Microwave A Motherboard (#112)

Welcome to “Is it a Good Idea to
Microwave This?” I’m your host, Jory Caron. This little item over here was donated by (in enigmatic voice) Ophion Shadow! And I’m guessing that’s how he wants me to pronounce that. I’m not really sure. But
we’re gonna see if this motherboard is a good idea to put into a microwave. Jory: Is it a good idea to microwave this? Let’s find out! Here at the Jory Caron Laboratory, safety is our number-one concern. That’s why we
hide behind this giant tin foil shield. It’s to protect our nuts, because nobody likes… Riley: (in exaggerated Boston accent) Your mother! BOARD!
Say “hello” to your mother for me! Jory: Okay… *Windows start-up sound* We also have these fans, to circulate the air, and, as always, the Sharp carousel microwave. She cooks stuff when
I ask her to cook stuff, and that’s why I love you, Tracy! I love you so much. Jon: I love Sharp carousels, especially the black ones! Jory: So, in goes the motherboard. Riley: (in exaggerated Boston accent) MOTHERBOARD! Jory: Yup, there goes the motherboard. Mmm, that’s a
good-lookin’ mother! That’s a MILF! (laughs) Board! So, I wonder how long I should put it in there for? I’m gonna go with five minutes, five
minutes for the lucky lady here! And let’s just go and do this! (makes trilling sound with tongue) Riley: Your mother is already beginning to spark! Jory: It’s like a small light show. Riley: Ooh! It’s on fire! Jory: I wonder what that was? Riley: (in exaggerated Boston accent) Your mother’s hot! BOARD! Jon: It’s, like, if something DOESN’T catch on fire,
we don’t even know it’s in there! Jory: (in Napoleon Dynamite-like geek voice) So, uh, what’s your processing speed? Jon: (in same geek voice as Jory) I’ve
got a Pentium 4, it’s a dual-4. Jory: (still in geek voice) Mine can do 5 terraflops! Jon: (still in geek voice) What’s your front-side attached RAM? Jory: (still in geek voice) I like to ram my board! Riley: Is that thing glowing?! Jon: The heat sink is trying its hardest to
keep the heat in the microwave down. Jory: And now, it’s on fire. Jon: Excellent! Sustained flame has been established! This motherboard is now overclocked! Jory: Uh, rebuttal statement! (farts) Jon: OH! Look at the flame! Riley: Masks on! Jory: Seriously, what do you have to say about that? Jon: Wow! This thing is goin’ up. When that battery
catches, though? Explosion time, let me tell ya! Jon: What was that? Jory: It’s kinda blowing itself out. Riley: It’s like a blue flame, though. Jon: Uh, should we stop it or what? Riley: No! Jory: We’ll just wait until… Jon: This is a pretty good flame up here we’re doin’! This is nice. It’s
gettin’ some blue sparks. I don’t know where the [beep] it’s comin’ from… Jon: Nice job! Jory: 10 seconds… 9… 8… 7… Jory and Riley: 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Riley: Motherboard done! Jon: Aw, dudes, guys, that was great! I saw lots of blue flames, and blue flames I’m pretty
sure are good for ya! I read that in a book I made up on Wikipedia once. Jory: Ready? Riley: Oh, yes! Jory: That’s thick black smoke. Jon: That’s [beep]in’ intense, dude! Riley: That’s dangerous! (singing) “‘Cause that girl is so dangerous, that girl
is so dangerous! That girl is a fine girl, yeah!” Riley: It doesn’t look that bad. Jory: Okay, let’s see what we’ve got in here… Riley: Aw, no, a couple things melted. Oh, that looks still usable. Jory: Really? The heat sink fell off! Jon: (in exaggerated Boston accent) The heat sink failed, dude! Aw, see? There’s your problem
right there! There’s your problem- all those capacitors. What’s left of the battery, dude? Jory: Oh, it’s right there. It blew apart. You might be
wondering, is it a good idea to microwave a motherboard? Jon: Dude, you’re not gonna believe this- I wasn’t wondering that at all! Jory: Yeah, yeah… Jon: I wasn’t wondering anything there! Anytime you see blue flame, it’s
not a good idea! It’s just flat-out, not a good idea! Riley: I’m convinced that more than 75% of these last experiments I’ve
never, ever questioned if they’re a good idea or not! Jory: That heat sink is really hot! Jon: The heat sink is supposed to be cool! Jory: Okay, so that’s about it for “Is it a Good Idea to Microwave This?” I’m
your host, Jory Caron. And a motherboard is a mother-not-good idea to do! Jory: Don’t ever do that with your mother’s motherboard. Or your mother’s board. Jon: Or your father’s board! Jory: Whatever! Have a great night! *end credits play* Jon: That microwave is pitch black now! Riley: Is that a racist comment? Jon: Yeah, I mean, like, totally…

100 thoughts on “Microwave A Motherboard (#112)

  1. if you only do work and internet browsing , sure go with a mac ( and waste your money ). but if youre a gamer (like me) and want to be able to switch components easy to keep your machine updated as well as work on it , buy a pc with windows ( you get a very nice gaming machine for the same price as a imac for an example , you get so much more for your money if you buy a pc ). btw i have never had a problem with windows , i have used it for a long time. thats my opinion.

  2. I've tried both OS's, and I say I prefer PCs over Macs.

    PCs are great gaming computers, they rarely get viruses if you have a good security program, and my Dell Inspiron laptop, which runs on Windows 7, operates a lot faster than my best friend's Macbook.

  3. I've heard microwaving a broken motherboard could fix it. Because of overheating issues in computer, the soldering could get way off. By microwaving it, you'll "resolder" the connections back. LOL I don't know if it's true.

  4. Poll: 100% Mac and 0% PC. I break like every PC I own, But the Mac I own right now I would never let anyone touch it not even a PC fanboy.

  5. Poll:
    Windows for gaming PCs
    Macs for work Pcs
    Linux/Ubuntu/Fedora/etc for network or server PCs.

    Since when I worked at a computer shop, I see they use linux computers to handle the servers and network across the entire store.

  6. you should of overclocked whatever cpu was in it to like 8ghz first xD if there was one under the heatsink….

  7. imac's And ipad's Are Brilliant Pieces of Kit But I Dont Like The Iphone Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Ftw! Oh And Windows And Microsoft Meh There Failing By The Day

  8. Just so you guys know, those masks you are wearing are next to useless in filtering out smoke and toxic fumes, they are meant for particulates, you will need a full respirator for any protection..

  9. PC.

    Because you can upgrade more aspects of the hardware than just the RAM and you can build your own PC for a fraction of the price for an equivalent Mac.

    Come at me hippies. πŸ˜›

  10. The part that burst into flames was one of the chips next to the heatsink, the insulator easily can burst into flames. The parts that blew up were the capacitors.

  11. No joke but my PC burst into flames because my PSU failed and blew the capacitors first then spontaneously combust, I got the hard drives out barley

  12. YOU MICROWAVED THE MOTHERBOARD FROM CYBERCHASE, YOU'RE HACKER CONFIRMED! (Don't take this too seriously, It's a joke, plus Cyberchase is my childhood)

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