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Finally we built a
machine to kill Godzilla. In the year 1992,
in order to save Japan.. ..from Godzilla’s attack,
the Counter-G Center.. ..gathered around its best scientist.. ..and built a war machine. The machine was called ‘Garuda’. But its strength was limited. We needed a stronger machine. By using high-end technology.. ..they invented a unique robot. That robot was successful
in stopping Godzilla to an extent. But couldn’t kill it. After that, the Counter-G unit.. ..hired the best scientists
from our the world. And built a machine, which was.. ..the same size as Godzilla,
which was.. ..capable of fighting against it. And it was called ‘Mahabali’. The nuclear will be
checked in 30 minutes. Its engine is driven by one man. Heavy hydrogen helium
3 are used for this process. His hands are made from
alloy, which we call MP1. And the outer layer. It’s made from synthetic diamond.. ..which is invulnerable to heat. It reverses heat. Amazing. I am sure this machine
can kill Godzilla. Oh no.. Hi, let me introduce you. This is Ms. Julie. – Hello. I am Robert George. Is this a robot? – Yes. This is the best in modern technology. It’s called ‘Garuda’. ‘Garuda’s been rendered
absolutely useless. This is not that. Mr. Robert is a part
of the team that built this. And he.. So which section are you from? Computer section. Oh, computer section. Pleased. Let’s go inside. – Why inside? You’re being sent out. – What? Here you go. Mr. Robert George,
report to G-Force immediately. G-Force? Alone. Bachelor. Hobby: Teranadones. Yes, sir.
Do you know what Teranadones are? Flying dinosaurs. Shut up. You’ve been transferred here so that.. ..you can join the training program.. ..with the other two pilots,
for the 2nd robot. But now I’m having second thoughts. I think they’ve made
a mistake about you. Flying dinosaurs. Do you know what you’re here for? You can put up dinosaur
pictures in your bedroom. This is a training centre, get it? Speak up! – Yes, sir. Come in. Tony, reporting for duty, sir. Take him along for training. When Godzilla attacks.. ..the safe zone is
in 43 degrees horizontal.. ..and 81 degrees vertical direction. The fire rays from his mouth.. ..reaches its target in 1.6 seconds. Start. Start training the
new trainees of G-Force. Be ready to fire the laser
at the ammunitions barrel. Ok. Fire. Lift the aircraft up, increase power. Is there a problem? No problem, sir. Idiot, the engine on
the right isn’t functioning. What is wrong? The fuel-line is damaged, sir. Quickly, start the emergency systems.
– Okay, sir. We’ve been here before. With the geological
team of a petroleum company. I see. Back then we saw a strange thing. Let me show you. Professor, is this really
the remains of a Teranodon. Yes, there’s no doubt about that. There’s an egg too few yards away. Take us there. Strange, I can’t believe it. Teranodon eggs. Seems like it’s still intact. Let’s see whether it’s alive or not. Professor,
how old do you think the shell is? Saluja, come here. Take a look at this. It’s a piece of that plant.
– Can it be useful to us? Professor. Look at the egg. Look! What is that thing? Teranadon? Teranadon? It’s a giant bird. You think that’s his egg.
– No, I am completely sure. That’s why it’s so big. It’s grown so big
due to radioactivity. Nuclear waste is dumped
on this island, do you know that? Godzilla! Run towards the helicopter. Professor Humai discovered.. ..a giant Teranodon
egg during his expedition. The egg’s been kept at Kubuto’s.. ..National Institute of
Bio-techniques, for further tests. We’re all eager to know.. ..whether there’s
life in this egg or not. Wonderful! Wonderful! Who are you? Hello. Who am I? Sorry. Don’t you know who you are? – No. Well, I collect
information on giant birds. Hey, stop. You can’t come inside at this hour. Yes, I’ll stay out. This is very big. You can’t stay here. When will the egg hatch? I was wondering how
the baby’s going to be. Wow, what’s this? Don’t touch that. – Okay. Hello. Yes. I’ll be right there. Okay, professor. Now please get out. Please take me to your professor.
