Leasing An AMD RX 580 For $60 A Month? WTF?

you know things are changing in the PC
industry when you see a company starting to offer check this out
leasing a video card that’s what I said leasing a video card cutting-edge gamer
comm now I don’t know if it’s exactly entirely a true thing it was just some
kind of joke but there’s a website in the link for $57 a month for you to get
an RX 5 80 now before you totally freak out if that’s actually true those cards
were $500 upon watch and excuse me there I got kind of a frog in my throat $500
at lunch so if you’re paying for 12 months you’re really only paying a
hundred and something dollars over the costs and for leasing something that’s
really not a bad idea but I mean do you guys think this is like a cool idea
because they have different type of programs I guess that you can get
something like we’re it’s it infinity it updated where you can get completely
getting update cards you can outright buy it or you can lease it an internet
the internet there’s all kinds of different ways I guess this company is
offering ways for you to lease a card now this would be kind of a trip now say
you’re a minor I know you guys all hate those bastards I know you do but check
it out the mining guys them could lease those cards from those fools I mean
those guys excuse me and then they could return them to them at the end of their
lease and get other cards and let those guys deal with it so in that aspect if
it actually happened it would be kind of cool right because then you won’t have
to really worry about these guys going out and buying on your video cards
because hey they can just lease them from these dudes so I don’t know I
personally think that if it’s actually a true thing it’s not a bad deal
whatsoever especially if you can get on some kind of upgrade program where you
can constantly over and over again update your video card that in itself
would be pretty cool because let’s just face it I know lots of dudes out there
my buddy Jerry who basically every year they get a brand new car through the
leasing program so there every year driving a brand new car and they lease
it now yeah I guess you don’t open it and there are some things probably
different between leasing and owning that’s why people buy and people lease
but a lot of people do it mm-hmm yeah I don’t know what the heck is going
on I think I need water today I’m parched and parched I’m arch
at the end of the day what do you guys think though do you guys think that
leasing video cards could become like the way of the future like leasing cars
now take this on a thing though cars are uber expensive these days for a new car
so does that mean that video card prices are getting ready to jump up so high
that you’re gonna have to start leasing your PC like a car so yeah hey dude Oh
what do you got well I finally went out and I bought a computer homie I’m
leasing one from super computer calm you know what I mean
so I don’t know I hope things aren’t going that direction but I think it is a
very interesting idea now currently there is only one card on the site just
one one card to rule them all well don’t you wish but it’s an rx 580 you know a
gigabyte card I’m sure for the money that they’re charging the car does play
all the games pretty decently especially at 1080 let’s face it 4k is not totally
here so if you’re playing at 1080 or 1440 you’re doing just fine there’s no
reason for all that 4k stuff or any worry for at this time anyways monitors
are expensive getting all the stuff to work with it expensive so hey 10a 1440
you’re good to go so let me hear you guys comments I like usually you know
I’ll have information down below and on top the video you guys probably saw it I
had a little question thing going on so you know let me see what your guys
opinions are we’ve got lots of more stuff coming here on the channel
our gleam giveaway stuff is almost straight away to get all those companies
altogether get the information to get all that stuff going I’ve never done it
before so you know it’s all new for me but you guys are gonna like what’s
coming up so I’m Eric you guys been watching tikka tomorrow our leasing
video cards the way of the future we’ll see

100 thoughts on “Leasing An AMD RX 580 For $60 A Month? WTF?

  1. I leased a card from them and it wasn't too bad. Service was actually really good. If a card dies, they replace it. If a new generation starts, you can swap your current gen for the next gen of the same sku (example: 580 for 680, 1060 for 1160). And if the current cycle lasts for more than 12 months you just own the card. You don't send it back and get the next gpu in the cycle for the same monthly price you were paying for the last generation. With how much GPUs have increased that could be a nice saving if the MSRP on the next gen goes up as well.

  2. If you looked into this company they been going a number of years and they have sponsored youtubers as well, If I remember correctly RTU was a customer and he talked about them before they paid for him to do an advert/product placement with him

  3. My first PC in 1999 was via Radio Rentals – I bought it for £350 or $700 back then, second hand after the company did not what to rent/lease it out anymore.

  4. cuttingedgegamer has been around for quit a while now, they used to offer a big rage of different cards but with all the mining bullshit they don't have much in stock lately

  5. Would never lease a card, 10 months and u already payed more than you could have bought a new one and have it for several years. Would you ever buy a new video card every 10 months lol.

  6. If you're a mining company, this is a great idea (in the USA at least). As a US company, its the difference between assets and liabilities. If you buy and own "PC" equipment, you have to pay taxes and deal with depreciation schedules aka assets. If you lease, it's a liability; This means as a company, you can write this "PC" hardware off completely. The trick is that the more expensive the lease is, the more beneficial the lease is (to a point depending blah blah accounting blah blah).

