value, but I have to say I feel as if I cheated the system somehow with mine. Awesome machine, and thanks for the video!!

  48. I finally upgraded from my 2006 Mac Pro to a 2008 3,1 Mac Pro. I threw all my old Windows pc's into the thrash shortly after. In 15 years of running Mac Pro's I've NEVER had one problem with the hardware or software. In 25 years as a systems analyst I spent a TON on Windows, 3.1 thru Windows8, and several new computers. So many "BUGS" and viruses that I couldn't count them. Just the peace of mind running OS X was great, and buying second generation Macs saved me lots of money. And I don't have to attend "Microsoft University" every year or two! Gee, you mean I just drag the icon to the trash??? And chose 'Sleep", "Shut Down", or "Restart"??? Not hit "Start" to "Stop:?" When IBM came out with the XT PC in 1981?, we said, "You can't put the OS one the HDD"!!! Thirty years later, I still say it. Windows still needs a can of "Raid" with each release of Windows.

  49. What cpu did u put in your macpro because I don’t think Apple did a 3.00ghz cpu in macpro 1,1 and I’ve fully restored mine after multiple kernel panic and constant cpu temperature sensor issues

  50. I got a Mac Pro 1.1 for $30 at a local thrift store and now running El Capitan on it with 32 gig a ram it is upgradable to Sierra with a CPU swap and even higher with various boot loader is made for it it will probably go all the way up to 10.14 If I wasn’t lazy also I have multiple SSD

  51. Put a ssd in mr gadgets and watch it fly …. awesome computer 🖥 though I found the iMac 🖥 just a bit more powerful and with externals a little less upgradable… but like the big 27 screen .

  52. As for boot times, just put an SSD in that 2006 Mac Pro and it'll fly. It should boot in about 20 seconds or under. You can also update it to OS X Mavericks using a tool called SFOTT, as well as put a newer graphics card in it, for example a Radeon HD 5870 or 5970. Those processors can be upgraded to dual X5365s, which are about twice as fast as the 5150s that come in it.

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