Lenovo Y7000 Gaming Laptop Benchmarks – 20 Games Tested!

The Lenovo Y7000 gaming laptop is available
with decent mid range specs, but just how well does it actually perform in games? I’ve
tested 20 different games at all setting levels and also compared it with other laptops to
help you decide if it’s worth it. The configuration I’ve got has an Intel
i7-9750H CPU, 80 watt Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics, 16gb of memory in dual channel, and a 15.6”
1080p 60Hz screen. It’s also available with 144Hz though, this is just what mine came
with, and there are other different specs you can pick too. You can find different options
and updated prices linked in the description. The Lenovo Vantage software lets us select
different performance modes, I’ve done all testing with performance mode enabled for
best results. It also gives you the option of disabling hybrid mode, which basically
turns off Optimus and will improve performance in some games. We’ll only be covering gaming performance
in this video, so if you’re new to the channel, you’ll definitely want to get subscribed for
the upcoming thermal testing and full review. Let’s start out by going through all games
at all setting levels, then afterwards we’ll see how the Y7000 compares with some other
laptops. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested using the
game’s built in benchmark tool. High settings was still giving fair results, considering
this is a somewhat resource heavy title, while medium and below was needed to average above
60 FPS. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode,
and the game was running quite well even maxed out with the ultra setting preset, where even
the 1% lows were above the refresh rate of the panel. Control was performing well enough with the
high setting preset, however medium settings was better overall, where the Y7000 was able
to average above 60 FPS, in fact it wasn’t far off this even for the 1% low performance. Apex Legends was tested with either all settings
at maximum, or all settings on the lowest possible values, as it doesn’t have predefined
setting presets. It was still playing very well even with all settings at max, easily
over 100 FPS, while minimum settings sat on the 144 FPS frame cap. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was tested in
campaign mode, and I’ve also tested it with the settings either maxed out or at minimum.
It was running well even with all settings at maximum, still averaging above 60 FPS without
any problem. Borderlands 3 was tested using the game’s
built in benchmark, and the high setting preset was just able to hit 60 for average FPS, while
low and below was able to push beyond 100 FPS. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with
the built in benchmark, and the results were pretty decent for a 1660 Ti laptop, but we’ll
see how the Y7000 compares against other laptops in this game and more soon. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was also tested with
the benchmark tool, and ultra settings were needed to average 60 FPS in this test, however
the 1% low was quite a bit lower comparatively, so a little lower would probably be a good
sweet spot. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature,
and as a less demanding game epic settings was almost able to average 100 FPS, with 1%
low performance above the refresh rate of the 1080p display, and much higher results
were possible with lower settings. Overwatch is another less demanding game and
was tested in the practice range. Again, even with the epic setting preset the average frame
rate is quite high, easily surpassing 100 FPS. CS:GO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark,
and the results are much better here when compared to most other laptops with similar
specs due to the option of disabling Optimus. Every time I test this game with a laptop
that only uses the Nvidia GPU without the Intel GPU getting in the way, the performance
is way up. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane,
and there was hardly any real measurable difference between the different setting levels, let
alone one you’d practically notice, so might as well just play with all settings at max. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built
in benchmark, and once again very high frame rates even with the highest ultra setting
preset, with even the 1% low not too far off 100 FPS. Metro Exodus was tested using the built in
benchmark, most parts of the game perform a fair bit better than this, so don’t take
these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game, it’s
more of a worst case. The Division 2 was also tested with the built
in benchmark, and although it was possible to average above 60 FPS at ultra settings,
the 1% low was around half this, so lower settings would likely be needed for a more
stable experience, but this seems pretty normal for this test. PUBG was tested using the replay feature.
The game was still getting decent frame rates at ultra settings, at least when we consider
the 60Hz 1080p screen that my Y7000 has. Even the 1% low performance was above this, however
we could greatly improve this with lower settings, which would be more beneficial if you have
the 144Hz option. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was tested with
the built in benchmark, and as a resource heavy game the frame rates weren’t that
high with the higher setting presets, but this is pretty standard for this game and
it doesn’t need super high FPS to play. Far Cry New Dawn was also tested with the
games benchmark, and the results are pretty similar compared to most other i7 based laptops
that I’ve tested on the channel. The Witcher 3 was playing ok at ultra settings
and was playable, however there was a fairly big improvement just by playing with high
settings, and I think the game still looks pretty good at high anyway. F1 2019 was tested using the game’s benchmark
tool, and although max settings had decent average FPS, the 1% low performance was down
substantially, however stepping down just one level to high increased performance significantly. Let’s also take a look at how this config
of the Lenovo Y7000 compares with other laptops, use these results as a rough guide only as
they were tested at different times with different drivers. In Battlefield 5 I’ve got the Y7000 highlighted
in red near similarly specced machines. In this case it’s performing closely to many
of the other GTX 1660 Ti laptops that I’ve tested, like the Acer Helios 300, although
the 1% low performance isn’t quite as good, probably as the Helios has an undervolt by
default. Interestingly, despite having the same specs, the Y7000 was better in average
FPS compared to the Y540 just below it. These are the results from Far Cry 5 with
ultra settings in the built in benchmark. This time the average FPS was basically the
same as the Y540, however the Helios 300 was noticeably ahead here. As this seems to be
more of a CPU bound test, this isn’t surprising, again as the Helios is undervolted by default.
We could probably expect similar gains to the Y7000 with some tweaks, I’ll look into
that in an upcoming video, for now we’re looking at stock results which is what most
people will use. These are the results from Shadow of the Tomb
raider with the built in benchmark at highest settings. Like Battlefield 5, the Y7000 is
around 5 FPS ahead of the Y540 with same specs, and only just one to two FPS behind the other
1660 Ti machines I’ve looked at, so performance is about what I’d expect with this hardware. Overall the gaming performance from the Y7000
is fair considering the specs. The GTX 1660 Ti graphics paired with i7 CPU and 16gb of
memory in dual channel offer a combination that can play pretty much any game with decent
settings. The option of disabling Optimus to further increase gaming performance is
just icing on the cake. In the few games we looked at here, it seemed to perform a little
better than the Y540 with same specs that I’ve previously reviewed. Let me know what you thought of the gaming
performance from the Lenovo Y7000 gaming laptop down in the comments, and if you’re new
to the channel consider getting subscribed for the full review to see everything this
gaming laptop has to offer.

94 thoughts on “Lenovo Y7000 Gaming Laptop Benchmarks – 20 Games Tested!

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