Madden NFL 20 – Bring It In: Launch Trailer | PS4

Bring it in, bring it in, bring it in. This is a new season. This is a new game. So what you gonna do? Hey, yo. Listen up. I’m gonna win a national championship
so I get drafted number 1. Your boy’s back. Y’all wanna see a show? I’ll be the x factor so I can break every tackle. Yo, Malik. How long you’ve been trying to tackle him? Like, three months. Oooooh He needs some milk. I’m gonna Hit Stick my way to the Hall of Fame. I’m gonna create the greatest scrambling QB1 ever. So I can juke everybody. Be impressed! I like that, but it’s “We the best.” Ohhhhhh. Let’s knock it. Y’all need to dream bigger. I’m gonna be the greatest QB1 standing… ….college-championship winning… …goal kick dropping… …x factor impacting… …Hall-of-Fame-making superstar in the game. This is Madden season, baby! Let’s go! Let’s go, baby!
Let’s go!

98 thoughts on “Madden NFL 20 – Bring It In: Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. كس امهاتكمممممممم خوات تنيجججج خسرت كيم ببجي من وره لاشععاررررر مال امهاتكم تنيج 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿Your sister is a.

  2. I’m only giving this a like because lil boat on there and madden not fye had to buy 2k20 over that sorry

  3. Wait so why tf is lil yachty AMD DJ Khalid and this other dude in the game lol EA trying hard to sell this I bet it be hot trash too

  4. This trailer is just pure dumb fun. And I don't even like Madden… or football…or rap… or trailers.

  5. Drop the Madden name EA, that will seem new. Make it Belichick 20. That way players know they can use cheat codes.

  6. Still waiting patiently for 2K to create their game since it was better 15 + yrs ago minus the graphics.

  7. Yo, guys… is Madden 20 finally worth it? I've read equally positive and negative comments everywhere. I haven't played since Madden 11 maybe 🤔

  8. what no gameplay? you might as well use power point that says madden nfl 20 August 2nd literally save you a lot of money & it can be done in seconds.

  9. I just feel bad there no football video games these lead to head concussions like on tv watching football what I know these football video games should be banned

  10. Dj khaled is riding that jet ski on the stream of tears he sheds when he remembers that igor beat him

  11. Who else is waiting until cyber Monday to get this for $20 because there is no other football game out there but you still hate madden.

  12. Can believe people waste their money on the same thing every year. But whatever keep sucking EA's worthless games.

  13. How are there likes!?! It's the same f*cling game with MAYBE MILDLY better graphics. I don't understand people, how dumb do you have to be to buy a EA sport game

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