Jesus needs your HELP! , Ricegum EXPOSED, FAKE gamer girl 📰 PEW NEWS📰

*Music* Pew News Now, I know I let you guys down this very first story you probably already know about it is not funny if you already know about it but just in case I’m gonna break it down anyway I’ve been away a couple of days, OK? so I didn’t follow this until I got back

100 thoughts on “Jesus needs your HELP! , Ricegum EXPOSED, FAKE gamer girl 📰 PEW NEWS📰

  1. Me: hmmm good but not good quality… He must have made it a couple years ago. checks the year sees Jan 10 2019

    Me: hmmm he must have had an older camera

  2. You are wearing georgian clothes created by georgian designer the letters are georgian it says “უფალო შეგვიწყალენ" which translates to god bless us

  3. For me i was like this girl, im a man, but i want to be a woman so i lie abot my gender so people with treath me like i want and not as gay or trans 🙁

  4. I'm a 9 year old girl and I don't even exist because I'm a bot and I'm good at video games 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  5. reason ea fucked up bf5 is cuz its not bf4 and they decided to ban bf4 accounts via punkbuster and evenbalance, me and several of my friends were banned for hacking violations, totally unwarranted. If your marketing technique is banning your playerbase, you are definitly doing something wrong.

  6. PewDiePie u dumb ass, u never called them out when they did it and now u call out the others out when two specific you tubers do it

  7. გაოცებული ვარ რამდენი ქართველი 9 year old member ყოლია pewdiepie's.respect from georgia🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪უფალო შეგვიწყალენ.
    რამდენნი ვართ ქართველები დავალაიქოთ

  8. I think you should be allowed to use a fake name, just not a fake persona, I understand if you don’t want to be approached on the street

  9. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, was dressed up in Demna Gvasalias’s shirt in one of his videos. The black shirt with the Georgian inscription “უფალო შეგვიწყალენ” (upalo shegvitskalen – Have mercy on us, Lord) and the Bolnisi cross symbol is from the SS19 collection of Vetements. The Bolnisi cross represents a 5th-century ornament at the Bolnisi Sioni church, which used to be a national symbol of Georgia.



  11. Gloria Borger: People shouldn’t pretend to be whamen on the internet. They should go to jail for that.

    It hit itself in confusion!

  12. Rice gum along with the Paul brothers and all there minions, are money hungry degenerate scumbags that care about no one but themselves……… PewDiePie is a great man, he's got a moral compass and will go to heaven even though he doesn't believe!!!!!

  13. I am still subbed and stuff but I am actually a girl gamer #GirlGamers and I felt not that good when you said girls are not good at video games. Some girls are not stereotypical, such as me and many other girls who would maybe read this comment.

  14. Pewdiepie: it’s probably the best thing that happened this year

    Also Pewdiepie: gets married, beat the ender dragon, and hit 100 Mil

    9 Year olds: Confusion

  15. Fucking christ (No not literly) Pewdiepie can be a genuinely be a good lawyer, by that I mean actually looking at facts

  16. Even though this comment is late, David’s demographic are older people, what kind 10 year old would watch Zane being drunk for 4:20 mins

  17. Pewdiepie georgia looooves you
    We love u sooo much
    Please visit georgia
    Btw thanks for supporting georgian designer ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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