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(music) [LOU] So you would think that if a minor
wanted to buy a violent video game, that they would need to get their
parents’ permission to do so, but the court ruled that requiring
parental consent violated First Amendment rights. [BARRY] The California legislature
and other state legislatures said that we ought to put some
reasonable limits on this. And so they imposed
a very modest limit. Which was they basically
just said to these stores, “Look, before you can sell an M-rated video game to a minor, you’ve got to get
the parents’ consent.” It wasn’t the minors that
challenged that law, saying, “Oh, you’re denying
me M-rated games!” Guess who it was? It was the video game industry
that challenged it and said, “Look, this violates our free speech rights to sell to minors without having their parents
interfere with us.” And surprisingly,
in essentially a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court agreed
with the video game makers. And Justice Breyer dissented,
and he said, “Look, are you kidding me? This is a modest burden
on the video game makers’ ability to sell games to minors,
it just requires getting
parental consent.” That was one of Justice Breyer’s
points in his dissent, was, “How does it make sense
where minors can have access to all this kind of gory violence,
including rape scenes, playing video games
with rape scenes, but yet laws that say that you can’t show a minor just a nude person.” [LOU] Are there other products
where minors need to get parental
consent in order to buy them? Because I guess if you had a
12-year-old kid who wants to smoke, I don’t think, as a parent,
you’re allowed to be like, “Oh, he’s allowed to smoke.
You can sell him cigarettes.” Right? [BARRY] Yeah, no, I don’t think so. [LOU] And that’s one 12-year-old kid who isn’t going to be cool. (music) Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed our video. If you have any questions about the First Amendment or free speech in general, let us know in the comments. And be sure to subscribe to our channel, and make sure to click the little bell icon so you get notified any time we release a new video.

80 thoughts on “Legally Speaking: Should violent video games be restricted? | We The Internet TV

  1. Kids get ahold of lots of things they're not supposed to have. It's up to the parents to raise them, not the government

  2. Another great and insightful video. Thx Lou. Keep 'em coming!
    Btw, it's hard to understand how requiring parental consent before selling anything to a minor is objectionable.

  3. Yes, yes comrades, you're on the road to a socialist paradise, you just need everyone to think correctly, if they don't then give them more "education".

  4. Why stop with "voilent" video games ??? Why not ban all violent movies, music, books, telivision shows, sporting events ( no more football, boxing or MMA ) !!!
    GTFOH !!!

  5. Games are not the problem i played them my entire life since 4 years old and I'm perfectly ok. You know what the true issue is, shit parenting. Talk to your damn kids and put your fucking phones down, connect with them and guide them.

  6. Just sweep the leg… That is the least violent take down of my entire takedown repiteau.. Republican in Silicon valley

  7. That's dumb. Yeah kids are going to get ahold of inappropriate games and other media anyway(welcome to the internet), but what's wrong with making the parents decide? I mean, aren't movies restricted in the same way?

  8. I am pretty sure even though the courts ruled that governments cannot restrict access to video games, the game publishers can make such restrictions and refuse to sell to minors. If you were to sell through a major platform you would need to get an ESRB rating and those publishers will enforce those ratings.

  9. It isn’t guns. It isn’t video games. It’s modern problems like bullying, depression, anxiety, abuse. But NAAAAH. Why actually try fixing these problems when we can bully around the younger generations like a bunch of asshats and blame it on video games?

  10. Well, the money to pay for these kid's games, the consoles, the televisions, the monitors, heck the electricity is coming from someone… It's the parent's job to know and make informed decisions about what their kid is doing in their free time. A good parent is informed and communicates with their children and offers a good balance of control, guidance, and freedom. A bad parent blames the video games.

  11. Violent video game? You mean action video games, right? I have done the following in video games since I was born in 1986:
    -Killed hundreds of thousands of people.
    -Raped women.
    -Hired sex workers and kill them after the sex to take my money back.
    -Stormed police stations.
    -Killed endless list of police officers.
    -Driven over pedestrians just for fun or to rob their dead bodies.
    -Killed people inside churches.
    -Stormed military bases.
    -Killed health workers just for fun.
    -Worked as a hired assassin.

    The list goes on forever.

    But guess what, I've never done any of these in real life cause 1), I am not an idiot. 2), I live in a country where I don't have access to weapons which would enable me to commit these crimes even if I wanted to.

    Don't forget how crazy the Japanese are to video games. Heck, they gave the world some of the most popular video games of all time. Yet, you don't have lunatics running around and piling up dead bodies in Japan.

    So the real question is: Why are people deciding to kill other people they have no connections with and how are they being so successful at it ONLY in America?.

