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  1. But Ambros has the crippling fear of water not Magellan. Unless when he re-rolled his character he gave him a crippling fear of water as well? hmmm…

  2. This series was never a thing I imagined to happen and yet it's blowing me away so much everytime! Keep this up guys!

  3. Apologies, but what is the "gle" stat on the character sheet? I understand "str" (strength) and others, but cannot determine what his highest stat is. Thought maybe "wisdom" or something, but that doesn't fit.

  4. I'm loving this. The tie ins, the back story to get us caught up to this point. Can't wait for more. Super huge fan of the entire Gamers series. Thanks guys!

  5. If Lodge ever finds out that Magellan is responsible for cancelling Firefly, he will probably personally hunt him down and kill him

  6. I'm sorry, but with everything he's done, Magellan's alignment is basically Chaotic Evil as far as I'm concerned.

  7. Really sucks that they don't put out episodes of anything very fast. I mean, I understand why, but it'd be nice to have one of these every week like a normal series. Or alternating this and ZOE live.

  8. I like how his second highest stat is Guile and all but two of his active spells are of the mindrape variaty and those two involve spying and body horror. And everyone says he's trustworthy.

  9. this is actually a really clever twist. I love all these twists you keep making. The Elf is a Candy-Cane Drug addict, the Thief is now a Lawyer, and the Magician is responsible for every horrible idea in the past 6 years

  10. I mean seriously, all the 'Real World' events he's tied up in aside, my favourite things are at 4:14, 5:17, 5:32, 5:56 and of course, 6:41!

  11. It is still cool to see my name up there as one of the producers
    one of the best investments ever made

    ZOE is awesome

  12. anyone else noticing that Magellans wife is the girl that kept getting annoyed at their game in the first movie??

  13. Fantastic, amazing, and I love it. I hope we start seeing a little bit more turn around rate on these episodes.

  14. After i watched Magellans Episode a third time, i just realized that this episode is pretty dark.

    3 of his spells are suggestion, mass hypnosis, charm. And as a normal person his choices of word to describe many moments in his live that are also associated with magical action or reference to magic and/or his old world. And her is the problem Magellan is not a normal person, he is a spell caster.

    1:20 : "a real princess of a wife". in a sense she is the princess – "financial wizard" maybe she knew it, i mean she lives with him
    2:10 "… hand weave away most of the partners concerns …" duh
    3:05 "if you believe in a idea enough, the world will manifest it for you, just like magic" … like free casting?

    4:40 "one minute there and next the spell is broken and gone" not spell is broken like love and marriage but like an actual spell cast from a actual spell caster
    3:00 "its total cool." "its total cool" she repeats what he said, like under a spell

    Magellan enchanted/bewitched the "princess" to fall in love with him, marriage him, have sex … have a child with him until she finally succeeded a safe and realized she doesn't and never did loved him.

    Magellan is the ultimate Obliviously Evil. The evil wizard in another story who kidnapped the princes, forced her under a spell to fall in love with him, raped her and uses weapons of (finical) mass destruction to wreck havoc .

  15. "Its a space western, does the order really mater?" "I'd cancel it" … I don't like this character anymore …

  16. …I wonder, was the princess always the avatar of Therin? There has got to be an interesting story there.

  17. oke. i dont know if any one noticed but Magellan is responsible for firefly not airing in order and even canceling it. i hope he gets eaten by a orc!

  18. Wait… Magellan has the exact same ability scores as Ambrose? I distinctly remember the player rolling new ones! Come one people, basic continuity!

  19. 5:56 – 6-04: "Have you considered running for president? Tell them about that wall you wanna build! They'll love it! Trust me!"


  20. Oh my gods. This one was so good. I don't know how I missed it when it came out.
    I got actual chills at the end.
    I need mooooore.

  21. Everyone in these comments talking about how he cancelled Firefly, I'm concerned that he caused us to have such a terrible president. :/

  22. wait a minute, was Magellan a… sorcerer?, he boosted his CHA to the roof, that's why everyone told him he looked trustworthy and everyone listened and agreed to anything he said, polymorph other?, shouldn't that, you know, get dispelled the moment the target dies? does that mean the Shadow is still an ogre and came back to life?

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