Marvel’s Spider-Man – Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle


100 thoughts on “Marvel’s Spider-Man – Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle

  1. Well, Sony finally did it! I pre-ordered this over the weekend. Have not owned a PS since PS2. Not a fan of exclusives and I've fought it for a while now, but this finally made me give in. The console looks simply amazing and this is a game I HAVE to play.

    The great news is I have a lot of catching up to do on PlayStation exclusives and those games are like $20 now! It's a win/win!

  2. Not worth getting. It costs 600$ here in Germany. Not 399$. That’s equivalent to 350€. Shell price 500€. Why should I pay twice as much? BS

  3. Boa noite, gostaria de saber se a sony poderia alterar na playstation store a compra de jogos, sempre que compro nas lojas do hiperbompreço os cartões para colocar crédito na minha conta para comprar jogos está aparecendo o erro : A transação do cartão pré-pago excede o limite da carteira. Não teria como aumentar o limite da carteira para até R$ 500,00 ou então a sony lançar um cartão de crédito para compramos jogos no site da playstation store?

  4. Que mierda hacen están perdiendo millones de usuarios de Ps por no hacer lo mismo que Xbox ahora muchos se van a xbox por que es más barato y dan online gratis no les importa los exclusivos, dejen de pensar en el bolsillo y piensen en toda la comunidad Sonyer

  5. Why is it not worth buying the pro if you don’t have a 4K TV? Is the internet download speed not much better and does it not still look a bit better and run smoother with the pro. Especially online games because I will be getting a bunch of them too??? Please id love to hear people’s opinions?

  6. There sold out everywhere, are they going to make more so I can get a chance to get one? Sony release more pre orders please!

  7. Hey playstation I know you probably won't do this but tomorrow is my birthday and I am a really big fan of playstation and spiderman and I would be so grateful if you guys got me it or something

  8. Idc this is mine day one my og ps4 broke might aswell spend the +-100 bcks extra for an upgrade wont buy a ps5 anyway till that pro/slim version cuz my og playstations always break early 🙁 the slims survive for years tho thats why ill wait for the ps5 slim ill just buy psvr v2 when ps5 is out and enjoy that + finish my backlog.

  9. Can’t wait to pick it up . So I was told I could pick mine up on the 6th instead of the 7th but to be there before 9pm closing time . Almost there 😍

  10. I saw the Spider-Man themed Playstation from MoVlogs video. I have to say, it's the coolest looking Playstation yet!!👌👌

  11. I subscribed to your guyses YouTube channel and I've been looking up to have a PS4 Spider-Man game for free but since I only have a PS4 and I can't afford it

  12. Somebody help me! I've been looking for over a month all over the internet with no answer. Can I still get the bundle if I don't pre-order it?

  13. The unlucky thing for ME…is that i don't have a PS4 i asked my parents to get me that for my birthday….and it was a NO for me.😞

  14. Is there a limited amount of these made or no cause I have the money it’s just my local GameStop doesn’t have any

  15. The Spider man limited edition ps4 slim is easy to find, but only gamestop has the pro version and they are out of stock, then i went to the picture and its a slim, so whats going on? all pros got sold out or did they disconntinue them and why`?

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