– Impossible. Okay. Alright. If you don’t mind,
can I say something? What? I’m going to haunt
you in your dreams tonight. If you don’t leave,
I’ll call security. Listen to me. Listen. Keep a 24 hour watch on that egg. Take a picture every hour. Then we’ll know why
it’s changing color. I don’t know how it
ended up in my pocket. Maybe you put it there. So that we can meet again. Will you stop your nonsense or not? I know you stole it. Bring that piece
of plant back right now. What could it be? Saluja, would you like
to hear my theory about this egg? Go ahead. The color of this egg reflects
the emotions of the baby. When we lifted the egg
from the island, it turned red. Because it was scared. Whenever it’s scared or restless,
it turns red. I see. Saluja, I was checking
your time of duty. That’s when I realized,
whenever you’re on duty.. ..the egg stays normal. And in your absence, it becomes upset. What could that mean? It can hear our voice. He feels safe. And he feels safe around you. He thinks your voice
is the voice of his mother. So for him, you’re his mother. What is this? It’s a piece of plant. Yes, I can feel it. Hello, Misha. Hi How are you? – I am fine. How are you? Are you all okay? – We’re fine. Hello. What brought you here today Hello, professor. I came here to see you. Who is he? Robert George, G-Force. G-Force! I’ve heard that all G-Force
personnel’s are useless. Brother, he needs your help. Regarding this. We can hear some strange
and faint sounds from it. But we can’t figure out what it is. Maybe they can find out something. Music from the plant? – Yes, sir. Listen to this. The children heard
it through concentration. And I recorded it through a computer. Yes. Is it true? It wasn’t a giant bird egg,
it’s something else. This is a Godzillasuar. – What’s that? It belongs to the Godzilla family. But it doesn’t look dangerous. Are you sure? Yes, it doesn’t look dangerous. It looks innocent. I am certain now
that it’s not Gozialla.. ..instead, it’s Gozillasaur. That means…that was a parasitic egg. What? Professor, what are parasite eggs? There are some birds.. ..that lay their eggs
in a different bird’s next. He suffered the same fate. What happened? Godzilla. Run! Run! Help! Help! Run! Yes. What? Gozilla’s attacking the city. Emergency! Godzilla’s attacked the city. All personals are
requested to take position. Red alert! Control section, okay! – Okay. Godzilla is visible. Godzilla is coming closer. Prepare ‘Mahabali’ for takeoff. Where’s Robert? – I don’t know. You don’t know. Where is that fool? Control, arrange for a spare pilot. Transport shuttle will
reach the cockpit in 15 seconds. Godzilla’s at point Q-back 108. Get ready to fire 60 rounds
with paralyzing needles. Okay, transfer to T-2 block. Roger. Air system on. Remove ground air. Missile systems are okay. Laser beams are fine too. Weapon section, ready. Lift up ‘Mahabali’. Switch on the lift. Start countdown. Instructions; stand-by. Okay. Head, open. Open the body arms. Elevate Mechagodzilla. Open those body arms. Start main-engine. Starting main-engine. Mahabali, take off. Maintain angle 120…keep
going straight. – Okay. Saving course, 230. Run! Run! Help! Help! Help! Help! We’ve spotted Godzilla. Prepare for landing. – Roger. Activating main-screen. Pilot, keep the helicopter ready. Project Exodus is about to start. It’s time to test the
strength of modern technology. Start the aerial attack. Launching mega buster. Attack with lasers. Switching plasma energy on. Open the plasma port. Firing plasma grenade. Fire! See, ‘Mahabali’ is stronger. The heat rays Godzilla fired on him.. ..were reversed on him. Fire paralyzing missiles. Fire! Fire the shock tankers. – Okay. Electricity discharge. What happened? Power discharge is rebounding
at us through the cables. The engine room’s on fire. Keep firing. We can’t move. Don’t spare her. She cannot fight in this condition. For now, her survival is a big thing. Godzilla has.. Central control room
to location Mahabali. Things didn’t go as we had planned. Now it will take us
months to fix Mahabali. Dammit. How do we stop it now? We’ve no clue. Did you find out where it’s going? He’s heading towards Jurassic city,
near Kyoto. We’ve to stop it at any cost. Target in sight Let’s go for it, boys. Red Cross, begin firing. We failed again. What now? Look, Godzilla’s not heading
towards the Kyoto tower. Vacate the building. Vacate the building
as soon as you can. Vacate the building. Get out now, Godzilla’s coming. Professor, do you think
the baby’s called her here? Is there strong room here.. ..where we can contain baby Godzilla? So that Godzilla doesn’t
sense her emotions, and returns. Saluja, we’ll take him
to the underground storage cell. Baby. I think that day Godzilla
was at the island for a reason. He was there to protect his egg. Godzilla is here. He’s above us. Don’t be scared. She’s gone back. Sir, I.. Actually,
sir…I went on a vacation, and.. I still have my leaves, sir. Next time you take a vacation,
take my permission. Otherwise, you’ll regret it. Do you understand? Well…I’ll let you go this time. Catch. Flight pilot Robert George.. ..will have to work at car-parking. Yes, that’s what’s
written in there, Robert. Now get out and goodbye. Come in. Excuse me, sir. You, here? Baby. You just ate,
you’re hungry again. Okay, eat some more. Here. This is a wonderful place. The baby will like growing up here. Well, this is where
he’s going to stay now. He’s your responsibility now. I have you’ve no objection.
