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Welcome to Gamer Glossary, where we break
down the phrases and memes seen throughout the gaming industry. Today’s episode: Jebaited A relative newcomer to Twitch, the Jebaited
emote has quickly become one of the biggest, most spammed emotes on the entire platform. But what does Jebaited actually mean? And who is the man behind the bait!? Jebaited is actually the face of Alex Jebailey,
the founder and Tournament organizer of the CEO Fighting Gaming Convention, and noted
Super Kick recipient. Jebailey is known for his sense of humor,
and the lengths he will go to for a joke or troll, so much so that in late 2016, his face
became the symbol for baiting someone in a game. Basically, tricking them into making a mistake
that you can capitalize on. Since his last name was Jebailey, this naturally
lead to the emote being called “Jebaited”. Jebailey himself has embraced the emote whole
heartedly, and is often seen wearing Jebaited gear at events or tournaments he runs or plays
in as he engages in elaborate trolls or jokes on other players. In Twitch streams, the Jebaited emote has
evolved slightly to also include representing when someone is being trolled, or to be used
ironically when a plan falls apart in a game. But for the most part, when someone pulls
of a great comeback or unlikely reversal, the Twitch stream will almost always fill
up with Jebaited emotes, or the streamer will simply yell “Jebaited!”, to imply that
was their plan all along. That’s it for this episode of Gamer Glossary! Thank you for watching, and as always, another
entry is on the way!

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