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  1. They do have one flaw, however: A haunted cursor, that moves all over the page, inserts itself where it desires, and highlights and deletes lines of text, whenever it feels like it.

  2. I don't get this Alcantara crap.
    Would prefer matte aluminum or magnesium in every case. Looks better, feels better, and doesn't wear.

    I might get a Surface Pro. But there as well, this Alcantara is a huge turn-off for me.
    (Also I don't understand, why they still did not manage to remove the wobble from its type cover. But that's another story …)

  3. Do the Pro review NOW………
    I still cant justify how this can be better surface than the Pro…. Pro>laptop any day.

  4. @10:31 You guys sure this slow SSD Performance isn't caused by the Windows BitLocker? When I received my Surface Book w/ Performance Base it had BitLocker on it ( still has as I reinitialized it after I split the HDD ) and from a Video I recall watching it appears for Bitlocker to be quite a performance killer.

    If no other Laptop maker besides Microsoft uses it then testing it's performance against them with it installed would be a kind of moot test, wouldn't it? =)

  5. I love this device but I disagree about the fact that you compared it to a MacBook. MacBook is way powerful than this, you can export/import & edit 4k-8k files with ease & the rendering Time is really fast. This machine is premium, I'll give that. But it cannot do intensive tasks. So, basically comparing this to a MacBook is like comparing a slow Rolls Royce(surface) with A Bugatti(MacBook).

  6. I don't how you can justify purchasing this laptop when you can get the soon-to-be-released Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 13" or 15" with better specs for less money.

  7. 15:38 My thoughts exactly! It's literally just another overpriced joke, this time, with a Microsoft logo…

  8. This thing is going to require adapter after adapter in a year or two. The I/O is already obsolete. I mean seriously, the SP4 which came out in 2015 has the same exact ports

  9. I went and checked this out in a Microsoft Store a week ago. I too was also surprisingly upset with the keyboard experience. The Book is amazing and I thought they would go with the metal keys. Unfortunately not.

  10. Fahrenheit, really oO? Could you please use international standards so that everybody understands? We also learned and speak English just for u guys.

  11. these reviews never talk about the function of the computers, only design and specs. I wwant a pc for work not fashion

  12. I bought both the macbook pro 13 256GB non touchbar and today I picked up the same spec'd surface laptop. I have to say that microsoft is doing a very good job and I have been a macbook pro user for years upon years. On paper the Macbook uses a better 7th gen processor than the surface and also better ssd's with faster read write speeds. In reality I have not noticed a differnce for running developer grade software. The macbook also used a better integrated graphics card. So I dont know what the clear winner is ehre but this laptop cost 300 bucks less with student discount and I instantly upgraded to windows 10 pro. So far I like this keyboard much more than the macbooks, the screen is amazing and I actually use the touch portion for scrolling up and down webpages. Battery life so far has been great. I am at 70% after 5 hours and that was with light coding and installing all the programs I need and endless youtube videos. I might just keep this machine.

  13. On another note… I am really loving using this machine. The whole ubuntu sub system really bridges the gap for developers.

  14. Windows 10s just kills it. Seems like its direct competition to the MacBook air which its going to struggle competing I think

  15. This laptop is all about personal preference. at $1199 for the i5 8gb ram 256 ssd (After student discount); personally its not a bad price at all for the average consumer. Everything else is up to what the consumer likes/dislikes. This laptop definitely throws something unique out there.

  16. please don't do anymore reviews Daniel. I appreciate the channel and your written articles, but your video reviews are no longer good or engaging. Have one of the guys give it a go. literally fell asleep on this one. sorry

  17. I think for similar prices, you want to get the Surface laptop instead of the Surface Pro. You have to pay extra for the Surface Pro keyboard, Pen and the Dial if you needed. Of course the keyboard is a must have. With all that money spend on the accessories, might as well just get a Surface Laptop.

  18. Wait your review device was an i7/8/256? according to the microsoft website the colored laptops are eiter i5/8/256 and i7/16/512. Did you ment to say i5 instead of i7?

  19. So I need a new laptop as I am starting my 2nd year of uni. I do computer science n my current laptop is currently dying slowly. I have been looking at the surface pro 4, surface book and now the surface laptop. I mainly use the basic programming languages and adobe products. What do you think the best option would be as I would like to carry it around to university with me. They gave us a iPad but that's just not cutting it for me. Thank you for everyone who replies!

  20. the best review out their! thank you very much, im going to get this beautiful piece of tech when my studentlife starts in september!

  21. Microsoft is knocking it out of the park lately with their hardware. Glad to see a valid competitor to Apple on the Windows side. Never been a fan of Macs.

  22. The next laptop Microsoft needs to make is the Full Windows 10 OS "Surface" WORKSTATION LAPTOP. it will have a built in DVD READ/WRITE OPTICAL DRIVE 2 USB "C" PORTS , 2 USB 3. i made sure the first laptop I bought has an optical drive so it is a Full multi-Media device to use like a PC if I want.

  23. are you holding a sales-presentation, while trying to hump microsofts leg calling the lack of installing other app then store apps, not a big deal.. its ridicalus, I havent meet anybody there would be fine with that with that store level Microsoft are synonym with, and for 9 out of 10 people it is in fact a big deal, – and also the reason why Microsoft are granting free windows-pro upgrades to people who buying it… since those limitasions simply where assulting in a apple-wanne'be'ish way.. so stating not a big deal, its certainly not correct unless your trying to sale something and real world facts comes second hand.
    though' +1 for the walkthrue/vid..

  24. wanna ask what is the title of the movie or tv show when the guy scream and there was a girl with somw kind of power. thanks in advanve 🙂

  25. writing this comment with my surface laptop i5, 256gb blue and all I can say: it is the most beautiful laptop which you can get.

  26. Great review. Great channel. I’m downsizing from a desktop. And torn between this (which I love the visual look) and a MacBook Air (old machine but suits my daily use of web browsing, music, MS Office suite). Just not sure which to go for. But lately, I’m rapidly falling out of love with all things Apple.

  27. What I find most lacking in this "review video" is that you do not show the practical usage of this laptop. I suggest you open the browser and check out a few sites. Snap two windows next to each other to see how much of a webpage you can see at a time. Test the sound quality and where it originates from. These are the sort of things people want, instead of spewing basic stuff we can all find online. Some people don't have a Microsoft Store nearby to try these laptops. More actual use of the laptop and less camera on your face listening to you ramble.

  28. Hello,“it has no flaws“😂yes of course a laptop which can’t be opened up to replace the battery without destroying it is flawless? Seriously?🤬

  29. Windows 10S??? sorry MS, what were you thinking….???? If I wanted an iPad and no real access to Apps, I'd BUY AN IPAD!!! Sorry, I'm a WINDOWS POWER USER!. So Win 10S IS USELESS!

  30. love my surface laptop.. but what? @6:41 the surface book does not have metal keys..

    also, it looks 'boring' when you open it? you are bad at adjectives.

    i've looked to windows central for new microsoft insight, but your video makes we want to reconsider.

  31. This is the premium laptop I want but no USB C or SD card slot and slow SSD are unnecessary design flaws. I'll have to accept there's no such thing as the perfect laptop,

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