MacBook Air Review – The Magic is Gone

Hey, how’s it going? Dave2D here. So, today we’re going to be talking about the new MacBook Air. The original MacBook Air, from ’08, 09′, was a device that I think really shaped the industry. It was the first thin and light computer out there that had a good keyboard, good trackpad, and was like a good overall experience in a really portable package. I really think it just redefined what laptops could, and should do. And… When this thing came out – the old one – when it came out, I remember it was a time period where people would ask me: “What computer should I get?” Just family and friends, and even though I didn’t like MacOS at the time, I would say there is a computer out there, called the MacBook Air. That if you’re not dead-set on Windows, I highly recommend this device. Because, for a lot people, once you get used to MacOS, you will really like the computer overall. And I sent a lot of family and friends down that road. I kind of regret it, because a lot of them ended up getting stuck in the Apple ecosystem. And it was probably my fault. But it was a really good device, it was so easy to recommend. Fast forward 9, 10 years later; The new MacBook Air. Now, this is a device that is quite different from the old one. It has the same name and I think a lot of people had this preconceived notion That it should once again be this entry-level, base-model MacBook That should be relatively affordable. And… It kind of isn’t, at $1200. So, I’m just going to talk about the hardware real quick. It is a great laptop, it’s expensive, but the build quality is excellent. It’s on par with any of the new MacBooks from the last couple of years. And you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s actually made from recycled Aluminum. It’s got Touch ID, controlled by the T2 chip on the inside. It has two Thunderbolt 3 ports – And on that note; If you’re trying to decide between the 12″ MacBook and the 13″ MacBook Air, I highly recommend the MacBook Air over the 12″ just because of that extra port. The single port on the 12″ MacBook – I keep pointing over there because I’m using it to record the audio – But the single port on that machine is limiting for a lot of people. So if you can, my vote goes to the MacBook Air. The performance on it is really good, it’s actually better than I thought it would be. So this is running a Y-Processor and normally Y-Processors run without fans and stuff like that Turns out, they are running a fan on the MacBook Air And the presence of that fan changes what this processor can do. So normally, on a Y-Processor, you can only run Boost Clock for a little bit of time. It gets hot, drops back down Because of this fan, you’re able to maintain that Boost Clock, And because it has a fan, it is audible when you push it hard enough. But if performs quite well and the storage is also fast. The screen is finally Retina, it’s nice and sharp, But it’s dimmer than I expected it would be from a MacBook And maybe we’ve been spoiled with a lot of really bright screens from MacBooks But even the 12″ MacBook has a brighter screen than the MacBook Air, which is a little bit strange. The colors are good, it’s just that the brightness is not as bright as I was hoping it to be. The keyboard is as expected, it’s got Butterfly switches It really is a keyboard that if you were forced to use – like if you were not allowed to used any other keyboard And you were forced to use the Apple Butterfly switch keyboard – I think most people will get used to it and learn to like it. It’s just that initial learning curve can be steep for some people that are coming from completely different types of keyboards The trackpad is also great, uses Force Touch, and I’d consider Apple to be the leaders in the whole laptop industry When it comes to trackpads and stuff like that. The speakers are also quite impressive. I’ve kind of grown to expect really good speakers from Apple products, and this does not disappoint. And battery life, also strong as expected, it’s running a Y-Processor, so nothing too demanding. I’m able to get 8.5 hours, screen at 250 nits. So this is kind of like in the middle-of-the-pack, when it comes to industry, for thin and light Ultrabooks. It’s not super-long, if you’re expecting like a crazy long battery life, you’re not going to get that. I think the higher resolution screen uses a lot more power than you would expect, But a solid full-day battery on the MacBook Air. Now, so far, the product seems very good right? I mean there’s nothing I have to really complain about it, except for the price. And this is where I want to spend the majority of this video. This is a $1200 device, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with a $1200 laptop, right? Lots of different companies sell $1200 laptops, but it’s the fact that this is the cheapest laptop that Apple sells. That you can get into the Apple ecosystem. At least the modern laptop – They still sell this ancient relic of a device, which they shouldn’t anymore – But if you want a current Apple MacBook, This is the cheapest one, and that is a problem. Because on the market right now, in 2018, times are different, it’s no longer 2008, or 2009. There are so many companies out there that are making really good thin and light laptops, That have great keyboards, great trackpads, great screens. Every single one on this table is excellent. The 13″ ZenBook from Asus with the light up numberpad; The Razer Blade Stealth; The XPS 13; The Surface Laptop 2; The Surface Pro for people who want 2-in-1 capabilities. There are a lot of really good options on the market right now in 2018 That this device – The MacBook Air – is no longer this magical device that I can just openly recommend to people Now, here’s the thing, the reason why they can sell this device, The reason why they can make a $1200 entry model laptop, Is that right now, in this day and age, there are so many people who actively seek MacOS as their primary choice, There are so many people that love MacOS – I’m one of them – who prefers MacOS over Windows. So they’re going to sell this, easily. It doesn’t matter if competitors have better hardware, or if they are priced better, It almost doesn’t even matter that the MacBook Air is not a particularly good value What does matter is that it has MacOS And I think for a lot of people, that’s what they’re looking for, that’s all they’re looking for. Now, if you’re in the market for any kind of Ultrabook, and operating system is not like a thing you really care about, I would not recommend the MacBook Air, you can get any one of these other Windows laptops, And you are guaranteed to have better value for your money But if you’re looking for MacOS, or if you prefer MacOS, This is it, this is the one that you have to get, because Apple forced this product onto us It’s a great product – It’s expensive – but it’s a great product It just unfortunate that it’s the only one we can pick from at this point. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video! Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it! See you guys next time!

