Man of Medan – Friend’s Pass Trailer | PS4

[SLOW MUSIC PLAYING] Hey! It’s me. Conrad. Go, Kylie. Now!

81 thoughts on “Man of Medan – Friend’s Pass Trailer | PS4

  1. Yeah finnaly…
    Who wanna play this with me in Co Op mode and have a PS4/PS4PRO console just add me as a friend on PSN with message "Man of Medan Co Op"… My PSN ID: AngryChainsaw_

  2. You uploaded this at the right time playstation. I was about to just watch a playthrough since I don't own the game but my friend does, but now I will wait. Thanks

  3. Playstation.. Please make more use out of the controller speaker with the could do some cool things with it..use it more please.. P.S. i love you

  4. As someone who didn't actually own Until Dawn, but watched playthroughs of it multiple times and was looking forward to this game…

    It was a really disappointing experience.
    Pretty much a case of the graphics being better than the actual story, gameplay, and everything else.

    I might've overlooked it had I actually gotten the terrifying horror experience I was looking for but I didn't. The way they set up their scares were so predictable that I was literally going "Oh look here comes another jumpscare" throughout my entire playthrough.

    ): I wasn't mad, just disappointed.

  5. Man of Meaden was definitely a downgrade from Until Dawn, I’m hoping the next game in this anthology series is better.

  6. I don't think most of ya'll know but this game is based on a true story so I feel like we could cut it some slack. Look it up if you don't believe me. The ships real name was the Ourang Medan.

  7. I even bought it on a discount of €20. Still feel like wasn't worth the money. Too short, animation and acting could have been better.

  8. The game glitch/bugged for me and my friend. Where were at the ship where all the people meet again, and then it glitched and we couldn't continue. And we then quit out of the game and tried to continue, and it restarted the game. And they still haven't fixed it

  9. Such a terrible game. The story was predictable and didn't make any sense. The whole hallucation was poorly executed and was forced upon the player.

  10. This game’s story was just so underwhelming compared to Until Dawn’s. It could’ve had so much potential, but as soon as you “uncover” the mystery behind everything you just lose all interest in the game and ruins the experience cause you know what’s what. It should’ve taken the more supernatural theme instead of what they chose, but hey it was a decent game still.

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