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Only in Japan Game centres or arcades are really exciting places; especially for me. I grew up with that back in the 1980s. Japan invented them, and the Japanese companies, They were the industry leaders and believe it or not the game centers are still big today! Akihabara is a hub for Japanese subculture meaning. It’s a place loaded with game centres. Game makers like Sega and Taito have game centres here. The first floor is usually filled with crane games or UFO catchers. Which we featured in a previous episode. Many also have Purikura photo sticker booths. But it’s the games that attract me, and we’re going to a special game centre loaded with vintage arcade games. I grew up with arcades back in the 1980s, but, by the middle of the decade they sort of died out. But here in Japan, they still exist. SHINGO: Well the kids in the 80s who actually enjoy these games in games centres, they still kept coming. They still are here. Well we in the United States Oh, we in the United State, just stopped once the game consoles came But for us, this was not just the place where you can play games this was something very special so with a little more money People are still coming here. Think it, still coming here. So that means the average age of a gamer when they were teenagers of the 1980s that means they’re like thirties, forties fifties Pushing their 50s which is why retro game centers in Tokyo are a thing this still be behind us is, Mikado They have some pretty interesting games that I’ve heard. Oh my goodness. You will be surprised yeah But you said one other person was gonna be joining us. Oh Mickey, yeah, Mickey We needed someone who wasn’t born during the arcade boom of the 1980s and well Here she is From the mobile gaming generation she’s no idea what she’s getting into today, but she sure knows how to make an entrance This is Mickey Igarashi, and she’s known as a science girl for her love of well science Today she’ll get to try a vintage arcade game from before she was born It really is like going back into time. Mikado is stocked with vintage arcade games like Daytona USA and Space Harrier It’s a mix of games from many generations Back then they really made the games to last metal sticks buttons that you can pound metal steering wheels and solid game bodies Let’s play a few of these vintage arcade games Shingo goes first picking this car racer game made by Sega. It’s outrun Where you get to drive a Ferrari Testarossa spider through what seems like, California USA? Pole position in 1982 is the earliest racing game I can remember playing with a steering wheel So an outrun came out with a gear shift Realistic controls and car movements it was a dream come true Kids lining up to play or should I say Drive? Well this is one of the first games that I actually played on an arcade it’s got some nice girls nice-looking girls, it’s got the full Californian American law and this is all something that you kind of dream about of about United States once you’re gonna get old you probably want to do this exactly the same thing Well, you don’t want to find the carpet, okay, but this is the full American Experience what a long time yeah, and I still suck at it. I don’t know why? Three coins already it says 1986 money got it. It’s been that long This game came a decade after outrun Tokyo Wars put you inside of a tent as war rages in either central Tokyo or the Bayside area Players had a lot more control with pedals The screens got bigger too to compete with the game consoles The experience needed to be more interactive than what you could play at home each game lasting about 15 minutes Speaking of game consoles they’ve become retro too and Super Potato at Akihabara has become headquarters to buy old game systems But if you go to the top floor, they have an arcade with some retro games, too On the lower floors you’ll find old Nintendo games and equipment remember this thing Japan had a lot of game consoles never seen in the West But some are well-known like this one Just walking around the store brings back memories from anyone who grew up between 1980 and 2000 Back in Mikado I found an old arcade game. I used to play in 1983 made by Atari So back in the early 1980s Star Wars was the biggest movie like it still has these days and back Then you would play all the arcade games standing up This was the first game where you can sit down and enter new world and actually destroy the Death Star yourself Really, I don’t know It’s my first time to see that game Wait when were you born again? I’ll never mind never mind everyone time to destroy the Death Star This game is simply called Star Wars and uses 3D color vector graphics a game used to be 25 cents, but these days It’s 200 yen, and kind of worth it try finding this somewhere else Starwars incorporated the music from the movie as well as real voices of Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi So they really knew how to make games back then this one is made out of really good wood that controls made out of metal Very solid and the gameplay today is still really awesome I mean even it was 1983 so they made this game and it’s still Amazingly exciting to me and the best part is when you hear Obi-Wan Kenobi Tell you to use the Force and you’re inside Getting ready to shoot the Death Star you really feel the passion of the movie come alive into this game And that’s what makes this like so special oh The game brilngs back your memory Yeah this brings back memories when I was 10 years old That’s really cool. If this thing actually exists this game actually exists here in Tokyo. This is really cool Yeah Thirty years later the Star Wars battle pod from Bandai-Namco games came out, and yeah, it’s quite a step up from my childhood It’s Mickey’s turn, and she’s hankering to fly a helicopter It felt like you are entering a real helicopter A joystick like a cyclic and another handle like a collective and throttle just like helicopter controls for 100 yen You could fly a multimillion-dollar helicopter 1980s style The helicopter stays in the center while the screen around you changes the game moves to simulate a real helicopter battle Mickey seems a little too chipper after falling 400 meters to the sea below, but it’s like The game that I’ve just played is so realistic but, in that Star Wars games, you could see the pixelation, I felt llike really nostalgic to me You could see all the pixels, right? Yes, I could see the pixels and fell like nostalgic to me I was very surpried that they’ve established their view of world thoroughly There’s still a lot of game centers in Japan But this retro arcade will always have a home as long as there are people still alive to play them Visiting a game center is a must in Japan And if you grew up during the arcade boom or you’re just a fan of video game history Savor those 8-bit graphics and nostalgia and bring a pocketful of quarters or in this case 100 yen coins Next time the only in Japan series continues as we travel Japan in search of food, culture and adventure If you liked it hit that subscribe button and check out another one of our shows don’t miss my second live streaming channel only in Japan go and Check out location photos on Instagram Matane

