Mercenary Kings with Aaron Bleyaert From Clueless Gamer – Mansion Game Night

– This would be a great
couch to have a baby on, to literally deliver a child. – I’m sure that there has
been many conceived on it. – Okay, wow, great point though. – Alright gamers, I am Pamela Horton. – And I’m Amelia Talon. – And we’re the Gamers Next Door, and we’re about to get down on some Mercenary Kings with Bley from Conan. – What’s up everybody, good to see you. I can’t wait to be awkward
around these beautiful women. – High five? – By the way, 2015, this summer I’m trying to do tingles instead of high fives, so can we just, yeah, we
do something like this. I’m just realizing I don’t have a gun. – How do I grab it? – Should I have a gun? – It says use the square button. – I like this button that brings up all these things that I don’t know what it is. – Oh, I dropped it. – 13 year olds across
the country are like, “These guys are (beep) stupid.” – Ha ha, she exploded herself! – Tingles, give me some tingles. – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, you like that? – I like it a lot. This is kind of a great art style. – Do you know who does it, do you know? – It’s very pixelated. – The guy who did Scott Pilgrim, right? – [Pamela] Yes! – Yup, because somebody told
me that before we started. – [Pamela] Paul Robertson. – Hey we’re back at the beginning. Why did you follow me, that was so stupid. Never follow me ever. I think we’re following
you, because we saw what happened when you followed me, which was we started
back at the beginning. – There was lots of death. – There wasn’t any death, you know what, don’t ruin my rep, dude. Oh look, Mr. Death just got us all a bunch of items, thanks Mr. Death. Oh you’re welcome, Pam. Nailed it, well done, up top, and then the tingles, and then
the tingles down below. – Look at the jiggly boobies!
– Boob jiggles! – The chopper’s empty, by the way, no one’s in that, who’s
driving the helicopter? – We’re also hanging by our hats. – This is ridiculous. Well, at least one of us
is out of our tent early, up and at ’em, don’t worry about it. – We have important information. – That you clearly, you’re
just like pass, pass, pass. Important information I’m not reading. – I like how they just teased us like, “Oh we’re gonna wear
jackets, just kidding!” – We’re in a life or death battle and you’re worried about fashion choices? Get your head in the game. – Oh my god, those are up there, you have to kneel down, oh god. – See what I do, I just let you guys wander in there and kill everything then I just step in to clean up the mess. Can you kill those things please? – [Pamela] I got wood. Oh god, oh god, (screams) okay. – Don’t follow me, how many
times do I have to say that? Although you know what,
it looks like we’re still getting points, oh no, oh, it’s counting down to our death, oh. – So for our followers who don’t know, can you tell us a little
bit more about yourself? – About me?
– Yeah, about you. – My name is Aaron
Bleyaert, I work for Conan. We play video games on TV in a segment called Clueless Gamer,
we do Twitch every week at,
which is really fun. And now I’m currently dying, and I’m dead, and I’ve just died. I got grey hair when I was 14, I’m 6’3. Started shaving my back recently, because I’ve got a real hairy back. – [Pamela] You should get laser. – Single, ladies out there. – You don’t wax? – Actually, you wanna know
a really funny true story about waxing, this is totally true. I was gonna go on tour with Conan, I had to be in a skin-tight, like, thing and there was a zipper and it kept getting caught on my back hair. – Ew!
– Oh no! – True story. I went to my sister, I was like, “Look, I need to wax this thing.” So she’s like, “Okay,
I’ve never waxed my back, “but let’s go to the place
where I get my nails done, “maybe they’ll do something.” So we went up to this
place, I walked in I’m like, “I’m ready to get my back waxed,” and everyone was like. We laid down, the woman’s doing it, she’s like exhausted like five minutes in. Like I’m the size of a
Chevy Lumina, basically. It’s just like, she’s like ripping, and she’s like (panting) at one point she’s like sweating, and somebody comes in
like, “Are you okay?” She’s like, “I got it.” And like, they run out of wax, and I’m just dying laughing, I’m like bloody, it’s a mess. – Ew! – Well, come on, okay I’m sorry. I was like, “How much is it?” She’s like, “Let’s just call