    The Church was the new Crown, Fiat was the new Church and Crypto is the new Fiat, or something along those lines. Beer

  7. It will be a sad day in the personal home computer industry when components cost so much that people have to lease PCs again or start leasing components. I remember when PCs were new, that some places actually offered leases for home systems. The reason why PCs started to actually become commonplace was because prices became reasonably affordable for the average home to purchase one outright. Enthusiasts sustain the market because they can reasonably afford to upgrade or build new systems every 1-2 years. If an essential component, like a GPU, becomes or stays so expensive that it is out of reach for the common enthusiast, PC builds will grind to a halt which will affect manufacturers of every PC component. No enthusiast plans a build knowing that they cannot afford to purchase an integral cornerstone of their system.

  8. Oh Hell No! But someone came up with a pretty good gig if done right. I like the idea of miners getting the returns. I think it's not just miners fault for the shortages. Between the gaming community the miners then add all the phones using from the silicone pool, the ram makers, consoles and companies taking advantage of the current market has all led to this. I'm curious to see how the new Zen apu's are going to do. I have to admit it would be tempting to lease my 580 for that but only with a deposit and a way to determine wear and tear. I keep expecting we'll be swimming in gpu's and ram any day but I have been thinking that for a year and hasn't happened yet. I do think its good for the industry though even if it sucks for us. Would be cool if we could pre-order cards at msrp from the factory. Thanks Elric, keep ROckin'!

  9. You master race tools brought this upon yourselves. Now you same people telling everyone to buy a console. Oh the irony!

  10. Stupid to now that you have a nice GPU but in fact is not yours 🙁 bad feeling 🙁 Better cheaper card but yours than ecpancive one but not yours 🙂

  11. a bit late to the party with this. my friend is leasing a gtx 1080 and this site is pretty good. after 12 months if you want to keep it you would have to have it for one more month, so after 13 months the card is yours to keep.

  12. I don't think its a good idea, yet again I bought the 780ti back in 2014 and only in december/January upgraded to a 1080

  13. If you ever mined using a pool with multi algo switching you already have leased your GPU for a fee. And yes, I agree with leasing unused hardware for distributed tasks. PC gaming is an immature waste of resources when a console delivers the same experience.

  14. For those saying go buy a console… I'm partially handicapped; I have only partial use of my right hand. For someone like me, consoles are not an option as a PC allows lots of customizability in terms of peripherals. That and I'm not using these cards strictly for gaming, I actually earn a living using a PC. Having two systems isn't a viable option either as even memory is expensive.

  15. Nope. I still use my R9 Fury X and just upgrade to Ryzen 1700 and clock it to 4.0 GHz, can play 4K and 1440p, I also use my PS4 Pro. Is better to start saving money to buy next year a GPU, but will still keep Fury X for backup.

  16. GeForce Now cloud-based streaming service is much better then this in my opinion as u get AAA titles included in the price.

  17. Its a great idea as we can keep on upgrading our gpu on each generation without even paying full price of the video card.

  18. I think it'll be pretty cool to Lisa card it would be nice to option to buy I hope right or is it just a leasing program you just use the card until you decide to send it back and get another one

  19. Actually, leasing is a good way to incorporate circular economics.
    If you don't plan on sticking to one video card for a really long time, then leasing isn't a bad option if you have the money to afford that lifestyle

  20. They want it to be like that, they will get more sales and more profits. But it's aweful practice and should be banned on everything

  21. yep with the prices these days wouldn't mine bro but it will be good if all the cards were up for lease just me thinking this would somewhat be a great idea just my thought if this was real or not yeah thanks Sir.

  22. hey man there not a bad compeny they been doing it for years now i got my 970 from them 1 1/2 year ago not bad at all same day shipping too

  23. The "bubble" won't "burst" if you're waiting for that, and you're clueless if you're sitting on your hands waiting for this to occur.
    Nvidia and AMD need to increase production as much as possible to fulfill both their newfound customers and their original base, but global electronics shortages are a factor here that just make this fire even larger.

  24. This is not a new thing, Cutting Edge Gamer has been around atleast 2 years. I personally used them to get a Titan X Maxwell, and they are a great option if you can't afford to throw down $700+ for a good gpu.

  25. Once the new line-up from Nvidia comes out, you're gonna have to pay to even SEE one those cards, so be grateful, we can STILL lease a card.

  26. Sure I'll lease a video card, no problem. Let me first eat this broken glass bottle and ram a screwdriver in my left eyeball and I'll get right on it.

  27. Miners lease the cards, which doesn't fix the price issue as the cards are still in the hands of miners. It's not like this company will have a secret stash of cards.

