MediEvil – Bonehead’s Guide to Gallowmere: Filling One’s Chalice | PS4

A Bonehead’s Guide to
Gallowmere Volume 4, Filling One’s Chalice. Any good legend has
its share of challenges. And the Chalice of Souls
is no different. What’s the
Chalice of Souls you ask? Why, only one
of the most powerful relics in all of Gallowmere. Now, not so fast. You didn’t think it
would be that easy, did you? Every bad soul you vanquish
will help you fill the Chalice, and once full, will earn you a hero’s reward. But be careful. Not all souls you
encounter are bad. And any mistakes
can really cost you. So go out there
and fill that Chalice and maybe one day they’ll
make a statue of you too. Oh, who am I kidding?

49 thoughts on “MediEvil – Bonehead’s Guide to Gallowmere: Filling One’s Chalice | PS4

  1. Wow I haven't played this game since like the late 90s on those Ps1 demos they handed out at the stores when you would buy the PlayStation mags

  2. Being able to fill the chalice in the short-lived demo just to NOT go to hall of heroes sucked! thank goodness full game is just a few days off!

  3. Already prel-loaded digital deluxe edition on PS4 Pro to include digital comic book, digital original soundtrack and of course the main game with pre-order bonus armor and theme. Hopefully I will find time to play this in the next few days with the release of COD’s modern warfare 2019 tonight this game might sit dormant for a while .

  4. I'm definitely in. Seriously Sony, I hope the AA market keeps growing in relevance with PS1/2 remakes. It's honestly become my favorite aspect of current gen. Even though you got some beast AAA titles too can't lie 😛

  5. Seriously, the critics couldnt be more wrong here, they droped the ball this time. The remakes of Spyro and Crash had hugh scores but not this.

  6. Ingore the critics. Playing the game now and it's just as fun as the original. Controls are simple and the graphics are amazing.

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