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  1. Anyone buying this at launch? I wish SO badly it launched at $999. The device is great but the price tag just doesn't make sense for the 2018 laptop market. Thanks for watching!

  2. This is looking back w/ rose colored glasses. The original Core2Duo MBA was total crap. Jobs didn't want to release it, but netbooks were hot and the board was pressuring him to get in on the action.

  3. man i returned this thing before the 14 day return policy .. full refund, for rubbish device. swear i thought i would switch after this.

    the t junction reaches its maximum with a few web pages open streaming a video or two at 100 degrees.. i soon realised this is why apple sucks and this is why all their machines break. plus their ipad pro is faster than this laptop. oh and also the fans when the machine operates at 100 degrees, doesn't cool down the cpu… i don't understand the point of the fans. neither did the genius bar person who served me

  4. If someone really wanted to get into the mac eco system, but couldent afford the hefty $1200 of a MacBook Air they should just buy something like a 2015-2017 MacBook pro. It will give them the up to date OS, the speed, everything they would be looking for just starting out. I think as long as Apple keeps supporting up to 4 year old devices, they arent doing anything wrong. Eventually though, when devices like those are obsolete, and the pre owned new ones are still more expensive because they cost more at launch, apples going to see a decrease in sales, and release something that might even cost as low as $800-$900 just to get the people biting again. Apple knows what theyre doing. And before anyone comments that im a fan boy, Im using a 5 year old thinkpad.

  5. The same argument since the beginning of Apple computer. "The PC is a better value for your buck!" Reviewers forget it's not about the money. It's about the quality, the experience. Let's be honest, the difference between 1,000 dollars and 1,200 is negligible. I've plenty of shade to throw at Apple for recent design decisions (butterfly keyboard, intrusive/massive trackpads, touch bar nonsense, iPhone X notch, loss of MagSafe power cable, Magic Mouse charging…) but PRICE isn't one of them. Never has been. If you appreciate clear/crisp displays, fonts rendered beautifully/accurately in web browsers (No, PC's STILL can't do that) and dozens upon dozens of lovely UX details that make a computer intuitive, effective and enjoyable to work with, it's still Mac. To be sure, Google/Microsoft are beginning to catch on. They might just even figure it out. Worth keeping an eye on those two. 😉

  6. MacBook Air is fine.
    People who hate it are just people who want Windows 10.
    MacBook Air is perfect for its price.
    Your paying a very high battery life and enough power for a good price.
    The screen is perfect for me.
    People who don’t like the screen is just jealous that they don’t have the MacBook Pro.

