Lepak @ Les’ Copaque EP05 – LCP Workstation [Full HD] [English Sub]

My name is Yubi. My job is to draw Upin and Ipin including Kak Ros and everything else. My workstation is very important, whenever I get tired l like to look at pictures, because beautiful pictures inspire me to work harder and produce beautiful pictures myself. Sure it looks normal and simple, but my ambition is to be a successful story board artist and present my stories as well. That’s all. I am the Production Director here. So my work requires me to look at schedules and monitor the overall production work. Hi! My name is Yuki, come see my workstation. Simple right? That’s because I like things to be neat. Ok? My name is Nabil, I’m from the audio department and I score and compose music for ‘Pada Zaman Dahulu’ and Upin Ipin. I just like to bunch everything together, but when the bunch becomes big I get inspired, because a lot of ideas come randomly right? For me, I like the messy look. Everything I need to compose is at the tip of my fingers. If I have an idea I can just jot it down anywhere. My name is Zahir Rahman and I animate Upin and Ipin. My work requires me to stare at the computer for long periods of time and it can get quite stressful especially to the eyes. So I bought an aquarium. It helps to release some tension. After two or three hours of staring at one shot I’ll take a look at the aquarium. Hi it’s me Ainor Nano. I am one of the very few who… actually I am the only one from the IT Department. My duties are to take care of all the computers in this office. Want to see what I do? Let’s go. Looks like my cupboard is already full, and yes I normally throw things around like this. This is my collection of spoiled graphic cards. And under here we can see… well, a bit of everything. This is a faulty motherboard. These are corrupted data. To sum it all up everything in this room is spoiled. Ok, I have a lamp. This lamp helps me do my work. For example, when I’m working on a computer I just lift this lamp and I’ll be able to see every nook in this computer. Ok, you would have noticed by now that I use three monitors. Why do I have three monitors? Because I have to be….better than everybody else. They all use two monitors but I use three because that makes me look powerful. Ok! What, what, what, what? My name is Wafi and I’m an animator at Les Copaque. I like my workstation a lot. I animate the characters from Upin Ipin and Pada Zaman Dahulu. Basically, the reason why I have so many collectibles is because if you take a look at these models they are designed with great detail. I’m inspired by the people who make these products, with how they can create something so refined and precise. I constantly think of that when I work and always strive to create Upin Ipin products of that quality just like how they put so much effort in producing their work. I just decorate them by stacking them all up. Here we have one 6 figure, some Transformers and a bunch of other stuff. Yup, so that’s basically how I keep my table tidy. Hi, I’m Haris the art director. My job is to make sure everyone has a job. Nothing great really, I don’t even know why they chose to film my workstation. Those guys. This is where I store my reading material; please feel free to read them. These are sketch books. Whole lot of books that I had to move some here. Some toys, some frames. I like big frames to cover up empty spaces. Just simple. No, no, interviews. Don’t interview me. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Go away. My desk is in a mess.

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