Lenovo ThinkPad P71 Review: HUGE workstation, HUGE specs

88 thoughts on “Lenovo ThinkPad P71 Review: HUGE workstation, HUGE specs

  1. Good review, but complaining about things that are never going to change (i.e. FN, CTRL keys and the Trackpoint) is odd. It's a Lenovo thing, and at this point it'd be weird if they did it like everyone else. That machine is a monster!

  2. Unable to understand, why Lenovo does not improved on couple aspects as we get in the new era.
    1. Bezel size should be reduced (unless MIL specs prevent it to do so)
    2. The front facing camera should be full HD resolution with a decent Megapixel.
    3. Trackpad size could be slightly larger (in width)

  3. Hello…thank you for your general review I would be interested to get your perspective on the issues of throttling and overheating of the CPU causing stalls in processing that seem to persist with the previous p70 model and if you have experienced any such issues so far….excessive heat being another issue on the previous model p70. It seemed to relate to the low levels of internal thermal cooling paste used during the manufacturing process and possibly some form of intended restrictions applied by lenovo.
    See http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/new-p71-owner-mini-review-and-rant.806025/

  4. overall this review was pretty flawed. you didn't note the specifications of your laptop since there are hundreds of options you didn't say how expandable it was and really missed most of he key features.

  5. > Another Useless feature for me is the red check point in the middle of the keyboard

    Yes, it's useless if you're planning to use your laptop as a facebook and gaming machine. Let's try it during some Excel,Word,Programming, you'll find it crucial for your workflow: you don't have to switch your hand in touchpad position.

  6. Excellent review, WC.

    Other than my wife's couple of laptops this is my first. Just a long time tower/CAD/desktop designer with dual 30" 2560 real estate. Admittedly just on Win7. Until now.

    For typing this keyboard is now my best ever experience. Finally tossed my treasured old Gateway 2000 backup keyboards with duel function keys on the left last month. Lenovo owns the future of keyboard design.

    Main reason for my comment though is that as stated the unit you got was a Zeon.

    You also mentioned gaming. But did not mention the i7 configuration.

    As an older user who has been more worker than gamer for many years that even the i7 (CPU) option flies in 5D mode with the Quadro P3000 option and a full deck of 4 16GB sticks on Windows 10.

    Nice work, Sir. Tks.

  7. Вот это тема, вот это нубук. Ток ему бы ещё операционку нормальную бы – цены б ему не было

  8. Get the highest end configurations of the 17" Lenovo ThinkPad P71, 15.6" Macbook Pro 2017 and 15" Surface Book 2. Grab a Logitech MX Master Anywhere 2S for the first laptop, an Apple Magic Mouse 2 for the second, and the upcoming Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse for the third laptop. Get a pair of Apple Airpods for the Macbook, and wireless Bose earphones for the first and second laptops. Keep it all in a premium backpack as well as two large capacity power banks and an extra battery for the P71, and you're good to go. Just keep in mind that making the ultimate laptop setup will empty your bank account

  9. Trackpoint Useless function!? Only computers with trackpoint let you type and not waste time moving your hands to the trackpad, doesnt get more productive than that!, not to mention it helps with carpel tunnel pain.


  11. Switched the FN/CTRL keys, umm they've been in that location for years…many years. My T400, X201, X220T, T430 all have the keys in the same locations, this guy doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

  12. So just a thought, please refrain from using terms like "absolutely hate it". You could instead say :" I am not a big fan of it…"

  13. "Some users would prefer touchscreen"
    "Function and control keys are switched"
    "Red trackpoint is useless"
    "Sometimes I feel heat from right side when I use external mouse"
    "The downside is that it's a very big laptop"

    FFFFFUCKING NORMIE, you're as unfit to this laptop as it's humanly possible. It's a WORKSTATION. Stick to macbook you god damn amateur!

  14. another uselles is the red trackpoint? seriously? then the thinkpad's is not for you. go buy consumer laptop…

    we need ThinkPadder to review a ThinkPad…

  15. It's definitely an awesome laptop. I've had mine for just over a month now. I use the red pointer on the keyboard all the time, it's awesome for moving the mouse without loosing much time while typing. Keeps your fingers in position.

    I appreciate the backpack recommendation too, I've been trying to find one this beast will fit into, but I want it to also fit a DSLR type camera. Any suggestions for that?

  16. …a touchscreen on a workstation. Yawn. And the ignorance regarding the utility of an Expresscard is fascinating….especially in a workstation machine where interfacing with various external data acquisition gear is a norm.

  17. And you need comments that ALL new Lenovos are coming with very short cable-wired!!! and the transform is big but it is not a problem… When you are loading the batery and the wired is so short, you could entangle with the cord and drop the LTpad!. good video… +10…

  18. Another useless feature is the track point!!!

    I don't get how you can say that when you know what a huge following it has. Aren't you curious why? You are not a mobile workstation user, which is whatever, but people who are looking for something like this are watching this and listening to your opinions which aren't taking them into consideration.

    If you are going to give reactions without considering who it is made for, then please title the video so it eludes to that. 'non workstation user reviews workstation' etc.

    I have a challenge for you. Create a workload where you have to use the mouse for 3 seconds, then the keyboard 8 seconds back and forth for one hour. Back and forth bank and forth. Do that on a track pad then do it with the touch point.

    You will understand my friend

  19. I'm pretty sure that my next laptop will be a P71 (unless the P72 is out by the time I buy). I figure that if I'm going to drop my hard earned money on a brand new ThinkPad, I might as well go big.

  20. Need some advice on this. I'm an architecture student who is always rendering multiple projects at once. Looking to get this workstation. Do you think 32 gb of ram, 500gb SDD, and a 4g processor will do the job? I don't know if I'd need to get the maximum features or not.

  21. Very wrong comment: "Another Useless feature for me is the red check point in the middle of the keyboard". It shows plain ignorance. Even the 'for me' cannot save how wrong it is. A review should be addressed to users not personal preferences. And the trackpoint is a miracle of ergonomics.

  22. …and costs $4400 in 2018 and would have cost over $5000 at the time of the review. That's just stupid money aimed at businesses that just throw money at tech.

  23. this is a piece of shit! I have one bought for only 2 monthes and I have 5 crashes and some high temp. alarms. It crashes only when I am listening music!

  24. Trackpoint is the best. Took me a while to get used to but so much faster and better for your hands after a few weeks of practice. This is a WORK station, not a look good at Starbucks wannabe laptop.

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