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Hello, I’m Arlo and this is the Gamers Brief. Nintendo made a number of announcements in an investor call last Wednesday one of which pertained to their upcoming service Nintendo Switch Online. After further confirmation that the service will cost $19.99 for a year-long membership and will include a range of classic games for customers to enjoy for free, they also confirmed a solid September window for the next delay. The official statement reads: “We’re very eager to release more vague bits of info until the big day in September, when we delayed Nintendo Switch Online in to 2019.” Nintendo’s investor call also brought confirmation that a Super Mario Brothers Movie is officially in development, but also that it’s being co-created by Illumination Entertainment, a company infamous for filling the entire world with Minions and by order of their real official mission statement, producing movies as cheaply as possible. The news resulted in an unusual phenomenon where in the faces of Mario fans all over the world were stuck with a mathematical precision between a smile and a frown. Behavioral scientists are dubbing this new expression a “Smown” and officially defining it as: “That face you made when you heard that there was going to be a Mario Movie, but that it was being made by Illumination.” New details have emerged about Hideo Kojima’s mysterious new game Death Stranding. Viewers may recall its initial E3 2016 reveal, a surreal cinematic trailer that showed no gameplay, it’s Game Awards 2016 appearance, a surreal cinematic trailer that showed no gameplay, and it’s Game Awards 2017 appearance, a surreal cinematic trailer that showed no gameplay. However in a recent interview, Norman Reedus, performer of the game’s main character, shed some light on the title, he was quoted as saying: He went on to say that it will center around re-establishing physical contact and will include elements of social media. Rumors suggest E3 2018 will see another surreal trailer with no gameplay, as well as a story synopsis told entirely through smell. More on this as it doesn’t develop. As promised earlier in the year, Activision Bungie has released a road map for their popular online shooter Destiny 2. The infographic details a number of changes in content updates that will be released in the coming months. Highlights include another XP Debacle, some apologetic backpedaling locking more previously free content behind DLC, more apologetic backpedaling, locking fun holiday theme drops behind loot boxes, a few patches that make the game objectively worse, another two debacles and one last insincere apology to finish off season 3. In related news, researchers are still hard at work trying to answer what very well may be the biggest mystery of this generation: Why on earth are people still playing Destiny 2? Stay tuned for developments on this front. Finally, Capcom has published their earnings for the fiscal year and with an operating income of 64.5 million dollars the company’s profits have increased by over 300% By Capcom’s own account, much of this was due to the success of Ultra Street Fighter 2 on the Switch which they described as, “a smash hit.” When asked about the prospect of developing exclusive games for the Switch or porting over some of their triple-a titles a Capcom representative stated, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh… Maybe later”
I’m Arlo and you’ve been watching the Gamers Brief, good night and good game.

100 thoughts on “Mario Movie, New Death Stranding Info, and More │ THE GAMER’S BRIEF

  1. absolutely hilarious, please keep the high level of sarcasm in every gamers brief episode from now on, please

  2. 2:43 Because it sucks so much that it is awesome, or at least that is my excuse. So if you don't mind I am going to go back and waste my time.

  3. Capcom? Triple-A titles on switch? Why can't Arlo be this good at predicting things in his actual prediction videos?

  4. This may be a usual thing for other viewers but that freaking camera head turn thing made me spit out my wheat thins. LOL!

  5. Let's be real. No matter how good Death Stranding is, it will be deemed awful by fans. Why? Because the hype exceeds anything actually possible. Nothing that Kojima can do will be good enough to the hype fans have built up.

  6. From Random Gaming News – We are still figuring out why people are still playing Destiny 2and all we are getting are excuses from fanboys

  7. Honestly as a huge Mario fan I don't care if the movie is bad or if it is being co created by illumination. I just want to play the games and though I did not care for the minions at all if it can draw in future Mario gamers and fans I am all for it and if it is as successful as the minions movie it will. Also keep in mind because Nintendo fans oft forget that Mario games as well as most Nintendo games are for children and this movie will be for children as well. They are not trying to mainly capture the wants and needs of 18-40 year old fans and just like with any games you should just go enjoy the damn thing instead of picking it apart by every detail.

  8. 2:43 I'm still playing Destiny 2 because I'm into the Story, gameplay and multiplayer since it can alot of fun at times imo

  9. Let's get this straight: We got a fairly questionable anime movie of Mario, we got a very questionable live action movie of Mario, and now we get CG movie of Mario that's already questionable before its launch?
    What could possibly go wrong??

  10. Watch Illumination try that Emoji/Lego Movie thing With Mario – same story/concept just done in mario. Mario is tired from constantly saving the princess – and he wants to Find himself.'

  11. Hey Arlo, you should really bring this series back! Even though I still love your discussion vids, this satiric format killed it and I still come back to these previous videos once and while (yes its been over a year later but still) since they're hilarious. Perhaps your situation is different now, like new editors and such, but I'd love a new gamers brief video!

  12. Arlo! You should definately do this more! I didn't realize at first that this was an old video, but please keep up these news videos! It's great!

  13. Dude how have i not seen your videos recommended to me?! I found it through googling for stuff and this content is god damn gold i love it. Your character is great, the shots work so well, and the editing is amazing. Hell im even really enjoying the music which i usually dont find myself loving on yt these days. Subbed and looking forward to more stuff <3

  14. Smart people: Yuck, .. Online subscriptions.

    Nintendo fans: Yay to paying Nintendo just to play games Online that we already bought.

  15. I love this gamer news approach. It feels like a tip of the hat to The Muppet Show AND Saturday Night Live, and it gives LOTS of new opportunities for sarcasm. I hope to see it return in the future.

  16. The Death Stranding joke came kinda late. Kojima personally showed off gameplay at Gamescon like 2 weeks ago now. But I'm sure this video was probably in the works before then.

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