Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2018) review: A near-perfect laptop for professionals

100 thoughts on “Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2018) review: A near-perfect laptop for professionals

  1. Just a note. not everyone is crazy about touch screens. I work in the IT industry, and the amount of "business professionals" who like / use / need / are interested in touchscreens on their laptops = 0. I think the touch screen craze is more geared towards home users, and have you ever SEEN someone who has a touchscreen laptop? YOU NEED A HAZMAT SUIT WHEN YOU WORK ON THEIR DEVICE!….smudges everywhere, and streaks that have hardened, and what (you HOPE & PRAY!) is a piece of CHOCOLATE stubbornly clinging ot the upper left hand corner! Nah, touch screens only matter to those who are either into some kind of mobile industry where they have to ensure that their app works with a touch screen interface,…..or else they're in the media industry and need to be able to capture some sort of media or noise or sound effect or music instantly. But most business professionals, aren't looking for a touch screen in their devices unless they have a direct need for it. most people in the corporate atmosphere just need a good machine that can survive a few bumps and jostles when they're trying to cram into the elevator to head to the meeting…..LoL!

  2. Just picked up a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 6th gen from Costco for $1615 shipped FHD screen (non touch), i7 8550U, 16GB Ram, 512 HD, Windows 10 Home. Was deciding between this and the LG Gram 15, but the more solid build quality of the Thinkpad, renowned keyboard, and Lenovo having repair centers pushed me towards the X1. My previous laptop was the Dell XPS 9560 which I never utilized the dedicated graphics GTX 1050 but found the system to be a tad too thick and just too heavy. The Carbon is so light and will fit my ultrabook and travel needs better.

  3. It's kind of sad to see so much great PC hardware coming out (albeit expensive) and Windows 10 letting it all down. So you spend two grand on a beautiful laptop like this, and still get buggy search, tonnes of crashes, constant updates, and janky app store/win 32 combination.

  4. Am I safe to assume that you can plug in an external GPU on the Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port? If you wanted to do 4K video editing for example. Granted I know there's other options out there that might be better suited for the task, but damn, this is one good looking laptop.

  5. This video was in my Youtube recommended page…

    Uh… so knowing they installed a lousy dog of an OS (Windows), Lenovo now has to add panache to the product by carbon fiber casing parts, which many believe remains ugly.

    I’m walking away shaking my head in dismay…

  6. Hey, I have an X1 Carbon 2018 HDR. I am noticing some trailing when scrolling and moving windows. I was wondering if it's just my machine. The notebookcheck.net reviews of both the Carbon and Yoga versions say the displays have low response times. Did you notice anything like that on your review machines?

  7. FYI: Costco has this in stock for $1599. i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB PCI-e SSD. Bought two of them and they are great for the price!

  8. A Thinkpad is black? duh.
    And choose silver?
    This doofus obviously doesn't really know anything about Thinkpads.

  9. If I want something portable, long-lasting with a great keyboard and long battery life, what are the best options? This X1C seems to be a dream laptop but way overpriced for my needs.

  10. Bought a thinkpad x230s before, screen has massive burnout oneday just by sitting on the desktop and barely left house, went to service they determined the burnout as water damage and refused to replace screen as warranty and charged me 400 to replace it. If you enjoy a expensive computer with terrible quality and rude service, lenovo thinkpad is the way to go

  11. Im thinking of this laptop or the surface book 2 for mainly browsing streaming movies and few office work, money is not an issue .. what do you guys suggest

  12. Child you also Test the X1 Tablet ans Yoga, so you could make a comparison between all of them?
    Have a nice day!

  13. The HDR support is NOT available even after applying Windows Spring 2018. Also, there is red hue/ bias in the color. It is just a very bright display panel.

  14. This one has Fn/Ctrl in wrong positions and red chewing gum in the middle of the keyboard and razor blades under the space bar. INSANE! I wish they just gave the option to have a normal keyboard and trackpad.

  15. I just configured the 6th gen X1 on the Lenovo site and the total with some discounts came to just under $1500. Including all the bells and whistles. Everything to the max except I kept the SSD at 250 GB. Great deal in my opinion, can't wait!

  16. Are lenova laptops really that durable? I'm seeing comments that they last for 9 years and that is amazing. I want a laptop that will be with me for years without issues even if it is pricey because I would rather spend this much once than buying new laptops every 2 years or so.

  17. Hi, can someone please explain to me whether the Intel processor number (i5 vs. i7) or the generation of the processor (6th, 7th, 8th) makes a bigger difference in processing power/speed/stability? For example, if I have the choice between an i5-8th gen or an i7-6th/7th gen, which should I go with?

    I use the laptop for business purposes, so a lot of MS Excel, web-browsing, many windows open at the same time. Looking to start learning coding (probably Python) soon as well.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

  18. The worse computer ever, my company bought 5 for the top management, many bugs very bad quality of image … I do not recommend

  19. Laptop is ok but the docks for these things have problems. Also Lenovo has a recall for the 5th Gen. So many better options now

  20. Hey Daniel what would you do? Would you recommend getting the i7-8650 for the X1 Carbon 6th gen? Concerned about thermals and throlling. Was thinking about undervolting it and using higher grade thermal paste. What would you do?

  21. How does this compete against the MacBook Pro 13. I debating which one I should purchase next.

    Are there any Lenovo X1 owners that can shed light for me?

  22. hey man, how do you think this one compared to the 2018 MacBook Pro with top spec on CPU, RAM, and 1 TB ssd option?