it like 100, I don’t know.” She was like, had no (beep) idea, like she’d been through
World War I, it was amazing. And that was the first and
last time I got my back waxed. – First and last? – Yeah, well now I have
a shaver, a body groomer. – [Man] Can we get some
gameplay going, maybe? – You know what, we all
have our grooming issues, let’s all go through
and say one thing we’re embarrassed about
ourselves, okay, I’ll start. I’m embarrassed I shared
that story, your turn. – Pamela, what are you embarrassed about? – Don’t dodge the question, dude! – Dude?! – Maybe I can say something. So there’s this guy that I had liked, and I followed him on Snapchat, and he immediately followed me back, and I couldn’t undo it. – [Pamela] Yeah, it was an accident. – That guy’s name, Aaron Bleyaert, and he’s sitting right next to you, and I’ve seen all your
Snapchats since then. – She has the biggest crush on you, Aaron. – Probably ’cause of the back hair story. – Pamela, don’t tell him! – Sorry, I’m trying to set you up, Amelia. I actually have a lazy eye
that I sometimes can control. – Really?!
– Yeah. – Wait, let’s see it. – Okay, so I do like that. – Whoa, wait, can you do that to camera? – No! No!
– Please? – Please, please, they’ll
cut it out, please? I’ll do a quick reenactment,
okay, dramatic reenactment. My fists will be your eyes. (screaming) The screaming was me, in my
mind, when she did it to me. – I’ve been trying to make a point of not having that on camera, okay fine. – (retching) – I still think you’re beautiful, Pamela. – Thank you Amelia, thank you. – She’s the only one. You know what, why just
generally are there, would you have spinning bladed things with giant flashing lights on them? At least paint them black so you can’t see them coming, right? This (beep) guy, this is bullshit. We failed guys, we failed. – We are the best at this.
– What the hell? – You know what I feel
like, what we’re lacking in being alive in this
game, we’re making up for with bonding with us, you know? – [Amelia] What did we learn today? – Personally I learned
not to reveal things about my body and myself
to beautiful women. I also learned that I’m a terrible leader and I love jumping into spikes, and will pretty much run towards anything that has a blade that’s
spinning and whirring trying to murder me, and that counts for the game as well as real life. – I learned that it is
really inappropriate to share things about my lazy eye, because then I’ll get made fun of. – (retching and screaming) – I also learned I shouldn’t
follow this guy into battle. – Hey, I may be handsome, I’m just a terrible leader, right guys? Let’s do it, down low with the tingles. Mercenary Kings, we did it! – Mercenary, no actually, we failed. – Oh, right. – But we failed! – Yes, we failed, we’re
losers, you can lose too!

26 thoughts on “Mercenary Kings with Aaron Bleyaert From Clueless Gamer – Mansion Game Night

  1. Blew is a great guy – awesome weight loss recently too!

    Another great vid guys – keep up the great work 👍

  2. Conan's contagious sassiness stuck to this guy, he's funny and keeps great energy running, the ending joke just perfect! haha
    Great video! just kinda bummer where you started rolling cool conversation someone cut your vibe… you would've anyway continued to play, just with better vibe, idk, bummed me personally…. games are about fun, not "script says you play now!!".
    Anyways thanks for the video, see you next time! 🙂

  3. The game reminds me a lot of bro force, any chance of playing that at the mansion? (Might only be 2 players tho 😔). Its got a load of unlockable characters that reference classic action movies (no spoilers 😜), and each weapon changed the way I played. Plus there's possible cosplay opportunities (like you guys did with the Mario party vid. )

  4. Wait…… isn't this game basically Contra, but with 3 players and boobs?
    ….. and for the record, I would totally up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,select,start Aaron Bleyeart's back any day of the week. Bros before hoes! I totally got your back Aaron.

  5. i might sound gross but i laughed at the beginnng of the video when she said "how do i grab it " LMAO

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