Laptops, Computers & Internet : What Is a Video Card?

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews and today I’m
going to explain to you what a video card is. Now a video card is a chip or a card that’s
inside of your computer, and basically it converts the digital video signals that are
being processed by your computer, into something that an output hardware can understand and
display, such as a computer monitor, like an LCD monitor that’s on my laptop here, or
one of those big CRT monitors that were like the older style televisions were. I’m going
to show you on the computer how to see what type of video card you’re running. Just right-click
on my computer on desktop and then click on manage. In Vista, you have to be an administrator
to do this. Let’s just click on continue. And we’re going to find under the system tools,
we’re going to find the device manager. Now, after we click on device manager, we’re presented
with a list of all the hardware that’s inside of our computer. I’m just going to expand
display adapters. As you can see, I’m running here an NVIDIA MCP67M video card. What displays
under your display adapters is a listing of all the video cards in your computer and that
is the piece of hardware inside of my laptop that is converting the signals process by
the computer into something that our LCD monitor can display. My name’s Dave Andrews and I’ve
just explained to you what a video card is.

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