Laptop Untuk Designer, ACER CONCEPTD 3 PRO

Yo guys, Back again with me as Dhiar… Choosing a laptop for your work must be under our needs so that we can achieve maximum results in our work … This is different than the ones who have a profession as a gamer or video editor… Designers also need a laptop that not just talking about the specs performances… But it also requires an accurate color so it won’t miss Acer has just released their newest laptop products, it’s called Acer ConceptD 3 Pro… I buy this because I have a profession as a designer here, guys… Designs for printing requires an accurate colors… Moreover, you have a profession as an interior designer or architect And also who frequently use software such as 3Dmax, Maya, or other things as well… Perhaps this concept 3 Pro suits for you… Why it is suitable? Just watch this video till finished… Okay, so this is the box… I just bought it and now it arrives here on this table… The laptop looks like this… This is Concept D3 Pro… Let’s just open it… Okay, without further ado let’s just open it… In the box, of course, there is a laptop, adaptor for charging, and a cable for connecting to the socket… For the adapter itself is… The output is 19.5 v or 135 W… What’s interesting from this laptop is… The adapter and the cable are not that big… So, it’s fine I guess… It’s not heavy to carry it on… So, this is the laptop of ConceptD 3 Pro… Wow, That’s cool, right? The shape is not that thick… It’s thin for their type… Woah, and also the performance for the laptop is really fierce, guys… Before I turn it on… There are jack audio, USB type A, indicator lights, charger hole, and a vent on the right side… There is a vent that has a neat design on it at the back, guys… It has a futuristic design, guys… It’s simple but futuristic… There are two USB type A, USB type C, HDMI, Lan cable, and a Kensington lock… The purpose is for locking your laptop so that the thief won’t steal it from the table… Let’s just turn it on… The good thing is that this laptop is lightweight… But the performance is really fierce… Ok, I will just turn it on… The keyboard is lit… There is an RGB light here but it’s not as vibrant as a gaming laptop… It can lit or changing colors There is a sensor fingerprint and a trackpad… And some buttons make you feel comfortable to type it… The buttons on the keyboard are not that high… This concept 3 Pro is the newest laptop product released by Acer… It combines design, features, and performance to bring a laptop to meet a customer demand for content creation to produce maximum results… The concept 3 Pro is a laptop that was suitable for the creator on design industries and interior designers It has a classic design such as processing and a very accurate color display… That you can differ this with other laptops as well… A calm environment is suited for you when focusing on your working design and it has calmly optimized thermal system It operates on 40 dBA… It’s the equivalent as in the library… It’s great, guys… This conceptD 3 Pro won’t bother your surroundings when your CPU is running on full capacity for making your work… As a designer, of course, you need an accurate color as well… This ConceptD 3 Pro has an appearance of Pantone that is already validated… The reproduction colors guaranteed to be 100% accurate D-CAP3 and it has an accuracy of delta E color below 2 This is really necessary… The processor of ConceptD 3 Pro is using the ninth generation of Intel Core It supports up to 50% of editing 4K videos or increasing the performance up to 33% It supports by the latest Nvidia Quadro TV architecture theory used in self-concept tools And it was designed to provide the highest level accuracy and required for polygon double-sided image, rendering video chat, and professional rendering applications… Professional graphic cards such as Quadro was designed for a long-lasting durability What I like about this laptop is that it has USB type C and it supports transferring data like 5 GB/ sec And it can charge your battery as offline by using your USB 3.0… It has a speed of 6 for the Wifi For the security system, there is a Kensington security slot for login quickly using the fingerprint that uses Windows Hello… To verify your identity without using your password again That’s great right, guys? you can see for the complete specification of this laptop of concept 3 Pro at the column description box below this video Okay, that’s all for the video of ConceptD 3 Pro by Acer… The point is that if you’re a serious designer such as interior designer, architect, product designer, and others… I bet you’re going to need this laptop to support your work to produces satisfying results, right? 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  3. Laptop Untuk Designer, ACER CONCEPTD 3 PRO
    mantab reviewnya, sukses selalu dengan review yg lain
    ini kalo dibandngkan dengan Lenovo bagus yg mana ya? maksudnya yg setara sama lenovo? bandel mana?
    salam kompak komplet silaturahmi bang

  4. Kapan dapet laptop kek gtu buat kerja on time 😔😔.. Soalnya PC gua spek menengah buat render aja sampe sehari makan waktu dan project lainnya masih banyak udah coba nyisihin buat upgrade ada aja hal yang gak diinginkan

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