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Hi everyone and welcome to this presentation of the Lighweight Plate Carrier vest from Lancer Tactical To begin, a very big thank you to my partner Destockage Games for its support by providing me the test copy of this video Regarding available colors, we will find, black TAN A camo pattern And OD, like my test copy The vest comes in a simple plastic bag We find mainly on this one its references Inside, we find the Lighweight Plate Carrier vest with an attached label This is mainly promoting the Lancer Tactical brand We then find an information notice describing all Lancer Tactical products that can be found to complete its outfit As well as details on the guarantee and registration for the purchase And last, there is a second notice describing how to get a gift for your loyalty to the Lancer Tactical brand Unfortunately, this seems reserved for the United States, too bad … This vest is made of 1000 denier nylon On the front, we find a Lancer Tactical logo On the front and back, we find 4 rows of Molle loops for attaching carrying accessories We can therefore attach compatible accessories such as grenades pouchs, magazine pouchs or various utility pouchs Again, on the front and back, we find on the top 3 Velcro rows You will be able to attach a name tag and your favorite patches Shoulders are adjustable in length to accommodate multiple players’ sizes And we will also find on each side, loops to adjust the tightening of the vest to its morphology These will be fixed with closing clips for quick strap attachment The parts in contact with the body are composed of a mesh coating for better heat dissipation This vest is compatible with false SAPI plate thanks to large spaces closed by Velcro at the front and back These are not provided as standard but I advise you to get it to improve your comfort Some Velcro fasteners are on the top of the vest and on the shoulder loops on each side They will be very useful to put the cables of your headset, your HPA line or the tube of your hydration pack and thus, in order to not disturb your moves At the back, a handle to be pulled by a buddy while on the ground, is present I think it’s mostly there for decoration At the fitting, this jacket is very comfortable and light The possibilities of adjustment are numerous and it is very easy to adapt it to its jig However, this jacket being a light model, the carrying capacity will be less than with a heavier jacket In conclusion, this Lighweight Plate Carrier vest from Lancer Tactical is to my taste, a good success Its finish is correct and its different options of adjustment and possibilities of configurations of its outfit are consequent The price quality ratio is very good If like me, you like the light configurations, you will appreciate this Lighweight Plate Carrier vest from Lancer Tactical Know that you can find this one at Destockage Games and with my partner code, you can get a discount on the price of it Thank you for watching this video If you also have this vest or if you want to exchange about this one, do not hesitate to use the comments Also remember to subscribe to my various social media to not miss any new video, follow my news and bring your support And I’ll see you soon, in a new video

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  1. Pourrais tu faire une review sur le Beretta m9a1 de chez we ? Je n’arrive pas à en trouver une correctement expliquée.

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