JoblessGarrett: Life Inside a YouTube Gamer House

[MUSIC] Living in a household with other
YouTuber’s really motivates you to do much more because everyone understands you. [LAUGHTER]
Oh my god. What’s going on guys? My name’s Garrett,
better known as Jobless Garrett here on YouTube. Today we’re going to take a look at who lives in my household and what we do together as YouTube
content creators, so let’s get right into this. [MUSIC] [BEEPS] [MUSIC] Collaboration on YouTube is a big thing,
especially for any content creator, no matter what the size and what
better way of getting new viewers than collaborating with your friends? Today I have Aviator Gaming and Jobless Gamers. I’ve known Aviator Gaming and the band
Louder Tyson for a long time. I’ve known them since about 2012 or so. But they weren’t really my friends
until I moved in with them back in 2014. Big Mac Nation, that’s him right there.
What’s up man? Tyson: Hello.
Garrett: Nice drone you’ve got here, pretty nice stuff. Tyson: I crashed it the first time.
Garrett: I bet you did because you suck. Tyson: [LAUGHTER] Kind of. Next up we’re going to go ahead
and go into Aviator Gaming’s room, which is also known as Zach in real life. And Zach focuses on Minecraft and other gaming content.
So this is his office. Pretty nice stuff. All these awesome freaking pop toys
and of course, his wife HaleyBean, which also does YouTube as well. [MUSIC] I think gaming houses are like the best thing ever because it’s just so great to be with all these creative people and you can literally grab anyone in the house
and be like, can you do this video with me? [MUSIC] You’ll find it ten times harder to grow organically if you haven’t been on anyone else’s channel. Like I attribute a lot to Mission in the Realm
back in the day, like in 2011 and 12, when I was getting a thousand views a video
and theirs were getting 60,000, 70,000, and all these new people were coming over. [MUSIC] He always like tried to get me into like going into his videos and I was just not having it. I was like no, I don’t want to, just leave me alone. But now like, I don’t know, like I guess
I just found the courage in me to just hey, I’m going to do this finally. I say no matter the size of the person you collab with,
it’s worth it because Haley, she’s a smaller channel but she’s bringing
new fans to my channels so it’s always worth it. Whether it’s reaching out over YouTube comments and saying hey man I really enjoy your videos,
let’s do something together sometime. Or just reaching out on other social media space. It’s a really effective way to just go ahead
and get the ball rolling so you guys can start collaborating
and making videos together. [MUSIC] What’s going on guys? My name’s Garrett and today we’ll be playing some GTA5 here on YouTube,
doing a live stream on YouTube… One of the biggest keys to success on
YouTube that I feel is consistency. I live stream and upload every single day
and haven’t missed a day since about 2012. Without further ado, let’s get right into the action.
Here we go! [MUSIC] [LAUGHTER] I stream at least twice a day for at least four hours and because of that, I get to know my audience more. Every day I have at least 200 people I already know by name. Today we’re playing with you guys, the viewers. Hopefully you’re having a good day. And over time I get to know my fans more and they actually do become just a viewer
that’s actually like a friend of mine. Keeping up with trends on YouTube is a big thing, especially staying up to date with new releases on games and that’s one thing that my fans
really, really help me with. You know, I’ll get some missions on whether it’s social media or in the comments saying Garrett, we really want you to play
this game that’s coming out this date and that’s where my fans can really help me grow. [MUSIC] So welcome to my office. This is technically,
I guess my battle station. Where I go to work every single day.
Live streaming, editing, rendering videos and much more. When I first started, it wasn’t always this great. I used to have one monitor, a very, very slow computer and over time as I upgraded and grew on YouTube,
so did my set up. This pop filter alone is probably like fifty bucks. You can easily go ahead and replace this with a sock,
it works equally as good. Especially if you’re just starting off on YouTube. You know, the more monitors you have, the easier things are. You can have one for chat, you can have one for your gameplay and you can have one for your tweet deck or something like that. So YouTube and gaming in general
is made easier when you have the right equipment but you don’t need it to start or to get far. [MUSIC] The highlight of being a YouTuber is meeting a fan in person that you know watches your content for so long. And that’s when I really noticed my videos have an impact. It’s not like I have, you know, a 9 to 5 job. I just make videos on YouTube for fun
and I get paid for it because people watch. It’ s weird but it’s cool. [MUSIC]

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  1. Aha what a bloody joke Garrett is. He ruined someone's life with his pathetic false rape claims, manipulative behaviour and quite frankly, anybody who works with him should simply cut their contracts with him. He's a disgusting excuse of a human being.

  2. what you should do is a vlog/reality show of your day to day lifes as tubers.
    Thank me later! Oh and I expect 15% for coming up with the idea…

    Thanks 😉 #InvoiceComeSoon #FanLuv

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  4. Awesome video guys! Garrett is definitely one of must watch youtubers and he always interacts with fans in chat. These tips were awesome! Thanks for uploading this!

  5. While there was some very important information through this series, it did feel more like entertainment than educational.

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