  7. Btw, give Gnome a try. (Fedora ships it for instance. And yes, it requires a bunch of "extensions" for unknown reasons.)
    Allso: Wasnt it an Apple engineer who called butterfly "Apples worst design decision"?
    Dont sweettalk that stuff, its horrible and needs to be redesigned from the ground up. (because usually i really appreciate you calling out BS)
    No idea why they couldnt just stick with whatever the professionals, aka keyboard manufacturers, thought would be ideal.
    Its not like those guys have any clue about freakin keyboards. -.-

  8. honestly, what does it mean to be stuck on the apple ecosystem?

    what kind of files do you have that you cant transfer to windows or android?
    I have a mac and an ipad, and the only thing that i cant transfer is movies from itunes.

  9. Don't sugar coat it….the butterfly keys are horseshit and unacceptable on premium products. Apple really screwed up there. Very curious because they use to have one of the best laptop keyboards in the business.

  10. 1 port, slow processor, crazy high price. If this were a Dell or Lenovo he would call it out for the pure crap that it is.

  11. Hey you! You see I used to play a game called 'world War heroes' on both Android and ios. In it's initial days, this game was epic, like I was married to it. Devs however removed some seriously popular maps. Then they went ahead and fucked up with the weapons. Now on Android, some weapons cost ridiculous amounts of real money. It's ok to pay for a game but the amount they charge is hilarious. I quit the game. Many of my friends did too. It was not that difficult. The point is, you need to quit apple ecosystem too, and it's not that difficult!

  12. No, the butterfly keyboard sucks. When you type as much as I do your only option is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Do that and what’s the point?

  13. i feel sad after hearing dave called the 2017 mac book air "ancient relic" where i just bought 1 from apple store yesterday >< please help ~~~~~

  14. It always comes down to preference of OS in my mind. I'm also not so sure about the value argument. You may get another Windows box with the same or better specs(processor, more storage, or more memory) but 3-4 years down the road you will be able to offload a MacBook for 100's of dollars more than the others. Also, there are little things that people don't look at, like sound quality and the resolution of the screen. A lot of(better value) laptops don't put any engineering into these things like Apple does. And it's these little things that can make the feel of the laptop more comfortable. Just my 2 cents. I will say though, the Lenovo X1 Carbon is an awesome Windows machine!

  15. who's watching this on their macbook air ? , am from india and it costed me 1789$ for the 8gb ram and 256 gb ssd model 😐

  16. Dear Sir, what is your opinion about Avita laptops?
    Core i5 7th Gen, 256 GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Full HD IPS display, Integrated graphics so good battery life, Light weight aluminum body all for just Rs.45,000 INR/ $650

    Only thing is that some people are complaining about some heating issues, which is understandable because of its slim design and aluminum body.
    Do you think it is a good cheaper replacement for Macbook Air?

  17. there is a specific number of apple cult followers that range from 1.2 to 2k ..they go around all the videos related to apple if that video happens to be a constructive criticism they will blindy dislike it no matter what ..

  18. I bought a 2013 MacBook Air from my co-worker for $300, a base model which is like new! I probably wouldn't have bought it new from Apple! It's way too expensive for a laptop! I think the older models of MacBooks and MacBook Pro are so much better than the new ones!! It's clear that Dave is a Apple guy!!

  19. Honestly I think the last gen MacBook Air is still very good. It still holds up after all these years.

  20. Apple has great resale value – you can pass an 3 year old macbook to family/freinds or sell it -better than competition – and that evens out the price a bit.

  21. Hey Dave , first of all I love your videos! Keep up the good work. However I would love that YouTube could show me your video titles in English. I’m not a native, yet I’m fluent in English, so if I see a non English title I usually skip the video since I like to watch only English-content.

    I don’t know if it is something that you control or not , but it had happened that I would not watch one of your videos because it was translated.

    Thanks !

  22. don't beat yourself up, your family would have landed in the apple eco system regardless.
    apple eco system is just way too perfect for normies. well played on behalf of apple.

