Keanu Reeves Had a Crush on ‘Speed’ Co-Star Sandra Bullock

I cannot believe
we’ve never met. We have never met. It’s weird. I feel like that’s
a strange thing. Don’t you think we would have
run into each other somewhere? Yes. Yeah, no. No. Nothing. I don’t get out much. I don’t either. So maybe that’s why. That’s why. We’re just– Do you live here in Los Angeles? I do, yeah. Yeah, but I also
do– well, kind of, I mainly live up in Montecito. Nice. But I don’t go out much, either. You’re on your motorcycle a lot. That’s what you do. That’s where I’m at. Yeah. It’s hard to, you know, maybe– Yeah. Oh, hello, Ellen! Or I don’t know it’s you. Because I would– That’s true, right. Could you put like, Keanu
on your helmet or something. So if I see you again,
I’ll know it’s you. Sure. Yeah. Well, I’ll just
stop and say hello. Oh, that would be great,
just lift up you thing. So, you know that
we were supposed to– the way we
should have met, Speed was originally written for me. Did you know that? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] This is a true story. And Sandra Bullock
will tell you. So the guy that wrote Speed,
wrote it with me in mind. And then Sandy got the part. OK. But it would have
been you and me. And it would have been– Nice. It would’ve been nice. It would’ve been phenomenal. It would have been– It would have been awesome. Yeah. Another multi-verse–
version of Speed. It was just– it just
would have been different. And I put together a clip just
to see what it would have been. Oh, really? Yeah, I mean, I just– in case you wanted to know
what it was going to look like. I do. OK, me too. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] No! Don’t! Stay above 50! This bus will explode! Got it. 50 miles an hour. OK, I can do that. 50 miles an hour. Pretty fast, OK. Attention passengers, no
need to panic but we’re going to be going pretty fast. Really, really fast, and I need
you to put your seat belts on. Safety first. Hey! Put your seat belts on. Don’t– don’t make me come
back there, please, don’t– Do you need help
with your seat belt? Let’s see what I can do. [END PLAYBACK] Yes. That’s it. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What? Everybody died. You weren’t doing the sequel
anyway, what do you care? Speaking of that, we
could just jump the– because I wasn’t in
either. of them, obviously. We could just do
Speed 3 together. All right. All right? I wouldn’t– I hope nobody– we’re not going to die again? No, no, it’s going to
be a different thing. It’s going to be a
whole different thing, and it’s going to be
in a hot air balloon. Speed– hot air balloon. Yeah, well it wouldn’t be called
Speed, it would be called– Fall. No. Drop. I don’t know, yet. I haven’t worked it out. I was just spit-balling. I don’t know. But Sandra Bullock– she– so that was her first
big break with you. Yeah. And I asked her because
everybody had a crush on you, if she had a crush on you then. And this is what she said. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] I did get it, how
sweet Keanu Reeves was. And how (WHISPERING)
handsome he was. He was– it was hard. It was really– it was hard
for me to really be serious. Like he would look at me
and I’d be like (GIGGLING.) Did you all get together? Did you date him? Never dated him. Really? There was something about me
that I guess he didn’t like. No, that’s not true. I think it’s true. No. He never, never– He was probably intimidated. Not at all. Yeah. There’s nothing to intimidate. I’m not that. Yes, you are. But we– but I think we were
probably friends for that long because we didn’t– chkkk. Yeah. Right. That. Is that how you do it? That’s how I do it. Maybe that’s why he didn’t
want to be with you. [END PLAYBACK] Did you know that she
had a crush on you? No? No. Did you– She obviously didn’t know I
had a crush on her, either. Oh, wow. I can’t believe you both
had crushes on each other and you were so scared. We were working. Well, I know. But there’s other
people that work– haven’t you ever had a
romance with somebody that you did a movie with? Um, mmmmmmm. Sounds like yes. I’m gonna make that face now. Whether it’s before or after. I mean you could
wait until it’s over. Yeah, sure, sure. Yeah. But that’s so– that
chemistry was real, because you all really did
both have feelings like that. Yeah. That’s sweet. It was nice to go to work. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And– I mean, she’s so– well,
such a wonderful person and a wonderful actress. Come out, Sandy, come on out. [AUDIENCE SCREAMS] I kind of want to look. I was like– No, no, she’s not– she’s not here. But– Oh, my god! That would have been so great. It would have been really nice. No, I believe she’s
in a relationship now. The window closed. You had a chance.

100 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves Had a Crush on ‘Speed’ Co-Star Sandra Bullock

  1. Sandra Bullock is my dry pasture that easily cures rivers. She's amazing in every way. Thank GOD for her parents. My HERO

  2. Dont fall for it, Keanu Reeves is a Virgo and i dealt with plenty of Virgos. They come across sweet but they have an evil and a sneaky side once they start showing there true colors.

  3. Keanu …if u don't mind me then pls come to my home..I will show my all love to u … everything is change …so pls come to my home ❤️

  4. i wish Ellen will surprise me one day to personally meet Keanu Reeves. My dream since I watch his movie SPEED…

  5. I fkin love how keanu always looks like john wick now …like i remember always seeing him as neo no matter what movie he was in but now i see john wick all the time

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