Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Review

Hey how’s it going? Dave2D here This is Lenovo’s Thinkpad P1. This is a workstation laptop that’s geared for professional use. You can play games on it obviously because it’s got a respectful graphics card but it’s not geared for gaming in particular. So this device is a thin and light workstation. It’s built around portability and I think it looks really good. It’s covered in this soft touch material. Now normally soft touch materials on laptops aren’t my thing. Normally they just degrade over time. I find that alot of the laptops that are covered in the traditional soft touch material just become gunky after a year or two. This material feels a little bit different It doesn’t show fingerprints readily and from my experience with the soft-touch materials from lenovo this stuff lasts a very long time. It’s very durable finish. Even a year or two later it looks pretty much brand new. The ports on this device are good. There’s a bunch of USB-A, there’s 2 thunderbolt 3’s on the left and there’s also an SD card slot on the right.

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  1. The ThinkPad P1 is ripe – It's one of the best performing thin and light laptops on the market. Thanks for watching!

  2. Setup my P1 today. Don't know if they changed the FN/CTRL setup, but the wizard asked me if I wanted to assign them to switch so that the far bottom left key was CTRL and the one to the right was FN. Maybe Lenovo is listening.

  3. I did a full spec quote from Lenovo Australia

    Processor – Intel Xeon E-2176M (6C, 2.7 / 4.4GHz, 12MB)
    Display – 15.6" 4K (3840×2160) IPS AR, 10-point Multi-touch
    RAM – 64GB(32GBx2) non-ECC
    Graphics Card – NVIDIA Quadro P2000 4GB
    1st Drive – 2TB SSD M.2 PCIe NVMe Opal2
    2nd Drive – 2TB SSD M.2 PCIe NVMe Opal2
    Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 2018

    Amounts to A$10,942 (US$7,758)

    Would you pay this much money for a laptop?

  4. Dave, the advantage of the TrackPoint (vs the TrackPad) is that when you are using the keyboard extensively (nerds, IT professionals, writers, etc are such people), then you do not need to reposition your hand for occasional pointing tasks. You can rest your palms on the palm support, and only move a few fingers to move the TrackPoint. That is the reason for the "unusual" position for the left and right buttons, too. Normally one operates the TrackPoint with their (usually right for the majority of right-handed people) index finger, while the buttons are operated by their thumbs. It is indeed very convenient once one gets used to it. The TrackPad is, however, more ergonomically located for extended mouse positioning scenarios, when one predominantly uses the mouse, and keyboard usage is minimal. Hope it helps. 🙂

  5. Love to see review of Lenovo yoga L390. This has a spec up to 32 32gb ram i7 you. In theory can make a great devops machine but not really sure how is performance, screen quality and heating elements? Hope you can perform such review, would be grateful.

  6. Guys, I wanted to give you my opinion, so I bought the P1. I ordered a custom 1, but the screen touch, I guess, drains the battery after 2-3hours. I bought i7vpro8th gen, 32ram, 1tb SSD with prof-windows v and nvdia pq2000 graphics card. I think it comes? 1000 – 1500$ cheaper than MacBook pro same configuration. I decided to return it back b/o that, but their service moves so slow. Forget about the US companies where they treat their customer as the king. I am afraid that I am not able to return it anymore, or that they are not going to fulfill their engagement in the future. I have been using it for about 3 weeks. I was so naive to order another one, but w/o touch screen and only 1/2 SSD. Battery seems to last a couple of hours more. I may keep this one. I used macbookair for 4 years w/o any issues, and their service is just great. I tried lg, dell 15 xps same configurations before. P1 looks much better, but I start to worry that I did not go for the macbookpro. I work with metadata, and I need plenty of RAMs. I thought that I could upgrade the RAMS in the future if I need to.

  7. Dave Lee. I'm sure you won't care what I have to say but I find it interesting that you would bring up Apple's MacBook Pro to compare to this Windows business computer. Come on. Just stop trying to create drama. You could've easily mentioned Dell. Yeah, because Dell makes workstation Windows machines that could've compared the Lenovo P1 to. Of course mentioning Apple will bring out the haters which is what you've accomplished if you read the comments. Kinda tired how you big YouTubers make your money trashing Apple, even if the video has nothing to do with Apple. You're losing my respect. With 2.1 Million subs I'm sure you don't care what I said, but you should. You weren't very objective with the P1 either. I've seen many reviews that talked about how hot it got and the fans are noisy and the battery life isn't good. You tried too hard to make Lenovo look good, then you trashed Apple at the end. Very disappointing of you. You're becoming UnBox Therapy, Linus Tech Tips and Louis Rossman. All whom which hate Apple just like you do now.