  23. Its selling for $999 on college discount at with $350 beats headphones for free. Do you recommend this deal?

  24. MacBooks are awful. Also, what is that nonsense about the track pad? The track pads on high end HPs are amazing, and work very well with GNU/Linux distritos.

  25. Trackpad, man machine interface, and OS is the candy here. Drop crazy keyboard, bump specs, replace processors with A chips, thicken up for cooling/structural integrity and they got the competition stomped again.

  26. am i the only one who hates the design of macbooks? they should take notes from Asus zenbook series, HP and Dell's xps.

  27. I just bought matebook d with 4x2ghz Ryzen 5 and 8gb ram and much better gpu for 600€.End of story.I dont care about Mac os, my macbook pro 2011 just died from gpu fault, I quess it isnt that premium.

  28. many issues with macbook now days especially the unreliable keyboard, faulty t2 chip, cable pin head bending due to usage

  29. Cons:
    LPDDR3 in 2019? You serious?!?
    30W USB-C Adapter? Okay, I'm fine it's USB-C but isn't it greedy giving the customer a 30W Adapter?
    Dual-Core Core i5? Better not game (unless you are playing .io games)
    No Touchscreen and low resolution? How do you treat money Apple?
    Bluetooth 4.2?!? Your price should be lowered.
    Intel UHD 617?!? Change it to 620 next time.
    thunderbolt 3 port.

  30. I just recently switched from hp( the really old model one) to MacBook air.. I love MacBook air because of the touch id and macOS.

  31. when people buy a mac they're not buying for the ecosystem or the customer service or screen or whatever the hell its because of past fame and the marketing behind them so it doesn't matter how shitty a laptop they put out dumbasses are gonna buy them for top dollar

  32. You're always mentioning Mac OS vs Windows, but what about Linux? Regular ultrabook + Linux Mint = best of both worlds (except if you're working with graphics).

  33. the damn fan is sitting in the corner doing nothing. the heatsink is in the middle. retarded apple. i only use apple for iphones and ipads. pro devices not worth it.

  34. I’m still on my 2012 macbook. But fir real at this price point I have no idea why students wouldn’t just pick up a Surface Laptop instead of a macbook in 2019

  35. If you dont want a keyboard skin go buy a usb-c keyboard then jeez.
    Im NOT a Apple worshiper, as I use windows laptops and
    other stuff not saying "apple is best and nothing is better".


  36. Honestly, in terms of that laptop in comparison to something like the Asus Chromebook Flip c434, they both have a Y processor, but mine is way cheaper at 560 and it runs pretty well. Sure it’s not Mac OS but that’s not a big deal to me because I have Linux apps and I have airmessage set up so I can receive texts on my chromebook and I have Linux program support so I can happily run just about everything I need.

  37. Hi David
    Just a minor warning about this particular mac book and all ready Louis Rossman has run into one – and that is there is no heat sink on the CPU… This I would say is a weak and or a bad design. This in no way would be able to handle long term video editing , and as I said before Louis Rossman has come across one – it seems that I think soon apple will start to shrink in popularity pending on there boring designs. There are better designs out there other than Apple

  38. I think ipad has had a really bad afffect on the mac lineup. Because Apple is pushing ipad pros as entry level computers the Air is forced up in price. If the Air was $899-999 it would sell and the ipad pro sales would be stagnant. Apple cant have that as the apps for the ipad is making way more money for Apple.

  39. happy im not into that macOS. Hate that garbage and fuck apple and their overpriced products which you will pay double for cause a hair inside the machine will cost you 1200$ repair from the genius bar. Windows is just better face the truth

  40. I saw on louis Ross man's vid where he pointed out there was no heat pipe between the fan and the cpu… And watching those internals its looks like it

  41. Tbh for anyone getting into Apple it makes more sense to go for a used, retina MBP. I just picked up a late 2013 retina and it is so smooth (atleast with 8GB ram). They can be had for about $400 and there really is no downside if you get one in good condition. Set expectations. The dual core I5 is still really really smooth on MacOS Catalina, and the NVMe storage is probably about the same as the 2019 Macbook Air, if not then it's definitely a margin of error.

  42. The fan isn't cooling the cpu. Ridiculous thermal design.

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