Lenovo Yoga C930 Review: An Ultra-Portable PC With Perks!

– [Narrator] When I
first saw the Yoga C930 in a pile of Lenovo
laptops, I glossed over it. After all, this was the same meeting at which I first saw the new Yoga Book, with that futuristic frame
and the crazy keyboard. It was distracting. But, I’m really glad I
opted for a Yoga C930 review unit instead because I’ve now spent over a month with it and
when I wanna use a Windows notebook, this is my new go-to. (upbeat techno music) To appreciate this machine,
you’ve gotta look past that forgettable iron gray color scheme. I do wish Lenovo would
offer bolder color ways to go with its hardware designs. I say that because this chassis, to me, is close to perfect. It’s lightweight and
trim with lines that are, at once, modern and
sleek and also restrained enough that it doesn’t
feel like it’s showing off. Pop the lid and the first
thing that catches the eye even before the screen
is the Dolby soundbar built into the hinge. The dual woofers are located in the body but the twin tweeters
are built into the bar, which rotates, so the
sound is radiating outward whether you’re in laptop,
tablet, or presentation mode. I’d have like a bit more bass. When streaming songs from across a room, I had to crank the volume,
which pushed the speakers slightly into tinny
territory, but watching a TV episode from about three feet away, the sound was rich and
enveloping at 3/4 volume. By the by, the new season
of Star Trek Discovery is great, you should watch it! That 4K IPS display on
my review device is, in a word, stunning. You can save some dough by
opting for an HD panel instead, my friends at Windows
Central reviewed that one. But having tasted Windows
in 4K with this kind of sharpness and color
saturation, I couldn’t go back. The picture is tuned by Dolby
Vision and set to the bright color profile by default. I didn’t even think to
play around with the vivid or dark modes until I sat
down to write this review. Out of the box, the
display looks incredible. Whether you go for the 4K or full HD, you get a touch screen, which also means you can make use of the stylus. Normally, folks, I
wouldn’t be putting a pen in the pro category. Typically they cost about
a hundred bucks extra and, in the case of
something like the Surface, you’ve gotta click them magnetically to the outside of the casing, which means they often fall off in a bag. But with the C930, the
stylus comes included and it’s got a nice
little silo to live in, that charges the pen while it sleeps. Now, I do think the Surface
pen and Apple pencil are the better styli, in general. This one is on the small side and there’s no tilt support for shading. The silo’s location also has the effect of moving all the ports to
the left side of the laptop. One USB-A, two Thunderbolt
3, and a headphone jack. While you get a standard
Lenovo brick on a string for the charger, the tip is
USB-C, which makes me happy. And it charges from 0 to 50
percent in just a half hour, which makes me happier still. Battery life, too, was
more than serviceable. Watching a two hour episode of MST3K at about half brightness
pushed me down from 95 to 75 percent and on my various
writing heavy workdays, I never felt like I
wouldn’t make it to 6 PM. Goin’ all the way to bedtime though, might be a bit of a stretch. Now the best way to ruin
the look of a nice laptop is to slap a sticky note on your webcam. But, in today’s world, it
pays to err on the safe side. So, Lenovo took a note from
it’s own Google smart display and it added a sliding
cover to the webcam. Like the silo for the
pen, its these little bits of attention to detail that I appreciate every time I open the machine. The act of popping it
open is one of the not so great parts of the Yoga C930. So, let’s start there for the downsides. It doesn’t quite pass the
one handed opening test. Some folks will also be
bothered by the wasted space below the display and
the decision to ditch face unlock for a fingerprint sensor. But neither of these
bothered me as much as the bloatware. The McAfee anti-virus package that Lenovo pre-loads is one of the
more aggressive I’ve seen. The pop-ups take up a
full quarter of the screen and they persist until you uninstall all of the McAfee processes. The combination of these, with Lenovo’s own security pop-ups, makes for a tacky, annoying experience. At least it gave me a reason
to use the pen, though. Also, I found standby battery
to fluctuate substantially. Sometimes it would drain
at about 1% per hour while asleep and other
times I’d open it up to find a low battery
warning when I didn’t really expect one. This, along with the always frustrating Windows update shenanigans, is something I complain about on every Windows machine. And I really wish
Microsoft would get its OS in order, in these respects. Wrapping things up, the webcam is fine but maxing out at 720p, it’s
not the greatest you can get. And just to be greedy about it, I’d like to have seen some more features, like an SD card reader or
a dedicated graphics card. That last bit speaks to my
perception of this device versus the reality. And that reality is that
this is an ultrabook, built with portability as paramount. And me being Mr. Mobile,
of course I love that. But it also brings so much capability across the processor
options, the great display and soundbar, and little
touches like the pen and webcam cover, that I see it as more of a do everything PC. The only thing stopping
me from making this my go to for writing
and gaming is the lack of a dedicated graphics card. And even here, you’ve got the option of connecting an external graphics unit, thanks to the four lane
PCIe Thunderbolt ports. Of course, that would add more cost to an already pricey package. But given how much it does
and how well it does it, I have no hesitation
recommending the Yoga C930 to anyone looking for an
attractive Windows laptop that’s feature-packed and
also, easy on the back. Comin’ out of a slow
CES into a packed MWC, coverage is pickin’ up speed folks. So if you don’t wanna miss
the next Mr. Mobile video, whether it’s a smart
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handle on Instagram as well. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends.

