Kim Kardashian Plays ‘Is Kanye Happy Here?”

We’re going to play a
game while you’re here. And it’s is Kanye
happy or not happy? Because he’s always– he even
said on the show one time, we were playing a
game and we said, what do you do when
no one’s looking? And he said, smile. Because he never– so I think
the first we’re starting with– I don’t know if it’s the first
one at my birthday party. And there it is. OK. So that’s my birthday party. And even you don’t
look happy there. And I know you all had fun. No, we were just
trying to be like– Chrissy doesn’t even– John is
the only one that looks happy there. We were posing. Right, you were posing. That’s our sexy pose face. Right. So he was happy there. He was very happy. OK. So he was happy there. Yes. All right. Let’s see another one. See if he was
happy or not happy. And that’s– Oh. You know what? I will say, the sun was glaring. And when the three kids–
literally, two seconds after this, were screaming. And it was like– I was not happy. So he was not happy. Not happy. OK. Not happy. All right. Let’s see the next one. Oh, he– there, you see a smirk. Come on. He is so happy there. Yeah. He is so happy there. And you know what? He didn’t get it– he
didn’t have a haircut. And we were in Turks and Caicos. And so he was like,
oh, my haircut. And so I was like,
you know what? I’m actually going
to crop you anyway. Because I just like my look. So don’t worry about it. Just like my look. So he was happy
that he was cropped. All right. All right. That’s the next one. All right. Oh, you know what? I think he was happy. Really? He was happy there? Well, he was wearing
these crazy contacts. And he really liked
wearing denim to the Met. No one has ever worn
denim to the Met Ball. So that made him very happy. OK. So he was happy there. It seems like those contacts
would be unhappy in his eyes. Because that looks itchy. OK. Next one? OK. Aww. Of course he’s happy. The wedding. Of course he’s happy
at the wedding. Yes. [APPLAUSE] All right. Let’s see the next one. All right. He’s not happy there. He hates red carpets. And so I was like,
oh, I didn’t just spend three hours getting ready. You better stand on this
red carpet for two seconds. Right. You look fantastic there, too. He’s not happy there. Yeah. Is he happy? I don’t know. You should take these home. I should ask him. You should take these home and
whenever he’s doing something, you should just lift
it up and go, eh? Are you happy? Are you not happy? You should ask him. All right. [APPLAUSE]

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