    I've lunatics in my own country too. They have knives and not guns. So they can't go on a rampage and pile up 20-50 dead bodies with a knife.
    If they had guns like the lunatics in America do, they would've been more successful.

  12. TBF most game stores require parents to consent to buy M rated games. That's without the government involvement at all.

  13. I'm pretty sure minors can view violent and sexual content on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and the Internet in general without parental consent. At the end of the day it comes down to parents being present in the life of their children as disciplinarians and role models and not being their "friend". In today's society you have the two extremes – helicopter parenting or absent parenting and this is a result of the systematic destruction of the nuclear family unit.

  14. How is requiring parental consent to buy video games infringement of freedom of speech? They’re not even banning kids outright from playing M-rated games.

  15. Ultimately kids will get hold of these things, they get hold of cigs, porn mags, all sorts of shit… But would a restriction help? Yeah, I imagine it would to some degree, I don't think video games turn people into violent killers or anything, but at the same time I don't think it exactly does anything much positive either for the kids. Violent, gorey, mature games, should be for mature people…

    On the other hand though, it'd be great if parents actually started fucking parenting their kids too. Teach them values, right from wrong, check in on them and make sure they don't have shit they shouldn't have. Guide them through the shit when they do get hold of shit they shouldn't have.

    Parents today… don't do that anymore. My mom knew I had horribly violent games. She watched me play postal 2 for fuck's sake, and made sure I knew it was just a dumb game. I was like 14 when I bought that for myself at a EB Games, no parent to say anything lol… I don't think I should've been able to buy it today honestly, but idk… if parents just fucking parent'd… things in general would be a bit better for everyone.

  16. I don't think kids should play violent video games. However, the responsibility of what your child gets to look at or play belongs to the parent. It doesn't belong to the government or the video game industry.

  17. Hmmm….parents who can't be bothered knowing and restricting their own children's video game usage. I wonder if those same parents are just as irresponsible in all aspects of their children's lives? If maybe it's the vast number of apathetic parents who are creating mass murderers and not video games?

    If anything, all of this government oversight is proof that the State is incapable of raising our children (try as they might, to take away all of our power). I'd say it's time to dust off the age-old tradition of shaming parents who are doing it wrong. If your kid is heading down a path that could lead to him unloading a firearm into a crowd of people YOU SHOULD FEEL RESPONSIBLE. IT'S YOUR FAULT. DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THEIR COURSE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

  18. What rape scenes in video games? I have never heard of a rape scene in a video game that a minor could walk into a store and buy. Old man doesn't realize video games are FAR less sexual than movies or TV.

  19. teach the kids how to parent that's the problem solved. Ratings – eh. We have tons of coverage about what the game is – do we really need ratings? Does anyone care about them other then parents who will not buy the game, or take the kids to the movie? Eh. IDK. Just seems like a left over thing. Government doesn't need to parent. I knew kids that smoked. How did they get them? Someone sold them to them. How did they get the money? Well, if not parents then somehow… who knows. What we need is education for the youth on how to be parents so that they know what is, or is not good – they need to learn how to be responsible. Eh watch the "dont stay in school" video for more on that… anyway.. no we don't need more laws imo.

  20. Anyone remember Bugs Bunny shooting Elmer Fud, striking with a hammer, pushing off a cliff? Late 1960's. Pretty soon social media channels and government will have you second guessing yourself until your sitting in the corner sucking your thumb. But only then they will tell you when you can suck your thumb and for how long.

  21. Maybe parents can have the say if they want their kid to join the military. Don't recruit the kid, ask the parents. Military is very violent and there's no restart mission selection after you've been killed.

  22. You guys just keep managing to surprise me. Kudos! That isn't an easy thing to do. Unfortunately, the surprise is you keep releasing garbage like this. Really? A law to limit video game sales to kids? What, are they all orphans? Were all parents suddenly kidnapped by Mars? Maybe Peter Pan got into the games market? No? Strange… it's almost like instead of parents parenting… you want the gov parenting kids? No? Then stop f*cking attacking things like this, blaming innocent game devs n pushing for insane censorship laws, and put the responsibility on parents.
    Anyway it's clear this channel no longer advocates for anything worthwhile like it once did. Adios!

    Ps IDGAF if this sounds hostile. I'm tired of shills like this attacking every worthwhile form of entertainment on biased moral grounds rather than facts. You shytes wont be happy until all that's left are textbooks and documentaries for enjoyment.

