JuJu Smith-Schuster – The Gamer

My first memory of football,
was actually when my father introduced me to it. I was able to hit kids,
and not get in trouble for it. So, that was like, a big part, you know, like just havin’
fun, you know running around, playing outside. Started playing video games
when I was a kid, obviously. I wasn’t really serious about it because
it was just, like, something to do just to pass time. And as time went on as I got older and older
video games became more serious, became more fun to do, actually,
you know, play with friends. Now that I’m 21 years old, I play video games a lot.
So much now, like I said, I play about six hours a day. You know, it’s very competitive, so I try to
get better at it each and every day, and just have fun. My favorite game right now,
I love playing right now is Madden. Multiple reasons why I love playing
Madden, number one is because I’m on the game, which is fun, it’s awesome, it’s
cool, you know I’m in the game. The second reason why it’s because, you know,
when Ben doesn’t throw me the ball enough, you know after the game, on Sunday nights, I go home,
play Madden, throw me the ball 20 times, score four touchdowns, at least,
five touchdowns, major celebrations! Call Of Duty, why?
Because I love shooting games. I love rushing, I love sniping the most. So, that’s what makes it fun.
So those are my two favorite games. I think there’s a huge comparison between
football skills and, you know, gaming because, gaming is just like a team. If you’re a six-man
team, there’s six of you guys communicating, talking, you know? “What’s going on? What’s the plan?
What’s the play?”, basically. You need headsets, just to play any game.
Just to get the vibe of it, the experience. HyperX gets you right, because you put on the
headset, blocks out the noise. Keeps you focused, and gets you W’s. Video games are able to connect
people, you know, worldwide. Especially with my fans, personally. Because the age group that I am,
I’m 21 years old. I just turned 21, my age group,
I mean, they ALL play video games. To be able to put on a headset,
and play somebody that’s in a different country, on the east coast or west coast,
it’s pretty insane, like, how we’re able to connect. And even today, when I was playing
Call of Duty today, here at HyperX headquarters, I had fans in California, like,
“Yo, JuJu, what’s up?! I didn’t know it was you!” “Like, I recognized your voice.”
So it is pretty cool that I’m able to do that. So, you know, shout out to the fans
and all the love.

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  1. what's poppin', fellow gamers? just came here to check out how my main man Double Ju is gaming. wish you battle royales y'all

  2. To me you and Antonio brown are the best wide resivers in the nfl and I always hope Ben throws it to you or an because you guys always catch it. Happy thanksgiving

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