Lenovo Yoga C630 hands-on: First laptop with Snapdragon 850

100 thoughts on “Lenovo Yoga C630 hands-on: First laptop with Snapdragon 850

  1. Yay, a laptop running Windows 10 with a Snapdragon 835 in it! I mean, who doesn't want an overpriced, underpowered laptop… I'm sorry, but what a waste of time, money and effort.

  2. In future you will need more computing power and Snapdragon 850 not capable to do so but there is only one benefit battery life and slimness

  3. You'll need the 20 hours of battery life because between the middling CPU performance and slow ufs storage speeds, it'll take you 20 hours to do what a budget laptop could do in 5


  5. Whats the purpouse of that device? Its a phone that you cant put in your pocket, its arm processor that doesnt run android apps, its a windows machine that doesnt run windows programs…

    I mean, to browse the web there are way more cheaper things.. And with way better performance

  6. So what's the use case for this thing? It's next to useless for gaming, casual users can get something for their needs for much less, same for developers, and it's not powerful enough to do something like rendering. You could say the LTE is a major selling point, but why not just hotspot a normal laptop from your phone? Maybe if you absolutely needed the strong battery life, but if you really need that, it might actually be a better idea to carry multiple batteries with you instead of paying the insanely steep price for this thing.

  7. another slim thin laptop that is highly over priced that no average consumer will likely buy. the spin nitro from acer seems like a better deal.

  8. You cant use it for gaming nor you can use for video editing and its not a work station and is overprice for its specs as compared to other laptop or $800 gaming pc its actually useless to most of people

  9. it cant run 64bit x86 programs at the time when everyone keeps dropping the support for 32-bit …That is a major flaw.

  10. Asus Zenbook 13 (UX333) luks better than this. But the speaker position of Harman Kardon of Asus is totally wrong 🚫
    It should be near the keyboard✔️

  11. The price is shocking.

    We are clearly paying for brand, novelty or a Windows 10 license here…

    I was hoping that the ARM CPU's would decrease the absurd mobile device prices…

  12. It looks good, but, to be honest? at that price it should include thunderbolt, be even lighter, have 8gb of ram on the base model and some other details.
    I would honestly consider it, but at over 800, and with a snapdragon that i doubt it delivers the same performance as even an u4100 (it happened with the novago) i should honestly tell you, that arm laptops are way too green

  13. just buy a laptop with amd apu of 7th or 8th gen it will be much more power full and have better use that this at this price range

  14. New trend. Make and sell a product of product oriented instead of user oriented. No more product which adapt to user, instead user have to adapt to the product. Cheerrss..keep the money coming…

  15. Make a plastic body budget one. & 256gb & sd card with 256gb (Samsung has 512gb on s9)… Or find a way to support for ssd drive or m.2 port. In a word make affordable as a mid budget phone but a laptop. & U can use snapdragon 845 version to reduce budget. Budget should not exceed 200-300$

  16. I'm just not getting Windows on ARM being aimed at higher-end 12"+ devices. At those prices you can buy an i5 Surface-like device which blows this away in terms of performance and without having to deal with any compatibility issues knowing what you can and can't run with reasonable performance. The benefits of ARM are highly overrated in this form factor. At any place I'm using a 2-in-1 for any long period of time (school, office, coffee shop, etc.)… I'm going to have WiFi access. Even if not, there are Intel-based machines with LTE and I can tether to my phone. Most people don't have unlimited data or would be using WiFi for performance. I'm also not seeing the need for 20 hours of battery life. I don't work for 4 or 8 hours in front of a 2-in-1 without being in a place with power, and I sleep at least 6 hours in any day. Further, if I really need to use the device for 8+ hours in a place without power… I'm more than happy to bring a $50 battery pack.

    IMO, Windows on ARM is barking up the wrong tree. It isn't making use of its advantages. Small size, LTE, and low-power is best used in extremely small devices where size of the device really hurts Intel machines to the point of being useless. Put cheaper ARM chips in $300 7" and 8" devices or computer-stick like devices where performance over Atom-chips is good, and most people won't be running desktop apps (hence emulation). IMO, the fact Microsoft didn't do ARM with the Go means even they don't think ARM is a worth it.

  17. omg i hope this kind of laptops gets established. The only problem here in Germany is the worse distribution of mobile connection.

  18. remember the time when we first tried an Android smartphone to emulate some games from consoles like Playstation or Xbox, and we get excited from all that nostalgia?

    yeah so it feels the same here, like a bunch of geeks discovered a way to emulate Windows 10 on ARM, and they are charging an arm and a leg just to try out this gimmicky device.

  19. Its pricey but I think it's worth it for people who work and travel a lot. The battery life is very good. The price for Snapdragon 850s needs to come down if it's going to be adopted by more users.

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