– Not at all, sir. Look after him, miss. You know he’s a unique animal. Welding team, come to sector 3. We’ll have to fix the couplings first. If we use the artificial
diamond coating again.. ..then it’ll certainly do the trick. According to me,
the plasma energy port.. ..should be fixed there. The professor at National
Institute of Bio-techniques.. ..has given us an important news. He found out that the baby Godzilla.. ..which they have in possession,
has another set of brain. Then Godzilla should
have two brains as well. Correct. What do you mean? We’ll bring some changes
in Mahabali’s attack plan. We’ll target this weakness. Next time we’ll target
his second brain. We’ve a codename for
this new attack plan. G-Crusher. This will paralyse Godzilla. Because without a brain,
he’ll be unable to stand. I’ve heard that you’re thinking.. ..about making Mahabali stronger. Did I hear it right, Professor? Stop this. It’s not impossible. Why don’t we modify Garuda One, sir? By inculcating Garuda One.. ..we can make Mahabali
more powerful, sir. But how can we connect
Garuda with Mahabali? It is possible, sir. We’ve to make some
changes in the design. You’re right. You should be promoted for this. Baby, what are you doing? Good boys are not mischievous. Naughty. Hi, baby. What is that? This is my new flying machine, baby. Call him baby, not me. I am sorry. What’s going on? It’s all baby’s doing. Baby, be quiet. You got promoted? – Yes. I’m in the flying squad again. That’s good. What’s that? This is my new robot. I call it a Giant Bird. You know it can fly. – Really. Sit behind me,
I’ll take you for a ride. Wear this. Suits you. Hold on tight. Baby. Saluja, you should
marry a billionaire. Really? Tell me why? Because he should build
a huge manor for you. Right, here we go. Oh my, God! Your flying machine
is good for nothing. Come, children. Come in. You all here? They are here to meet Baby. Are they from ESP school? – Yes. Hello, aunty. – Hello. Look. It’s beautiful. Look at his teeth, it’s huge. You won’t believe it. The children have memorized
the music from the plant. Really? Children, sing that song for Baby. Yes, we’ll hear it too. Okay. Baby. – What’s wrong? What? Baby. Baby. Baby. What’s the matter? No, baby. I don’t understand. What’s wrong with him? He seems restless. It must be the song. – Song? Yes. Remember,
the first we played this song.. ..that’s when the egg
hatched and baby came out. Whenever he hears that plant song.. ..he gets unbelievable strength. This plan is we take Godzilla
to a designated place somehow. We’ve already chosen the place. Obasawara Islands. It’s far away, and no one lives there. There’s just one way to do that. We take Godzilla’s baby there. But the kid can die too. There’s no other way. We’ll have to sacrifice the baby. Please don’t risk the baby’s life. Like I said, we’re helpless. When we send Mahabali to attack.. ..you will be in the cockpit as well. Why me? Because my dear, to find out.. ..the position of
Godzilla’s second brain. Believe me, this is very important. I beg you, please stop this. I understand your emotions. This Baby dinosaur has
given us a golden opportunity.. ..to finish off Godzilla. Baby is not some opportunity. He’s a mute animal,
who has the right to live. He has the right to live,
just like you and I. Wait a moment,
we at G-Force have a responsibility. To save humans and earth
from the attacks of Godzilla. If we have to sacrifice
an animal to save humanity.. ..then, there’s nothing wrong in it. I always thought
that killing Godzilla.. ..is just another duty for the humans. But I can’t think the same now. And Baby’s responsible for it. I feel pity for it. Whenever I see this
6.5 billion year old baby. I think we’re too early. – Early? Just imagine, dinosaurs ruled
the earth for 10.5 million years. And humans have been living
on earth only for 3 million years. Just imagine, dinosaurs
can come back into existence. Come on. Come on, good boy. There you go. Come on. Come on. He’s scared. Baby. Baby. Sorry, miss. You’ll have to come down. I’ll stay with him. Please close the door. What are you saying? Baby needs me. Don’t be scared. Everything will be fine. Alright, close the door. Baby. Don’t be scared. I am with you.