92 thoughts on “Lenovo Yoga C930 Review: An Ultra-Portable PC With Perks!

  1. Hey folks! Just wanted to say I got the message: you do read and value the spec sheet I usually include! I omitted it this time around because it's time-consuming to build and no one ever comments on it … but seeing this level of feedback asking for detailed specs means I won't make that mistake again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Meantime, if you want a deeper look at this machine, check out the Windows Central review: https://www.windowscentral.com/lenovo-yoga-c930-review

    Thanks as always for watching!

  2. Idr like to see a car gameing laptop, something with an external GPU. And the car charger included, low power enough to get substantial trickle charge and battery life fully in the car.

  3. Hello Mr. Mobile and fellow subscribers, which laptop (or laptop brand) has the best touch screens that they do not crack easily? Thanks

  4. I've been on the fence for a laptop for the last 2 years. I finally bought one after watching this vid. Bravo!

  5. The only port that I absolutely NEED on my laptops is the MicroSD or SD card slot, although MicroSD is preferable to me because it makes it easier to swap between my phone and my computer. It's incredibly irritating that some companies don't even include one in their products. A portable device without an SD card reader is idiotic in my opinion. Sure there are dongles, but why should such an essential port require a dongle to be used?

  6. As much as I loved this, the lack of USB-A, battery life and an microSD card really pushed me away. As a student, I write a lot of essays for English class, do loads of research for Science and Social Studies, and edit photos directly from SD cards. So this Leno-wo whatโ€™s this-vo wonโ€™t do much good for me

  7. Nice review. I own a Yoga 520 which is also a great machine (after deinstall McCaffee and put Avira instead,. due to same reasons you mention, namely the popups and aggressive marketing). I am between getting a Yoga 930 or a HP Spectre (the new leather one) or splash out on a Surface Book or X1 Carbon Yoga/Tablet. But the price of the Yoga 930 is the best in my opinion, i am just dubious about how well the thunderbolt ports will accept an external graphics card solution

  8. SD Card Reader, useless, for what? If you go Photographer-Style yeah but besides that it was in my past Laptops (and i had some) always a useless tec for me that just took up useless space.

    Decidated Graphics Card? Also the Question: Why? It's not a Gaming Machine and with a dec.GraCa. there always comes major downsides in battery consumtion and thermal shenanigans to keep the system clean would bloat up the Device.

  9. Thank you, MM for reviewing the C930. There aren't that many video reviews of the unit, and I had reservations that were addressed in large part to your video. I have purchased said unit, plugged it in with a grimace… and thankfully, it's proving to be everything that folks have been saying. Unlike the HP Spectre 360, this is a very quiet unit, the 4k display is wonderful (but turn off the auto dimming option), the sound is the best I've heard in a windows device, and the pen/touch pad/keyboard combo is wonderful. Again, thanks for the hearty endorsement – it swayed to me to wait on a sale and pick up the C930 with some generous specs.

  10. I much prefer the grey than ugly blue. Not however a big fan of the HUGE YOGA name on the lid. Otherwise, with the inclusion of a Full size SD card reader and dedicated graphics, it would have been a perfect laptop. Not quite there as it is but still very nice. Also, not having at least 1 USB 3 port for normal external drives and usb's is a bit of a pain.

  11. My 920 died and I really don't want to buy Lenovo again but the 920 is hard to replace…… loved it ๐Ÿ™

  12. I never understand the 1 hand open test. Who uses a laptop with 1 hand? You're going to put your 2nd hand on the laptop the second you open it eithr way to type your password or a website.

  13. I have a Lenovo yoga 2 pro, itโ€™s a purchase I strongly regret. Lenovo is a terrible company. All gimmick, no longevity on my product. I could go on on and on with the problems Iโ€™ve experienced. Sent back to Lenovo twice, they never fixed my issue, finally I fixed it myself. Itโ€™s cheaply made and falling apart. Driver issues that make tablet mode extremely buggy from beginning to today. Paired with windows 10, there are problems that neither company cares about making work. Windows 10 is not capable of being a good touch OS. No touch updates in 4 years of windows 10. I could go on and on and on

  14. You forgot to mention how badly lenovo treats its customers, current lenovo yoga 910 and c930 owner… Lenovo support is rank!

  15. This pc is magnificent. I liked the way you gave its review. Awesome video hope you reach 1 million fast

  16. How can you detect is it Thunderbolt 3 or not ? because my Yoga c930 not even detected by thunderbolt controller manager ? so does it really support external GPU ? not just a Type C-3.0

  17. I bought this laptop. I'm typing from it now.
    It's amazing! It's beautiful, aesthetic, and sturdy to hold. The display is great as well. I have the HD version, not 4K.

    I had a macbook pro, then a surface pro, and no my Lenovo Yoga c930.

    I absolutely love it!

    My only wish is the webcam was better. But I barely use it. So it doesn't bother me.

  18. Thank you, i was shopping for laptops for college and this one really caught my eye! โ˜บ๏ธ Thanks for the review!

  19. Can it handle multitasking like many browser tabs alongwith video on VLC and youtube and opening folders on your hard disk and also working on word. Plz need some help. couldn't decide to buy this or late 2018's HP Spectre 15 inch with almost same specification but major difference is that SPECTRE includes a graphic card .
    I wanna know with 16 gb RAM and 1 TB ssd , can it multitask well without having dedicated Graphic card or it struggles.

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