MacBook Logic Board Repair – REWA Training Review September 2019

I saw that you had the training on this period what I’m around here so I thought that I would go and take it MacBook repaired something that I’ve been very interested in throughout my life I’ve been using MacBook forever I am very interested in computer because I am a computer engineer by profession Why I choose because I want to learn more and to know and learn more new things. And also hopefully one day least I can learn this skill that I can apply it for in general use. He is very patient. He taught everything from the ground up like: how the CPU works, how the CPU starts up, like the whole what happens in the motherboard when you press the button. Everything, he taught everything. Before this, I used to do basic level repairs. And now, I think I will able to do a little bit more expert level repairs on the component level. I have a MacBook that has some problems. Then I think the problem is very small, because when I want to find a problem I feel that the problem I can find the problem. So at the end when I came here
and I went from other guidance
from the master and from other people I realized that when you learn more, you know that the problem is very easy to solve. So I think it helps me to give me a pretty good basics. We only learned only one model of MacBook which was a MacBook Air but what we learned I am able to transpose the knowledge to other MacBooks and to know how the other ones work also. So this gives a basic from where to start in order to learn how other machines work. Apple being a very big brand and its computers being all over the world India also has a lot MacBook and they do drop and they do you know spoil so there is a very big industry where you can know help people and repair their old stuff in which you help the environment and also you earn a little bit of cash to save. I learned not just technical part and also some logics how to troubleshoot component a systematic way. So that if you follow this process you realize that every step you do is process step to troubleshoot each component differently. It has so much button but it’s so easy to repair I think Mr.Liu is very very skilled He knows everything there that means like the host Kim addicts it’s in his head he knows all the name
of the chips, he knows all the code of the chips. He knows where they are, he knows the whole electric circuit for all the MacBook models. Everything is in his head. He is amazing. He is a very good professor. He is very patient. The Rewa staff has been very hospitale since the time I arrived in the country They took me for lunch, they did a lot of things aside from the course and they have been very helpful in every aspect In my time here in China which was I’ve been here for the first time I enjoyed it a lot It will help me not just technical knowledge and also new products upcoming New Macbook 2018 or maybe next year 2019. So it is a learning process to learn more new technology and new products.

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  1. i learned mac repair also with this channel. thank you rewa. Mac's hardware is so much amazing and very satisfying to repair.

  2. How long do these courses take? How much do they cost? Can someone please answer us. I have been wanting to join but I don't have answers. Please help.


    Please can you help me
    The given link is to the video the guy has used the resistor to fix the front camera, the same issue with my iPhone 6 that its resistor is short,

    Can you please provide me the replacement resistor value.

    Please please please

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