  8. For the Class of 2023, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology requires freshmen to purchase this laptop. Thanks for the review!

  9. Wait wait wait: no external battery, no Pantone screen calibration sensor, no numpad keyboard? I'll keep my W541.

  10. Respectable means deserving of respect. Respectful mean offering respect. Hey Dave2d, respectable review! Thanks 🙂

  11. Can you make a review on Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme and the comparison with Dell XPS 15? Thank you.

  12. I've been using MacBook Pro's and almost every other Mac ever made; so yes, I'm old. While I'm deeply entrenched into the Apple ecosystem, I'm sick of the new Apple CEO and the watering down of specs and ridiculous price hikes. Now that 'Windows' is finally good enough to compete with the macOS, together with the fantastic Edge browser; I can at least switch laptops, and the P1 is on my short list.

  13. After using Thinkpad the other laptops feel so plastic made, they (thinkpad) really feel rock solid. I have a Thinkpad T480 pretty good.

  14. I wish I knew this existed. Bought macbook pro instead and it's just a disappointment in terms of performance and software developers seems to not care about the OS with constant update delays and compatibility issues and low stability in modeling apps overall. My own fault being a dum-dumb and not doing more research, but in my defence at that point I wasn't sure what I needed from the machine and just bought into the rumor that macs are for professionals and the OS is so amazingly stable (which is somewhat true), spoiler it's a bunch of bs.

  15. Dave, can you review the 2nd gen Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme? I'd love a smackdown with the Dell XPS 15 7590 as well.

  16. I would love to see more videos about hardware that is not just for video editing, i understand is easier for youtubers to talk about that because that is most of your work but you can find people that uses laptops for other than video editing and ask them how is their experience with a specific laptop model.

  17. Dave, love the content! Keep it going!

    Note: your viewers may be interested to know that on Thinkpads, the BIOS typically includes the option to swap the functions of the Function and Control keys for people who would prefer it.

  18. Dave Lee please tell me which laptop should I buy as I'm a medical student and mainly deal with ms office and watching movies.

  19. It's odd seeing Dave reviewing a workstation laptop and see it being used for games. Also, the points tackled in the video doesn't even give the laptop justice for its intended purpose. He did mention opting for gaming cards for 3D workflows but we already know (and the professionals know) that there is more to it than that. Pros who use CATIA, Solidworks, Siemens NX, etc. know that there is no gaming laptop that can compete with this machine. I was expecting to see benchmark with the use of SpecViewPerf just like how he usually does with gaming laptop benchmarks using FireStrike, etc. This review feels lukewarm and shallow.

  20. Yup, this is it. 64gb ram, thin light, color accurate, touchscreen, port selection. everything i need for my Photoshopping

  21. P1000 = GTX 1050
    P2000 = GTX 1050 Ti.

    Well, actually the Quadros are slightly worse for performance on desktop because they're clocked lower. But they're higher binned parts, so they may be able to stay in boost longer in a notebook. You'd have to directly compare the P1 to the X1 Extreme to get an accurate performance comparison. I bought P1 with a P2000 because I got a good deal on an open box unit at the local university book shop, but most people aren't going to notice a difference between it an the X1 Extreme, even if you use professional 3D applications. The only difference is that the drivers are going to automatically select the optimal settings in professional applications with the Quadro, save yourself $300-500 and configure the settings manually.

  22. Alright, i have a bit of a dumb question, but here we go. So i am going into I.T. And graphic design, i absolutely LOVE the thinkpad series, but i am stumped between the X1 carbon gen 7, the X1 Extreme, and the P1. Any help in the matter would be appreciated!

  23. Hi, I agree with you about the CTRL being best placed on the bottom left not like Lenovo do … BUT …. > The FN Key can be swapped with the CTRL key so when you hit the FN its the control and vice versa. Enter BIOS.

    Config > Keyboard and Mouse > Fn and Ctrl Key Swap.

    Hit F10 (save and exit)

  24. Probably exactly what I was looking for my .NET Dev build machine, struggle to run all my w3wp processes on Microsoft Book even highest specs doesn't make it comfortable to use, looking now to upgrade something to more powerfull to handle well msbuild processes along with VS, powershell and other dev processes I'm using on the daily basis and travelling a lot. Thanks a lot for this review, but would be nice to see some real benchmarking of using real apps.

