Jimm’s opasvideot osa 3: Emolevyn ja prosessorin asennus / installing the motherboard and CPU

so! firstthe CPU is mounted to the motherboard using this mounting frame that is included with some brands of motherboards it makes installing the processor much easier installing the CPU is one of the most delicate stages of building a computer it’s easy to break something especially using Intel-based parts you might damage the pins of the socket rendering the motherboard useless ummm the mounting frame makes it a bit easier since it makes it easier to correctly line up the processor with the MOBO socket and the pins, preventing it from connecting corner-first and potentially damaging the pins in the process even using the frame and when installing any processor you should pay close attention to the markings and make sure that these little triangles on the processor itself the mounting frame and the protective plastic of the load plate all line up in the same way on all three components you should also mind the small notches on the edges of the CPU and socket and make sure they also align properly in order to ensure that the CPU is installed the right way because if you close the load plate with the CPU facing the wrong way it will most surely damage the socket next we’ll install the memory and when doing that you need to pay attention to the memory slot there is a small notch slightly off center and a corresponding one on the memory module and by aligning them you will install the module the right way round once the module is placed in the slot you should press it down lightly at either end to lock it in place and the side with the locking mechanism should make an audible click you should also take care to not touch the metallic contacts at the bottom of the module since the oils and debris on your skin can prevent the modules from making contact with the slot first we mount the backplate on the flip side of the motherboard, which is a small bracket that provides support for the cooler not all coolers come with a backplate some are secured directly to the motherboard, there are four holes the backplate should also be installed the correct way round, because it’s supposed to be that way… it should be installed with the correct orientation and there are also indicators that help you align it on the processor we need to also put a small glob a sufficient glob of thermal grease …on some coolers the thermal compound is pre-installed on the bottom but with this model it needs to be applied separately in between the processor and cooler after placing the cooler base evenly on top of the CPU and tightening the screws an equal amount in each corner we finish by guiding the power cable of the fan up and around the cooler so it doesn’t go haphazardly sticking out and about inside the case and connecting it to the CPU fan power connector on the MOBO

4 thoughts on “Jimm’s opasvideot osa 3: Emolevyn ja prosessorin asennus / installing the motherboard and CPU

  1. Tän katsominen on yhtä kivuliasta kun se kun Linus yrittää esittää kunnollista vaikka siitä näkee että tahtoo vain päästä takaisin pelleilemään. Keijo on Suomen Linus, ja hyvä sellanen:D

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