  23. You guys know that you can’t go any where as a Minor to buy a M rated game there 17 and up parents buy them because they get there kid to shut up-.- not right yes but it happens more then you think parents consent is needed

  24. The thing is that you can’t buy an m rated game at 16 you have to be 17+ they ask for your id at the counter just like buying a pack of cigs it says 18+ the only difference is cigs will kill you, video games won’t

  25. Well, I played a lot of Cluedo in my childhood and yet I never thought as an adult that it was a good idea to kill anyone in the dining room with a lead pipe.

  26. I don't know, I mean mining is a tough job, and miners have to be tough to work a job like that, so, I think they should be allowed to play violent videogames to get all of that aggression out of their system.
    After a hard day of mining it must be a welcome form of relaxation, to sit down, crack a cold beer, and kill a bunch of alien demons from Hell.
    What's that?
    Oh, MINORS!
    Yeah, well, I think minors should be watched by their parents more, and they probably should not spend 27 hours a day playing videogames.

  27. Been playing video games with my son since he was six years old. He’s now in the military, and is making a career out of it. Saved enough money already where he is going to be able to retire at 50 years old. Yep, bad video games.

  28. We all act on information, whether you are a kid or an adult. The essence of this topic is asking, "Should depictions of violence be restricted in order to solve the problem of kids using the violent information they receive to commit violence"? No. Information should always be accessible to intelligent creatures. If the information has the potential to lead people into doing something stupid (like… Follow an invisible man in the sky, as an example), the moral thing to do is to provide other information that tells them why they ought not to (like… Teach them science, for the previous example). This ensures maximal agency. Humans are sort of all about that free agency.

  29. Absolutely not!! Every study ever done states video games are not the issue! Damn near every other country has access to the same video games and we are the only one with a mass shooting problems!

  30. In Louisiana I think it's actually legal for someone under 21 to drink alcohol as long as there is a parent or legal guardian around

  31. Hold on your telling me there's games with rape scenes? Why have i been playing fortnite all this time gosh I'm a idiot.

  32. I live in Canada and that happened to me (the one and only time), the thing is I wasn't a minor at the time I was 18 or 19, but the cashier didn't even ask me for my ID he just asked my stepdad who just said sure. My brother who was also there didn't get asked and he's 4 years younger than me. At least when I buy liquor I get asked for ID first.

  33. There is a rating system. If stores sell mature rated games to minors they should be charged. If parents buy them they are idiots.

  34. Yeah, nevermind all the depressing, leftist garbage on TV that's full of sex & violence.
    Can't cut into their bottom line, oh no. Gotta go after the random video game companies & get them under the leftist thumb as well.
    It's all political bullshit to favor the left.
    People will only take them seriously when they can follow their own damned laws instead of encouraging their cultists to riot over non-leftists exercising free speech on campuses & elsewhere.

  35. People are so tribal on this issue, I played games under age but i still think this ruling is absolute crap. It is not your free speech right to express yourself to my kid and kids do not have the same rights as adults which is why they can be mandated to go to school.

  36. If a 5 year old is mature enough to change sexes, why can’t they buy a violent video game? They supposedly know what’s best for them.

  37. Super Mario made me become a plumber, a user of mushrooms and I smash turtles, like a lot.
    I wear a funny hat while saving princesses.

  38. Minors don't have full rights – that's why they can be forced to attend public school – what court ordered this? California Supreme court? I refuse to believe that ruling was in line with legal precedent. I'm not against violent video games mind you, I both play and make them, but it's not unreasonable for parental consent to be required to purchase a video game rated M, AO, or one that's unrated. I don't believe in censoring video games at all, I think M should include any and all adult content personally, but if you're going to provide access to that kind of content easily, I don't think it's too much to ask that you at least try to offer parents the tools to restrict what they see fit.

  39. The argument for video games is a red herring designed to distract away from the other issues that may affect the bottom line for the nra

  40. If I was the video game maker I’d be like, “Is this a joke? If the state of California will allow a minor to get an abortion or a vaccine without their parents consent, they can buy a f*cking video game without their parents consent.” The government mistakenly believes it gets to decide what’s best for people, and then it backfires when they want to contradict themselves. Our government is a joke. Especially California’s.

  41. Nobody goes to the store and buys games any more. Everything is sold online nowadays. Technically speaking, obtaining parental consent would be impossible because any kid knows how to bypass that sort of thing.

  42. How could this affect “free speech” minors aren’t legally allowed to buy porn or go in a sex shop at all and aren’t allowed to watch r rated movies with out a parent/guardian present. By this logic not allowing minors into R rated movies is a violation of the film industry’s freedom of speech which is a ridiculously stupid argument. Especially if these video games have graphic violence swear words rape scenes and nudity. An 8 year old kid should not be able to walk up to the counter and buy a game containing rape visuals that’s disgusting wtf.

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