  25. TLDL — The computer is great but the company Lenovo has the most horrible customer support i have ever experienced. My story below.

    Lenovo complaint Started writing 08/13/19

    I purchased a nearly $2,000 Legion laptop from Lenovo about one year ago. The buying process was annoying and it took nearly 10 weeks to arrive. As opposed to the 2 weeks they advertised.

    Earlier this week (08/12/2019) I called Lenovo customer support because my laptop was freezing when I would right click the desktop screen. This was right after I had factory reset the PC.

    I was transferred twice while on the phone, but still needed to give up the same info with each transfer, name phone and address. the third person I spoke to, told me there was nothing they could do because Factory Reset is usually their last ditch effort.

    Some hardware was the issue and it needed to be replaced. I told him my RAM was acting weird as well, the computer recognized it as installed but would never go over 8gb. I never once in the whole year noticed my RAM go above 8gb even though 16 was installed. BTW I make videos for YouTube, so believe me I was stressing this computer out to it’s max.

    I was told I may need a new motherboard and maybe need new RAM. I paid for the maximum warranty protection where they send a technician to your house to repair it. Turns out they are full of s**t. It is supposed to be same day, or at least that is what they will tell you when you are buying it. Well I guess I got lucky because he said 3-5 days and the repairman came the next day. He called in the morning saying he would be in before 2pm. He arrived at 4:15 of course.

    And he arrives with a new SSD and asking me where the flash drive is that Lenovo sent me with Windows 10 on it…. What? What flash drive and why do you have an SSD? Well his orders were that only the SSD needed replacing. We spoke for a few minutes, I wouldn't let him replace my working SSD with a blank one. After convincing him to go check his car it turns out he did have a motherboard for me, but no RAM. He proceeded to open the laptop and breaks a piece off of the plastic under the keyboard. The piece that broke off fell into the computer and I had to retrieve it and show it to him, he hadn't noticed.

    Once he noticed he told me he needs to order a new case for the laptop because the piece that broke included a screw hole. And that since he didn’t have the RAM he should order the case and the RAM and return in a few days and do all the replacements all at once. He said he knows nothing about what is going on inside the computer or my specific case, he said they just give him a part and send him out into the world to replace that part, nothing else. The repair man didn’t seem to have any idea how to open the computer and when I spoke to him about it he had no idea what was inside the computer. He even took the metal heat shield off and forgot to put it back into the computer, he had to take it apart again. Insanely unprofessional.

    I am about to call Lenovo customer support again and report this situation, I believe there is a 99% chance they will either not care and do nothing, or insist that I “send in” the laptop. Considering the fact that I have already lost 3 days of working time and it will be a full week once the guy gets back, I am not sending it in. Furthermore I don’t trust Lenovo as far as I can spit anymore. I don’t trust them to not send me back an even more defective piece of technology or even the exact same laptop. Wish me luck.


    Get through to customer service and the lady who answered the phone refuses to transfer me to her supervisor until I give over personal details. Name and phone number given now on hold.

    10 minutes.

    15 minutes.

    “Transferred” to supervisor

    On Hold Again.

    10 minutes.

    20 minutes. 🙁 smh

    30 minutes….. not sure if I have the patience for this.

    37 minutes they hung up on me….

    Called them back but they hung up on me again immediately. Trying again.

    Service rep named Natalie answered. I asked for supervisor again, gave my info again. On hold again

    10 minutes.

    Transferring to supervisor now. On hold.

    Connected to Chris the supervisor. Very nice and calm man. He is not sure what is wrong with my laptop but genuinely seems interested in correcting for the bad experience I have had thus far. We spoke about replacement parts, I told him I didn’t like the idea of having my currently laptop with half of the components replaced and that I didn’t have much trust left in that laptop. I asked him about a replacement and clarified with him that it would be a brand new comp from the factory and not a refurb. He said they no longer have my Y720 model in stock and so would like to offer me a newer model either a Y730 or Y740. on hold again.

    Chris is back, he gave me my case number and verified my email. He will email me a list of Lenovo Legion model laptops to choose a replacement from. He said to expect that email within 24 hours.

    =UPDATE= 08/14/19

    24 hours later. Ironically I got an email very soon after speaking with Chris, telling me that I can expect to get the email Chris spoke about within “one business day”. So. No email.