  28. It works when they had the titan xp collectors edition my roommate ordered the jedi edition and i ordered the 1080ti between January if not mistaking. They used to have alot of cards they only have a 580 now, been having the 580 for a while now nobody wants it lol

  29. cuttingedgegamer.com has actually been leasing graphics cards out for a couple of years now. I found out about them maybe two years ago.

  30. hey something's not right. pretty sure I've been subbed to this channel for years and been watching regularly but it fucking say's I'm not subbed. WTF YOUTUBE?

  31. Buy to lease drives up prices.Another layer of profit. Another shitload of cards taken off the market. Another nail in the coffin for new gaming pcs.

  32. And if cellphone companies didn't make a new damn phone every year that it's disposable and non repairable, memory wouldn't be at a premium right now.

  33. I have a 1070 from them. Next month I have it paid off and is mine to keep. So not really leasing because you do not have to return it. It's more like a rent a center for vid cards. The guy who started it use to work in marketing for AMD. I got my 1070 when it was only $40 a month and that 40 did not go up when prices went up it stayed 40 for me. If you get a card through them what you pay for the 12 month before you own the card on the 13th month is what you pay from month 1 to 12. No price hikes if market takes a shit like it is now. These guys are great for people who can't afford the cost of a card up front.

  34. My 280x i bought in 2015 is now 200dollars the same price i payed for it in 2015. pc gaming is dead long live pc gaming.

  35. I think leasing it would be a bad idea because what would happen if someone got fired from their job or something then that person wouldn't have the money to continue paying for it and also if you have to pay 60$ a month for 12 months that is 720$ in total and as of right now a RX 580 on newegg is selling for 400$ and yes for the 8gb model so you would be paying almost double for the same card.

    I can understand if it was like 60$ a month for 12 months for something like a GTX 1080 cause then you would have sort of like a bargain (note that it still would cost a little more that way from leasing it but they do have to make a profit) which i would be down for but no way i would pay almost double for the value of the cards right now.

  36. The 390X in my system at the moment came from these guys. It came to me brand new, leased it for 12 months and then paid an extra month, and it was mine to keep. At any point during the lease you can changed graphics cards. Just make sure all the peripherals go back with the card, and they'll send you a new card and restart your 12 month lease.

    I did it because I normally can't afford something like that unless I save for a few months and then buy it, where as I was able to have it now and just pay a little bit extra over time. It really depends on what you can do. If you can afford a graphics card right out, it's better to just buy it.

    And with all the shitty graphics card price stuff going on right now, I'm not surprised they only have one card for lease. When I leased my card a few years ago, they had tons of options with brands and models.

  37. This was there before the whole mining deal. Although Id understand that this would become more popular now

  38. First thought: miners will lease it. I prefer to buy out my shit, cuz..well.. I want to use that shit.
    Alternatively, if someone has a vacation for like 2 months or something and wants to play games at times, they could lease a card.

    Overall, it's meh news to me.

  39. They don't accept prepaid debit cards as payment so it's worthless. lots of people skip banks as banks will drain you dry. knew it was too good to be true.

  40. Retailers are getting desperate if thats the case, but are not willing drop the prices to where they should be. It could be the way to get a gpu at the moment, but cant help but think that that way retailers are getting away with selling overpriced gpus instead of dropping the prices to get people to buy them.

  41. $500? That's how much they were a few months ago, but at launch they were $200-250 (4 GiB) or $250-300 (8 GiB).

  42. ive leased to own 6 cards from them last one i did was r9295x2. everyone i got were brand new.if they sent me used ones id complain and they sent me brand new ones.ready to do it again.im liking the new Nvidia card. but waiting to see what amd comes out with. also they have more then 1 card on there site lol. great customer service too

  43. they updated their cards, they have the new rtx… Just leased a 1070 evga ftw 2 with icx cooling 8gb for 65 a month. i mean its a little above 500. i mean rtx is like 900 too 1000 no? me personally i wouldn't lease a 200 card lol but 500 and above i would. also early buy out option is cool. as well as bring your credit up too? so i mean. i look at it as getting a new card for 65 bucks lol. my work pay well so i dont have to worry

  44. Yes, this site is true, I have bought 5 cards in my life on this site. It's only one more payment buy out at the end of the lease. I stand behind these guys, they have treated me awesome in the last 5 years. Just a heads up.

  45. I leased from Cutting Edge Gamer last year paid one payment sent the card back in and this bastered John Walsh called me and told me I am not allowed too lease any thing from them again by law if you say lease an item and return it there spose too refund you and allow you too get another product from them there legal stuff on there site isn't legal by law you don't even have too return the item and it isn't considered stealing they all ready got a little bit of money for there graphic card no attorney would go too court on suing a leas company that lease computer parts

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