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everybody Gordon with PC world here with
Brad or from his expert yeah also from piece of world I want to take the
opportunity to ask Brad a question I’ve been asking is it a good idea to buy a
used GPU oh that’s easy I thought you’re gonna get more personality that’s
actually a question I get a lot you know people hit me up on Twitter asking that
question this is a question that people get very emotional about lots of people
swear by used GPUs lots of people swear they will never buy a used GPU I’m not
against used parts okay right you just did a video recently talking about you
CPUs and why you know they just sit there at a pretty good idea and I agree
with that in general I don’t like to buy use
graphics cards because graphics cards have a lot of moving parts graphics
cards you can overclock the snot out of them real easy okay between those two
things I think there’s just a lot of risk involved with buying graphics cards
for the prices that are normally charged used if you could get a graphics card
for say 50% off of this used it might be worthwhile it’s up to your own sense at
risk and reward but in general you don’t see use graphics cards going for that
cheap for relatively recent ones so well yeah so like 10 atti
Greg card at one point $600 now there are 1,200 dollars retail cuz none left
you’re saying you wouldn’t pay for $5,500 for that I would not pay 400 or
450 or 500 dollars for a GTX 280 I know even though I was just recommending
people buy them new for more than that over an RT X 2080 just a year ago again
because their risk to reward is so high and the fact that now we have faster
graphics cards or they’re not necessarily faster than say the gtx
980ti something like the $400 Radeon rx 5700 XT or the $500 2070 super they’re
not quite as fast as the gtx 980ti but they’re awfully damn close and you
don’t get the risk if you buy those new so the risk you’re talking about it is
just because people clock them or we’re talking about hangover from the old
Bitcoin days all of that is a concern if you talk about gtx 980ti just in general
overclocking can shorten the life of a chip and if people write it hard it can
make a big difference that also can happen with CPUs I’m not so concerned
about that like I said it’s because graphics cards also have tons of moving
parts they’re not a simple thing they’re a very complicated piece of machinery
there’s a lot of things that can go wrong especially if it’s been ridden
hard for a long time so there’s just there’s much more chance of you know
coming up snake eyes when you buy a used GPUs I think but of course that speaks
to buying it on eBay or Craigslist from a random stranger right you just don’t
know that this history of it what about if you’re buying it from a buddy if
you’re buying it from a buddy and you trust them you can say hey you know Jeff
have you overclocked this no I just put it in there and I’ve been running it you
know it’s been a year to do you want it you probably get a better buddy discount
than you would get on the Internet – that’s show that you know that plays
into it okay so that’s okay but it’s just buying it from yeah from Phil from
Alabama or whatever I mean who knows what he’s done with that card so just
not worth the risk in general unless there’s a huge discount right unless
there’s a huge discount like again it depends on everybody in their own sense
of risk versus reward just when you find used you are taking a chance the
warranties not gonna carry over the thing might not work when you get it
there you know Ebates won’t always return your money if you say it’s broken
but if you there’s a chance to get something like a gtx 980ti for like 300
bucks like something that’s like that’s a stupid price that’s real good it might
be much more worthwhile to roll the dice yeah but in the end you are putting your
money on the line when you’re buying used huh okay so Brad basically saying
not worth the risk unless there’s a really good reward and in general it
sounds like not really worth the risk anyway that’s Brad’s opinion come back
we talk about this stuff all the time on the full nerd

50 thoughts on “Is it safe to buy a used video card? | Ask a PC Expert

  1. I tend to steer away from used ssd's gpus and cpus tbh.. you can take the risk but like brad said.. if someone decided to run the cpu or gpu at a hillarious overclock hitting the throttle threshold all day.. it won't last you long.. on the other hand i guess if you get lucky and you can find someone who needs rent money and sells you a 1080ti for 200 bucks .. that might be worth rolling the dice on.. then again it's still 200 bucks

  2. I disagree with Brad. Most people do not know how to Overclock, Never had a bad Gpu in 5+ years of dealing with used gpus when buying and selling pcs.

  3. No. My Vega 56 just died, I had it for a little over year 😭 but it's okay, does anyone know if I can take the card in somewhere to get it fixed? I only paid $250, so I'm not hurting too bad, but still I'm never buying used again lol now it's either I can get it fixed for cheap, less than $150 or just wait it out and buy a 5700 or something.

  4. If you are broke then used $100 rx 580 8gb cards are a good deal. Miners who know what they are/were doing cards are fine, voltage & heat are what shorten video cards lives, I've had over 100 video cards for mining, I always ran them at 80% power draw and 65% fan speed on an open & air conditioned environment, I've never had one die on me.

  5. I have bought many used and many new. Available budget has a lot to do with what I will consider. Used can make a lot of sense if you have a small budget IMO. Buying a NEW low end GPU is generally a poor idea and I would almost always consider a last gen mid range or higher GPU for the same money. I would suggest looking out for used cards that still have a remaining manufacturers warranty. Cheers!

  6. Not really sure what he means by riddenn hard. Many people are still rocking old overclocked Intel CPUs, many of which operate at a constant voltage, usually the mother board fails before the actual CPU in most these situations. Most people who do a quick and dirty overclock on there GPUs don't even touch voltage.

    Is he implying that GPUs are just inferior silicone to CPUs?

