Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) – Turf Wars DLC Review

(ominous orchestral music) – [Joe Skrebels] A second act should always feel darker than the first, but I wasn’t prepared for
quite how literally Insomniac would take that rule of storytelling. The majority of Turf Wars, the second of Spider-man’s
three-part DLC plot line, takes part almost entirely
against a slate-gray sky, sapping the color from this usually vibrant
depiction of New York. It’s an intended and
effective metaphor, of course. Things have taken a dark turn, with mob boss Hammerhead
running rampant across the city, but unintentionally it sums up how I feel about Turf Wars too, this is a grayer experience
than first outing, The Heist. Peter Parker’s more worried,
and crucially less quippy, and the mixture of extra
story missions and challenges is beginning to feel rather expected. It’s still the same game fundamentally, it just doesn’t feel quite as exciting. In fact, the structure is
identical to The Heist. Setting aside the story for a moment, we have more emergent crimes to fight, adding a fun recurring mission in which you protect a police convoy from threats on it’s
route through the city. Rather than paintings to find, we have Hammerhead fronts to take down, but these completely recycle
the demon hideout structure, right down to making you
enter through the roof. Finally, there are the
Screwball challenges, which not only force us to listen to more of the purposefully irritating
super-villain/streamer, but introduce a frankly terrible new stealth mini-game to the mix, which, mercifully, you only have to play through twice. The sweetener here is that
completing all of the above unlocks one of the best outfits yet. The anime-styled and
proportioned Spider-Clan suit, which finally gives the fantastic comic-book shaded suit
a run for it’s money. (heavy drums beat rhythmically) Thankfully, the hour and a
half of extra story content is far less predictable
than the gameplay around it. With a mob boss as our new villain, Pete’s back working alongside
Captain Yuri Watanabe, who gets a chance to develop
a more fleshed-out personality than the role of
superhero’s phone-a-friend she played in the main story. Sadly, I have to report that some fans’ favorite character Spider-cop does not make a return alongside her. Together, the duo uncover and attempt to thwart an ever-thickening
plot from Hammerhead, as he attempts to wrest
control from other Mafia, sorry, Magia families across Manhattan. In the course of events, we’re introduced to a new enemy, mob wise-guys who’ve swapped suits for jetpacks and energy shields, and have a tendency to
rhino-charge your way. They’re not a brilliant
fight in and of themselves, but they add another wrinkle
to some already busy combat. As befits a fight against crime, this is a far more action-oriented set of missions than The
Heist’s more stealthy approach. More often than not turning
into mass brawls pretty quickly. Thankfully, The Heist’s best
innovation in that area, adding extra objectives mid-fight, returns more than once. All this fighting is once again, definitively end-game content. Even with 100% completion
in the main game, and a full compliment of abilities and gadgets under my belt, the sheer scale and length
of some of the fights here, led me to a few retries. It’s another welcome
chance to test your skill after tens of hours of practice. As is so often the case with a second act, the end is where Turf Wars truly shines. As the cloudy-day gives
way to moonlight night, everything kicks up a notch. Fights give way to a boss battle, which in turn gives way
to a tantalizing ending. (uplifting orchestra music) Where The Heist’s cliffhanger
left me fairly certain I knew what might be
going on in Turf Wars, the second DLC’s conclusion
leaves me far more unsure about where episode three,
Silver Lining, is headed. It might not be the stand-out, standalone pack some will want, but Turf Wars is definitely doing it’s job as the second of three parts by leaving us ready and waiting
for a far brighter finale. If you enjoyed that, maybe you wanna hear about what we thought about the main Spider-man game, or the first DLC pack, The Heist, we’ve got reviews of both. (triumphant orchestral music)

100 thoughts on “Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) – Turf Wars DLC Review

  1. i just want the superior spiderman outfit…costum choices i havent been too happy with. and he second dlc was a lil less exciting hen i thought. i figured spiderman and hammerhead would of had a big battle and everything getting destroyed but i was kinda let down

  2. Screwball was absolutely painful to listen to. The damn mini gun brutes are so annoying to fight and the whole dlc was a weak experience for me. The Manga verse spiderman suit was pretty sick though.

  3. I'm still not understanding why people are even complaining about the dlc but hasn't even bought it and to those who didn't even beat the story why tf you looking at a review for something you don't even have ???

  4. Here we go with the whole "It's repetitive" excuse. Some players have too much exceptions to realize that any and every game gets repetitive, especially, if u play it long enough. even the likes of triple A games. These DLCs needed more depth and screwball needs to go or be replaced, but I don't see how folks don't realized that the game doesn't always evolve its core gameplay, its the experience from each separate playthough.

