Kamala Harris’ Prosecutors Sent This Innocent Man to Prison

-Never in a million years
I would have thought that they were gonna
charge me for Seu’s murder. I never talked to no detective,
no police officer, no D.A., nobody. -Just arrested
and then charged. -Arrested and charged —
that’s it. -Was the first time you saw
Kamala Harris in person the day that the verdict
was issued? -She showed up
at the two most pivotal times in this first trial in me being convicted
and me being sentenced. She wanted to be present for
a celebration of a conviction. -That’s what it felt like,
a celebration? -A celebration,
that’s what it felt like. The reactions I get
when I tell people my story is they say it’s
the worst nightmare, you know? It’s the closest thing to dying. ♪♪ -Jamal, I’m going to read you
a quote real quick. “The job of
a progressive prosecutor is to look out
for those overlooked, to speak up for those
whose voices aren’t being heard, to see and address
the causes of crime, not just their consequences, and to shine a light
on the inequality and unfairness that lead to injustice. It is to recognize that not
everyone needs punishment, that what many need,
quite obviously, is help.” Kamala Harris wrote that in her book
“The Truths We Hold.” Does that sound consistent
with the kind of — with the brand of justice
that you saw administered by offices
that she was running? -It definitely sounds like
Kamala Harris right now as a senator, but at the time of her being the head District Attorney
of San Francisco, that is almost polar opposite
of what I felt and what our community felt
in San Francisco. ♪♪ -So, Jamal, where are we? -Right now we are
in Sunnydale Projects, where I was born and raised at. This isn’t a place that you — you would want to bring
outsiders into and a place
that they don’t want to go. This ain’t a place
that feels comfortable. It feels like you might
get robbed, you might get shot. -Police were keeping files
on you and your brothers and other people
who were living in Sunnydale from a very young age. -They already had me labeled because I’m in this community
as a potential gang member, potential killer,
potential drug dealer. You got to wake up to the fact that, you know,
things are set up against us. -There’s is a conspiracy.
-Yes. There — -It happened to you.
-Exactly. There is a big —
-It was proven in court. -Absolutely. Places like this have been developed for predominantly
African American people to not be able
to succeed beyond it. -Yeah. What did you know
about Kamala Harris? What did you know about San Francisco
having a Black D.A.? -Nobody in the hood
ever worried or focused on the D.A. position
in general, but people did focus on it
just a tad bit that it was Black and feeling like, “Okay, this Black lady in office,
Kamala Harris, she’s going to understand
where we come from”, you know, and have more
of a sympathetic way of prosecuting people
that come from our communities who have been plagued
with no opportunities. This is Hunter’s Point, where these different projects
and communities used to really war
with each other. -Jamal, in July 2007, what’s going on in your life
at that point, and then what happened
on July 24th? -I had recently just came off of
“I Love New York,” and also that’s when
my friend Seu Kuka got killed. -More than a year goes by, and no one’s been
arrested in the case. You hadn’t even been questioned. -Haven’t even
been questioned, no. The police was still, you know,
trying to get a conviction by all means necessary. When I was arrested for it, the community knew
I didn’t do it, and it was a, “Here we go again. See, this is why we don’t trust,
you know, law enforcement” because it gets to a point where somebody
who didn’t do something goes to jail for it. I don’t have no history
of crime. What’s up, boy?
[ Indistinct conversations ] I have a history of being around
in the community, but that doesn’t mean
that I’m a suspect. I’m like, “Aw, man,
I’ll be out within 72 hours. They’re gonna figure this out. They’re gonna clear this up.” -Then when you found out
what the evidence was that they supposedly
had you on, can you — There wasn’t much there. Can you describe what it was? -They had a woman saying
that she seen me kill Seu. The second witness that they had
really wasn’t a witness at all. She said anything that the police officers
wanted her to say, and they said that
her recollection of the event was extremely credible, so that’s what ultimately
got the arrest warrant. -The District Attorney
of San Francisco, Kamala Harris, appeared in the courtroom
during your trial twice. -Yeah. The two times that Kamala Harris
showed up to my trial was the —
when I got convicted and also when they laid down
the sentencing. -When you saw her on the day that the verdict
was handed down, did you take that
as a bad sign? -It felt to me that she was
well aware about my case, and she was there
to set her presence, almost take pride
in getting a conviction. [ Indistinct conversations ] When I put in my appeal, the people that’s fighting
against my appeal to keep the conviction
is the Attorney General office. I learned it reading, you know,
their reply to my appeal, and you see Kamala Harris’ name
at the bottom, and now it’s starting
to feel a little personal. -When you win
the $13.1 million, it’s a massive settlement. Did you feel like
that was enough? -There’s not an amount that can
get back those 7 years that — well, 6 1/2 years
that I spent in prison. But instead of me coming home
feeling like I was a victim, I wanted to prove
that I’m a survivor, and I will not let
my story go unheard. You know,
I’m not necessarily saying I’m looking for an apology, but some acknowledgment from her
that she could have messed up would be —
of course, that’d be huge. You could have made
some mistakes. You could have missed
some things. For me, it was a big miss. You know, I had life in prison. I met people in prison
that was wrongfully convicted. I want my story to be out
to provoke reform, ultimately. Beyond that, I want to be able
to be who I want to be. I’m an actor, you know. I’m a musician. I’m a father. I’m more than this person
that was framed. I’m more than this person
that was wrongfully convicted. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

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  1. I hope she's proud of herself now. Nah, I really hope she loses sleep over this forever. Respect & bless up to this man's future.

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  4. Kamala Harris is not a choice as well as Obama wasn’t . None of them will ever do the right thing specially blacks when trying to please massa

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    I cannot believe ANYONE would even like her let alone support her…

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  16. Wowwwww…I’m not surprised at all but thank God that this man is strong minded and as tenacious as he was to get his freedom back and persevere once he was free. God bless him 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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    The end

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    Convicted him.. was she true actual attorney? Or was she on a level of hierarchy where her signature was needed and blinded by coverup or corruption? What is her response if any?

  26. Seeing Harris' name on all his paperwork began to gnaw at him, though: "It's starting to feel personal," he said. Even though she didn't prosecute the cases personally, "when it came to the sign off, it felt personal…… she DID NOT PROSECUTE the case!

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