100 thoughts on “Japanese Retro Game Centers | Tokyo Arcade Experience ★ ONLY in JAPAN

  1. Blessings on the retro games and tech. I love looking up and watching videos of things going back to even the pre digital era before the 60s.

  2. This makes me miss the old arcades from my childhood… I only got to experience them for a few years before they closed in the mid 2000's… Such a shame the US doesn't value them as much, even though there are a lot of people nostalgic for those places. :C

    If I ever visit Japan I'll be sure to hit one of these places and play to my heart's content.

  3. Love my old school arcade games, love space invaders type of games the most. But with better graphics, find the modern games are too expensive usually 1 or 2 dollars each. 20 cents or 40 cents games the best fun 🙂 Would love to play the older games they are the most fun.

  4. Consoles taken the fun out of games used to love go to the local arcade after school and play a 20 cent game for over an hour you did not need a lot of money to play for a long time.

  5. all the arcade parlour have closed down which is a pity, consoles and pc games have killed off arcades here.

  6. Oh man. I loved the arcades from Asteroids, Pacman, Dig Dug, Double Dragon, Dragon Ninja, Street Fighter 2, 8 player Daytona USA!!

  7. Think I played the old star wars game too, the older star wars movie are my favourite with puppetry and models 🙂 Not Cgi like in the new star wars movies.

  8. The plane type of games which the Japanese girl played are my favourite but not played a moving version of those games that is pretty high tech.

  9. retrou games ♥ oh dude, so great video, thanks for that , Japan ,, just a dream place, japanese ppl are amazing ppl, and the girl was very … girly! and fun , god i wanna marry an Asian pls !!

  10. Lol typed in Miki and labo live was the first result, YouTube has worked hard on it's algorithms lol.

  11. How can Japanese people admire American games? This dint happen in Europe! They hate Germany. Wierd world…

  12. Hello, i'm from Indonesia🇮🇩 and i love Japanese🇯🇵 arcade game… especially racing car games👍👍👍

  13. People whining about the girl being fake. I just talked to my cousin who just came from a vacation in Japan, he said that how the characters act and how girls talk in anime isn't an exaggeration or anything, that's really how Japanese people are. Glad we had a talk because I now understand another thing about their culture and didn't cringe while watching this. She's not faking it, that's really how they make themselves entertaining.

  14. I hope you bagged as many ewoks as you could when you had the chance.
    Return of the Jedi still makes me mad.

  15. Ya Allah, Which means Oh God. I remember the first time I heard the name shingo was from king of fighters game. I didnt know at the time from growing up I was watching dubbed anime series. That later I would be a die hard mixed martial artist,hardcore nintendo and sony fan. Japan has alot of my childhood. Weird how I could speak japanese and love hiragana and origami,Love kanji. The only thing I dont like about japan is how their is this white people worship in manga and anime.

  16. 1980年代のゲーマーは30代、40代、50代ではありません。彼らは過去からのゲームをプレイし続けています。

  17. Its kinda of a odd satement to say arcades in the west died out in mid 80s. I recall arcades well into the 90s.

  18. Something tells me console gaming never really took off in Japan. I just think consoles have always been more of a western thing. The Japanese may have invented game consoles but compared to the West consoles have never really had high sales in Japan

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    With extra extra video games
    Rows and rows of games…
    Video games heaven on earth.

  20. "Japan had a lot of game consoles never seen in the west (pull Sega Saturn)", "but some are well-known Like this one! (Pulls out USA made Atari 2600)"

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