Meet John Romero: One of the Godfathers of the First-Person Shooter

100 thoughts on “Meet John Romero: One of the Godfathers of the First-Person Shooter

  1. Man i remember Doom, it was the first game i played ever and it was in my friend house i was like 7 years old and I remamber it like it was yesterday. You are a fucking legend !!!

  2. Thanks John Romero! Doom led to Quake which led to Half life which led to me mapping/ 3D Modeling which led me to study Architecture and invent a fishing reel. 😀

  3. Amazing from 1992-1996 I grew up in Rocklin and often went to sierra college to see the 49ers practice I was just a teenager it's amazing though they went to the sierra college computer lab to play games just awesome. Wolfenstein 3D, and DOOM shaped 1st person shooters I got into quake as well but Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM have a special place in my memories. Just awesome !!!!

  4. I bought my first copy of Doom at Radio Shack for I think $5 maybe in 1994 or 95. I learned about the cheats from a guy who ran a pop factory while my friends and I were sweeping the floors for free pop.


  5. I used to play Wolfenstein A LOT..Doom as well. But I was kinda afraid of Quake haha
    There was also a very fun game at that time called Rise of the Triad. I just remembered that because I had to put the command directly trough the DOS hahaa…so I guess it was "C:/ROTT.exe" and enter lol

  6. These guys made my childhood. I remember paying $10 for wolfenstein shareware, then had to do the whole mail order process with the form and $30 bucks of allowance saved just to get the full version + strategy guide. What a time it was to be alive!

  7. The guy ruined video games for a decade period! Everything at one point was first person shooter. The reason why I stopped playing video games. Yes, I am that old…

  8. When I played doom as a child, I remember how scared I was. It was SO scary!

    I mean look at 2:21 – the lighting and the sound effects were scary. I remember those ghost sprite things that would make such a horrific sound from the darkness and then just appear and vanish right in front of me.

    I used to slam the laptop down in fear. I had GTA 1 as a back up

  9. I could listen to this guy all day… He influenced me and millions of other kids all over the world. My life right now is as it is because I played Doom as a kid.

  10. Game designers like Romero don't exist anymore. As jaded as it is to say, its become highly commercialized and for-profit only. It is no longer about making fun games that push limits, its about tapping into the surging mainstream scene of gaming.

    Yes, quite hipster to say, but still true.

  11. Даже сейчас в них можно играть с интересом. Мощный дядька, с душой к работе подходил. Вот бы он не останавливался. Huge respect for the inviting Nine Inch Nails to produce such a great soundtreck!

  12. John Romero, a man who literally designed a few maps and created a few textures and did a bit of coding of a few doors etc, STILL flying high on the coat tails of the ACTUAL Godfather of the FPS genre who did the ACTUAL work.
    Doom would STILL be Doom almost the exact same had Romero not been a part of that team.

    It was John Carmac who actually did all of the work and who created like 90% of the entire engine.
    Yet this man still goes around making money from telling the story of how John Carmac made doom, and he was there.

  13. At wolfenstein 3d we edited the swastikas out. Our parents ment it is forbidden to show them, i am from germany. So we replaced them with naked ladies. 😂😂😂
    So funny. But the game wa really great. And later Counterstrike 1.6. Best game ever.

  14. Ty 4 inventing first person shooters thank you so much. Me and the homies sold pounds of weed from our couch in an apartment playing Call of Duty non stop.

  15. Oh God, so much Nostalgia. This man kept me extremely entertained during my childhood in the 90's and I never even knew about him until now.

  16. John and John are the men who created, basically, an entire genre of game. But Romero often gets forgotten because of how things kinda fell apart at the end (and of course Daikatana). But, he was/is a God in the industry.; like him or not, you have to respect him.

  17. Respect! Quake is still one of the best 1:st person shooter today. Games after dont have the same feeling and speed imo (you cant copy quake).

  18. We tried so fucking hard to advance the graphics on gaming over the years since Doom & Quake JUST 4 ASSHOLES TO BE PLAYING MINECRAFT AND FUCKING LEGO-EY FIGURE STUPID FKNG GAY GAMES ??? You fucking douchebag retards !!! 🤦🤦🖕🏽👏👏🏽👊🏼🤦

  19. Much props and respect to this man. His childhood helped shape my childhood because I found doom on ps1 and eventually quake in 2003-04 and would play online. Awesome game still 🙏🏽💯

  20. To this day, I can't believe he didn't make a cent on one of the greatest video games ever, Quake. Looks like he's doing well for himself thankfully, but that's a true shame. Quake really changed gaming forever, and also the computer industry as a whole. Quake needed a 3d graphics accelerator to run good, and from that need was born the GPU industry as we know it today.

  21. i do agree with john in hindsight id cared more about the tech then the actual game. it's pretty clear with stuff like doom 3 and rage.

  22. "John Romero is about to make you his Bitch!" Quote that was used to market Daikatana. GO to Hell John Romero – that over hyped game sucked BIG TIME and you suck…Nice fingernail polish…

  23. This man is responsible for me losing many hours of my older teenage and young adult life, and even now Doom is making me lose many hours of my middle aged life, god help me if they redo the ORIGINAL Quake.

  24. "If i can keep making games i'm happy….not out here trying to make all the money"….where's that spirit in 2019 Ubisoft/EA/Activision….where's it?

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