    Just seems like a deer in the headlights response, I don't really know, nor do I have data to backup my speculation so let me err on the side of caution.

  7. I bought used graphics cards 3 times on eBay. Of the 3, only 1 went fine, the other 2 were attempted RIP-offs. PEOPLE FUCKING SUCK!!!
    If you are building a new PC, get a brand new videocard from a reputable seller.

  8. And you are "Expert". I use a used 500 dollars mining gigabyte black 1080ti for a year now with no problem. Just don't give money to RTX crap cards.

  9. Very safe, especially on eBay. You get a guarantee and have like a month to return it. Used via Craigslist or Facebook have no such guarantee

  10. Wut? If you got assurance written by seller, why the heck not. Especially if you source it from local enthusiasts forums, they're all good and dandy stuff.
    I'm building a PC per month just for fun for the past two years and only once a GPU wasn't good – miner's card! But it had receipt and warranty, got a new one! That's around 20 graphics cards I bought and every time half price than new ones.
    Brad is no no for recycling, maintaining, sharing PC love….

  11. Transferrable warranties are a thing. EVGA's warranty is transferrable on some of their graphics cards and other products. As well as MSi and Gigabyte I believe.

  12. I have bought new and used. Used can save you some money. I bought both of my 970's used. One was perfect, the other throttled and had temp spikes (think that may be way the seller sold it). I think the cooler had come loose a little because the screws seemed a little loose when I went to re-paste the cooler. Luckily some new paste and tight screws were all it needed.

  13. I purchased a 1070ti.from guess it was used for mining..,however it worked problem..I mean cards will run all day..some sellers don't want returns..but you can always ask the seller if a warranty is still available period πŸ˜€

  14. I would NEVER EVER buy from used dealers, specially heavy handed rats. I will always buy new gpu that comes in packaging and is cared for.

  15. I've had a lot of experience with this. If you stay away from the high-wattage cards, they are typically not overclocked and not over-worn. Say, limit yourself to 120-150w card when buying used.

  16. I bought a used Gtx 1080 for $200 last year and the guy had a "broken" hybrid cooled 1080ti so he sold it to me for $20. Yes it looked like he had no idea what he had cuz he said it was his brothers. The broken one has 2 years of warranty so I sent it in and got it fixed (Evga cards have 3 years warranty and it transfers over even if you bought it used)

    In the end I got 1080 and 1080ti hybrid for $220 😬

  17. "Graphics cards have a lot of moving parts"

    What? No they don't. They have two fans, that's it.

    "there's a lot of risk"

    yet you can't explain said risk? Mind you if you are buying MSI, ASUS, or EVGA the warranty transfers over to you, so in fact the risk is the same as any new card. Nvidia cards aren't even that much at risk for being used for mining. That was mostly an AMD thing, people only started using Nvidia when AMD cards were completely out of stock so there is a much smaller fraction of Nvidia cards that were even used for mining. No that all mined on cards are bad either. I've purchased multiple mining cards myself over the years. Got two RX 580s last christmas for $100 each.

    Is there a chance that a used card has issues? Yes and that's why you buy on eBay. Easy returns for the first 30 days. If you want more then that look for a card with a warranty remaining, as good as new if something happens.

    I definitely feel like neither Brad nor Gordon purchase used because they "feel" like it's risky and because of that they don't have experience on the topic. You should not comment on topics you are not experienced and pose as an expert. No one in this video even purchases used cards, let alone what I'd call an expert.

  18. Please explain to me the "tons of moving parts" in a GPU? I'm really looking for an answer to this opinion that Brad poses in the video.

  19. I think this is poor advice. If someone sells you any product in condition other than described, shame on them; and, most often there is reasonable recourse. Good faith transactions undermine the very fabric of our modern economy.
    Shame then on you sir, for your obstreperous maladvice.

  20. USED GPU's are way overpriced as well , so ……. NO …. don't buy unless the price is right !
    $150,- for an 1060 6Gb , $200 for an 1070 , $250 for an 1070ti , $300,- for an 1080 , and $450,- for an 1080ti …….. IS FAIR and MORE THEN ENOUGH !

  21. In Canada full warranties are transferable. If there is a deductible or maintenance fee, you will still have to pay that. Full warranties can cover accidents and any sort of malfunction outside of normal operating. I mean… I have bought both new and used GPU's and have been happy either way. My friend has only bought new and has RMA'd two cards at this point. It really is sort of "buyer beware" regardless of cost/risk. That being said, if a card is out of warranty, expect a heavy discount.

  22. 0:47 The overclocking argument sounds fair and is why I don't buy used cards either , but 'a lot of moving parts' ?? Besides two or three fans I can't think of any other moving parts .
    If you have any parts moving besides the fans , its pretty safe to say the card is broken

  23. Meanwhile, I'm using 3 of the vega's I was mining on in my own rigs…. And all the others I've re-sold have had no complaints or issues.
    Bottom line, silicon is silicon. By Brad's logic, he wouldn't be buying used CPU's either. Or Ram. Or anything else with an IC. ALL of it can degrade…

  24. I agree that modern gpus are getting more and more complex. However, tons of moving parts? Wtf is this guy talking about? There is either one, two, or three moving parts and they should only be the fans. If he's trying to say that they have alot of active components, then he needs to rephrase what he is saying to avoid confusion.

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