  23. All x1carbons display cover crack within few months of using .Lenovo has not taken any corrective action on same .Lenovo just says accidental damage but Lenovo forums are filled with exact issues .Dont expect flagship product experience from x1carbons.

  24. Hello Daniel! Thank you for your awesome and detailed reviews. I've been eyeing the ThinkPad line of workstations for a while, as I'm due for an upgrade of my daily driver. I think Lenovo has finally released a very compelling duo in the ThinkPad P1 (Dell XPS 15/Precision 5530 killer) and ThinkPad P72. I'm finding it hard to choose between the two. One key feature is the mention of 10-bit color depth in the 4k touchscreen displays. I'll be using whichever of these I choose for Feature Film production (both in the studio and on location), and my workflow will mainly deal with 10-bit footage. I need to know if the P1's 15.6" 4k will come with a true 10-bit display, or will that feature only be available on the 17.3" 4k display of the P72? Lenovo's official spec sheet and press release for the P1 are a bit confusing, in that one mentions the 10-bit display, while the other makes no mention of the 4k screen having 10-bit color depth. I look forward to watching your detailed reviews of these mobile workstations before I make my final purchase decision. Thank you!

  25. Could you make a review of the Thinkpad T480s with WQHD display? It is really hard for me to make a decision which one to buy, the T480s or X1 carbon. I have heard a lot about the bad T480s screen, mainly the FHD version. But I want to know if the 2K version display on the Thinkpad T480s is the same as the 2K screen used in the X1 carbon 2018. Thanks.

  26. I persist with my indecisiveness regarding the better work computer. The thinkpad, despite its self-evident versatility and superiority to the Mac book pro concerning the specs, has too small of a screen and is a glossy screen. Any help.

  27. This one, or the huawei matebook x pro? Im into programming, pen testing (kali-linux), middleweigt editing, would be great to get a recommendation 🙂

  28. I understand that this laptop is focused on business productivity, but do you think this would be good for basic video editing and music production?

  29. Just another comment about one of your points:
    Speakers – Once again and as you yourself iterated? this is a BUSINESS machine, geared toward the traveling / mobile professional. Not the person who spends $600 on a pair of Beats headphones, but someone who's more interested in closing the $6 million dollar business deal. SO speakers really don't matter to such a person as I'm sure they have an awesome surround sound system at home!….LoL! Plus, with all the ports on this device?….attaching a good pair of headphones would solve the speaker issue. I sometimes wonder why they (not you but most laptop reviewers!) include the headphone / sound / speaker setup in their reviews…….most people realize that with devices getting slimmer, thinner, lighter, there's not going to be room for superior speakers….and that more likely than not?…they'll either have to spring for some good noise-canceling headphones, or else they'll be connecting a good pair of speakers to this machine.

    I'm just sayin'…

  30. Where are you getting this for $180.00????? I guess Trump's trade war w/China fixed THAT too! $180.00 to almost $1500.00? Is America great yet? I know the tax brake for Major Corporations didn't make THAT big of an increase in MY pay, so I'm not sure how much more "greatness" I can stand!

  31. good article with review Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon you can read here https://tech-time24.com/review/review-of-lenovo-thinkpad-x1-carbon-2018-power-in-miniature/

  32. $3236 if you spec it all out . 1 TB SSD with a second one terabyte SSD And 2 32 GB total 64 GB ddr4 , with the upgraded i7 8850h 6 core . Pretty impressive. I’m still using my T440s with touch screen and glad I got the i7 back then since you can’t upgrade the CPU on this particular model that I have. The only laptops that I will ever by are think pads and Mac Pro . I go back-and-forth , But I think I like this one, I’m just going to wait another year or two because CPUs are going to get better soon there hasn’t been a real breakthrough with Intel in a while. And I haven’t had a tower since my Tandy TL 1000 I got from Radioshack when I was a kid as our family computer I think I was four years old in 84 when we got that

  33. Personally looks just as black as the other years. 1:11 . And silver is more of a fingerprint magnet then the black for your information .

  34. I f/n ADORE all things lenovo💁🏼❤️💯 omg☺️ yesssssssssss ! Daniel is easy on the eyes while keeping me updated and informed , too 👍😆

  35. still a 16:9 screen with poor vertical space and effectively lower resolution. why can't any manufacturer other than apple can bring 16:10 screen ?

  36. ThinkPad Carbon are not the king any more, Mine broke after 13 months, and Lenovo shows no support what so ever after the warranty period. I have been buying ThinkPads since they were IBM, but not any more after spending over $2,200 for one and last 13 months only.

  37. I've had mine for 4 months now and eventually had it with the smudges + there not being any cases for laptops like these…So I grabbed a sheet of black 3M vinyl and traced out the thinkpad logo (veeery carefully) with my xacto knife…people can't tell the differences and my smudge problem is solved 🙂

  38. I have to part ways on your choice of clor. Black is so iconic Thinkpad…what is wrong with you? Go buy a mac if you want silver:)

  39. Your opinion? Found a private seller with a WQHD HDR screen, i7- 8650U vPro, 16GB, 1TB, depot warranty until 2021, lightly used for a couple of months for $800, what do you guys think?

  40. I would get 10 of these with 500 nits, if there was a TOUCH OPTION and ANTI GLARE. Unfortunately do not have, so I have to go for HP ZBOOK X360. Again someone could make a perfect laptop but fucked it up at the end

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