  5. I liked The Heist because of the back and forth of Spider Man and Black Cat

    Turf Wars didn’t really do it for me and yes because they brought Screwball back but mostly because we never got to see much of Hammerhead and I could be wrong but I’ve never understood what Project Olympus was other then some… body armour with a laser beam. I didn’t really enjoy the final boss fight either as the camera was the biggest problem in it , always focusing on Hammerhead even though he’s on the other side of the playing field. And Sable just ditching their gear in New York?…come on

    Overall I didn’t enjoy Turf Wars as much as I enjoyed The Heist
    I hope Silver Lining will be better and more interesting as it follows off the ending

  6. Why is he annoyed that Spider-Man is cracking jokes less in this darker part of the story because that’s something that always happens. He makes jokes when he can but when Spider-Man has to take something seriously he will take it seriously

  7. So should i buy the digital deluxe edition or should i just get the base game cause alot of people are saying the DLC's suck.i will get the digutal deluxe if there is a Christmas sale but if theres not should i get the digital deluxe or save my money and buy base game and another game?

  8. IMO, the Suits are much better than the first DLC, with of my favorites (Armor Mk I and Comic Iron Spider) and a suit that rivals the Vintage suit (the Spider Clan suit). The take on Hammerhead is also unique and another great re-imagining of a mob-boss Spidey villain from Insomniac. I'm really happy with how they've taken three characters who fill similar roles Kingpin, Tombstone, and Hammerhead, and really made each unique and different. I also like how Hammerhead is like a combo of Hammerhead and obscure Spidey villain Silvermane. Yuri Watanabe however… I just feel her turn to wrathful vigilante was just too rushed. The moment the one cop showed off his watch I knew he was a dead man walking. I wish Yuri's squad had more time devoted to them, either in the main game or the first DLC pack so that it would be more sympathetic when they bite it.

  9. Found this story much more interesting than Black Cat's. Love the development of Yuri's character. I can't wait to see where they go from here.

  10. That was the worst DLC I’ve played in my whole life. Really. What is that ending? Hammerhead get revived after getting shot in the head? Really? That was the best that they could think?

  11. The spiderclan suit its a really cool take on the Spider suit but in this game looks like trash, just screams that they dont care for the dlcs since they got pretty much the important $ goal with game release and IMO they should have done this suit using the original style this game has (real looking backpack,shirt, leggins, mask, sneakers and gloves but again just tells that they dont care anymore about this game

  12. I hate the screwball character so much…mainly the voice…that aside, I do think the boss battle and warehouse takedowns provided great challenge and made the DLC worth it.

  13. The second episode has the same problem of The Heist: is too short. Insomniac Games clearly cut off content from the mains story just in order to further capitalise it later as DLC, and that's a fact. So far everything on the DLC could perfectly fit to the main story which was also not that long to begin with…

  14. Not a fan of Insomniac games, so the whole PS4 Spider-man experience has kinda been a letdown…….Miles & MJ gameplay really Insomniac….ugh

  15. I hated the Spider Clan suit. I think it would've been awesome if they did a Speculator Spiderman suit or some other Spiderman cartoon.

  16. I'm disappointed in the fact that they prized this game on also being about peter but in this entire installment we didn't see him and in the heist we don't either but at least in the heist they mention a kid for him so i mean whats up. Why did the leave from from peters story and i know you still talk to Miles and MJ but c'mon.

  17. So in total we have 9 new suits and maybe 10h if you like to 100% all the dlc for just 10€ and people cry about its not enough??? Do you even remember the batman games???

  18. Screwball is the cringiest villain ever. I’m having to do the missions with the tv muted. I hope this is her final contribution. I also don’t like how they have added abilities for enemies, but no added abilities for Spidey.

  19. This guy talks like he was abused about not pronouncing his t's, overcompensating, making him sound like malfunctioning 3P0 robot

  20. So far i hate this dlc. Its way too diffucult and not enjoyable at all. It has no finess and it just throws tons and tons of enemies at u at the same time. Even though I’m level 50 with all gadgets I still have problems compleating some of the enemy bases. This is on of the most spiking difficulty curve I have ever seen in a video game. It should not be this frustrating on normal difficulty

  21. is it weird that i only used spiderman original costume in all 4 of my playthrough? Spiderman look just too weird in any other design. the only suit comes second is the black suit.

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