Everything will be fine. This is Lizard One, crossed 167. Roger, Lizard one. What time will ‘Mahabali’ take off? At…5 o’clock, sir. We’ve just received
news from camp, sir. 10 minutes ago a giant
bird was spotted near Amori. Giant bird? What kind? It’s on the screen, sir. What’s this? That’s a Radon. – Radon. Radon’s alive. Look. The giant bird’s heading east. It’s close to Shanghai. Now it’s heading south, sir. But where is it heading? I feel baby Godzilla’s
eyes turned red due to fear. He knew…that Radon’s
going to attack him. Because he knows
that Radon is his enemy. Instruct Alpha One to return. Roger, we’re returning to base. Over. Baby! Baby! Alpha One. Are you listening? Answer me. 15 minutes to take off. Robert, the baby Godzilla
container’s gone missing. What? Move. All systems check, sir. Target systems are okay, sir. Johnson, keep Garuda’s
flight level at 100. Johnson, are you listening? Johnson, why aren’t you answering? It’s me, sir, not Johnson. Who? – It’s Robert, sir. I am sorry, sir, I am helpless. I’ve to get to Saluja right now. Changing to flight level 100, sir. Sir, Radon has landed. G base to Mahabali and Garuda. Hurry up. Radon has landed. He’s trying to break the container. Oh no! There he is. Prepare to land. – Roger. He’s firing laser beams.
– Just like Godzilla. Shall we fire the plasma beam? Wait. Robert, we’re about
to fire the plasma beams. Try to take Radon
away from the container. Okay. I won’t spare Radon. Turn around and open
the energy storage. Fire plasma grenade. Mahabali’s right eye
has been damaged, sir. Fire! Saluja! Are you okay? Come on, hurry up. Answer me. Saluja. Yes, sir. I am absolutely fine. Baby’s fine too. Move aside, Professor. We won’t be able to open this thing. We’ll have to cut through. Come on, start cutting. Godzilla’s coming! Godzilla’s coming! Godzilla’s coming! Godzilla’s coming! Look. Godzilla’s coming! Look. Godzilla’s here too. Turn around. Garuda. Garuda. We’ve lost contact with Garuda, sir. Plasma energy on. The energy’s been drained, sir.
There’s nothing we can do. Oh no.. Turn on emergency systems, quickly. Okay. What’s the damage level? The damage level is 8, sir. We can’t hold on for too long. Robert, are you listening? Hurry up, Robert, Godzilla’s here. Godzilla! Let’s go. You arrived at the right moment. You had me worried. Robert, had you gone
for another vacation? I don’t want to work
at the car parking again, sir. Let’s go. Right. Sir, boosters. At full power. Fuse…Garuda with Mahabali. – Roger. Garuda has fused
with Mahabali. – Good. Garuda, aim the ray
cannons at Godzilla. Roger. Fire…all weapons. Firing, sir. Plasma grenades on stand-by. Firing paralyzing missiles. Prepare the G-Crusher. Okay. Depression is complete. Do as you’ve told. Do it. Do it. Do it, Misha. She found the other brain. Fire. Commence discharge. Godzilla’s been defeated. We finally won. Commander, we’ve done it. Sorry, sir. I’ve to go. Robert, where are you going? Saluja. Are you listening? Are you okay? Saluja. Yes, I am fine. Alright, finish it. Baby. Radon’s still alive. What’s that energy? That’s Radon’s energy. He’s given all his power to Godzilla. What’s going on down there? Godzilla’s other
brain is mending itself. My, God. How is that possible? Impossible. The armor plate is melting. There’s nothing we can do, sir. Put on the emergency suits. We won’t accept defeat. Sir.. Emergency escape system
has been activated. Emergency.. Damage level 1o. This robot is completely damaged. No survivors. Damage level 1o. This robot is completely damaged. No survivors. We’ve survived. The computer was fooled too. Saluja, Robert, quickly. Baby, you will have to go. You’re not safe with us. There’s no other option. Baby. I won’t be able to look after you. I am so sorry. Baby. I can’t stay with you. Try to understand. My Baby. Look after yourself…Baby. Goodbye. Misha, this is Saluja. Can you hear me? Please, Misha,
try to talk to Baby through telepathy. Tell him that I am not his mother. Godzilla’s his mother. And he’ll have to go with her.
– I’ll try. Baby, you’re not safe amongst humans. Me or Saluja,
whom you think as your mother.. ..cannot protect you. Our world is based on hatred. You’ve your mother,
who’s a epitome of motherhood. You will have to go with your mother. Because we humans are
not worthy of raising you. Your life,
your world is with your mother.. ..where there’s no war,
weapons or hatred. There’s only love. Only love. This is an image of love and care. What do we do, sir? What we should do to live on. It’s been proven that ‘Live
and Let Live’ is the best motto. Goodbye…Baby. And goodbye…Godzilla. After humans have
annihilated themselves.. ..from the face of the earth,
maybe dinosaurs will rule again. I am certain they will. To awaken the feeling of
love and caring amongst humans. They certainly will.

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  3. Sometimes Godzilla defends the humans & sometimes he attacks. The writers should have decided if he would be a good or bad monster and stick with 1 personality for Godzilla.

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