MMS – The Workstation

In a hospital, patient care is
fundamental. To this end, Medical Modular System
provides the elements which help the care staff to carry out their daily work in the
most satisfactory and efficient way possible. Every day, when the nurse comes on duty, her working routine has been speeded up thanks to the inclusion of a functional
element to her task: The workstation. Designed by Medical Modular System, the
workstation is composed of a worktop made from a Corian(r) like material and modular cupboards made in materials
which are damp proof and water-resistant. The worktop is a continuous surface with
no joints both in the basin as well as above it, which facilitates hygiene and disinfection. The absence of angles or 90-degree
corners avoids the accumulation of dirt. The rounded corners all to prevent
accidents in the workplace. The cupboard beneath the worktop is
completely ergonomic. With a height of 90 centimetres, it allows the nursing staff to stand up
in correct ergonomics whilst working. The cupboard features an attractive
design and optimizes storage space. The interior features lateral guide
panels and a system of extractable baskets for
easy access to the product. The doors are resistant to large impacts
and are perfectly able to support the weight if anyone who happens to lean on
them by accident. The workstation offers an integral
solution for the end user, in this case, the nurse, who can carry out
her work safely and comfortably. Being able to access the products in
such a simple way, the nursing staff complies with its
mission to treat the patients and have the required product to hand. Once treatment is finished, the nurses
return to their workstation, and at the end of the day the nurses replenish the workstation
with products from the service cupboard The workstation offers tailor-made
configurations and a satisfactory integral solution for
the clinic and the nursing staff. All of this is thanks to its ergonomic
properties, its functionality, modularity, design and the durability of
the materials. The nurses can carry out their duties with a
high level of organization.

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