Learn the Top 10 “Gamer Speak” Words in Spanish

Hi, everyone! This is Rosa and today, I’m going to teach you 10 gamer speak words. I don’t know if I’m the most
adequate person to teach you that because it’s been a long time
since I last played video games, but let’s get started. videojuego
“video game” Está jugando a videojuegos durante todo el día. “He plays video games all day long.” jefe
“boss” Conseguí vencer al jefe. “I got to beat the boss.” juego de rol
“role-playing game” El único juego de rol al que he jugado es el Ragnarok. “The only role-playing game
I’ve ever played was Ragnarok.” logro “achievement” Mi mayor logro fue conseguir este objeto. “My biggest achievement was to get this object.” punto de control
“checkpoint” Se olvidó de guardar la partida
al llegar al punto de control. “He forgot to save his game
when he arrived to the checkpoint.” jugador profesional
“pro gamer” Muchos jugadores profesionales son de Corea del Sur. “A lot of pro gamers are from South Korea.” nivel
“level” Ahora estoy en el nivel treinta. “Now I’m on level thirty.” novato
“noob” No tiene experiencia, es muy novato. “He doesn’t have any experience. He’s such a noob.” retraso
“lag” El retraso me hizo perder. “The lag made me lose.” bien jugado
“well played (GG)” Bien jugado. Últimamente has mejorado mucho. “Well played. You’ve improved a lot lately.” And this is the end of today’s 10 gamer speak words. I hope you liked them. Tell me in the comments below
what are your favorite games and don’t forget to subscribe. Hasta luego.

20 thoughts on “Learn the Top 10 “Gamer Speak” Words in Spanish

  1. Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 9 both have nice stories to them. Final Fantasy 9 though is one of my favorite love stories <3

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  4. Is "novato" a pejorative word like "noob" is? And can you say "nivel" also for the levels of a game or only for a character?

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