    Calling Lenovo. Holding, intermediate people, repetitive information giving.

    Human on the line named Sheri. I ask her if I can speak to the supervisor named Chris. She asks me what for? I tell her “I just gave you my case number, isnt the information there?” She says the last thing written down was that I was scheduled to have a technician come by my house a few days ago….. No record of Chris, his email, or anything about the technician breaking my laptop….. I am heart broken but cant say I am surprised. I was so ready for good news when I spoke to Chris the other day.

    Turns out Chris is one leave, not in the office. Terns out not a single supervisor is in the office according to Sheri. She puts me on hold.

    15 minutes. Comes back. Says “since there is no record of what Chris told you, you would have to speak to him”. So I am making this up? I am put on hold again

    Not sure how long, pacing around. She tells me at what time the next day Chris will arrive at work, and that I should call back then. 3… days…. in…. a…. row…..

    I remain calm and patient. I ask her if it is possible for Chris to call me tomorrow so that I can get past all the holding nonsense. She says Chris will call me at 9am. So lets see if he remembers the conversation. End of call.

    Something else I just remembered now while typing this, I turned on my Microphone while I was on hold for Chris. I have our entire conversation recorded in poor but understandable quality. I also have the email confirming that I would get Chris’s email within 24 hours and that email also included an apology from Lenovo. “Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you've encountered, and a sincere Thank You for your continued patience.” lets see if they meant this apology.


    The next morning. 10am. No call.

    11:30. I am calling them now. Lol no way this call is being used for QA purposes.

    Got a human on the line. I ask him to transfer me to Chris, he insists that he can help me with the case and does not need to transfer me. I insist 3 or 4 times and now I am on hold waiting for him to try to connect me with Chris. Speaking with Brian from hardware warranty support. He says Chris is in a different area and he cannot transfer me over to him because he has no way to do so. Idk how that can be. Brian also began reading my case. Once AGAIN the case was not updated and the most recent thing it has on it is that I am waiting for a technician to replace the motherboard. Unimaginable how horrible this customer support is. I mean this is what nearly $2k gets you? Not to mention I bought the highest level warranty they sell. An extra $200 bucks! And this is what that buys me!?

    On hold for Brian’s supervisor. Cant wait to hear more empty words.

    20 minutes

    On with supervisor John now. He understands some of the situation. Basically what I just told Brian. On hold again.

    He is back. Tells me that he has no power to make anything happen with my computer replacement. He looks up my restitution number and tells me that it is still being considered by corporate. Whatever that means. He says he will try to find Chris for me. On hold again.

    10 minutes

    John comes back. Tells me he is transferring me to corporate. Back to waiting.

    10 minutes. Just took a crap while on hold.

    Brian is back. Saying “Ashley” from corporate would call me.

    8 minutes

    Rosemary Campbell from Customer Care just picked up. Tells me corporate is as high as the customer service goes. Tells me that ashley is handling the case now.

    Rosemary sends me an email showing a Legion Y740 17” Black 81Uj0000US is the part number. She says “please review the below replacement specifications. The replacement below is brand new. The remaining warranty from your original unit will transfer to the new replacement with an additional 90 days added.”

    I email her back saying great send it and ill send back the old one.

    About 4 hours go by

    I get a call from Ashley, the next in the line of people trying their best to do nothing for me. She tells me that Rosemary’s email and the things Chris told me were misleading. Since neither of those people has the authority to replace my computer…. and that “according to our rules and regulations” my computer may have to be sent in for repairs. O and btw she read my case just now and the ONLY thing it said was "extremely dissatisfied" ….. nothing! none of what i have gone through this week is in my case…. She said she wont know until Monday. Today is Thursday. I feel helpless, they genuinely do not care at all. DO NOT BUY LENOVO!! Do NOT give them money!

  26. Please review the Thinkpad P1 Gen 2 when you can get your hands on it. The 4K OLED and the new GeForce graphics card are interesting.

  27. hey Dave, I can't get the Xeon, nor touch screen variant of the P1 in Australia. Any chance you could ship one to me from North America?

  28. Thinkpads are not for people who switch from Apple or Dell… Thinkpads are for thinkers.. not for ordinary… gaming … fun lovers…😂😂😂.. Traditionally the function & control key are in the same place… & We have no complaints about its place….
    Conservatives are accepted here not Liberals….😂😂😂😂

  29. First things first. First start the new laptop, switch Fn and Ctrl and then configure the rest. Who the hell came up with this? And why?

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