23 thoughts on “Mobile Workstation for Your Pocket – CHUWI Minibook Now LIVE on Indiegogo!

  1. Oh yeah! great product Chuwi! keep pushing???? FB Page Italy is waiting for you https://www.facebook.com/chuwiitalia/

  2. Get MiniBook here: https://igg.me/at/chuwi-minibook

    There are no words to describe how grateful we are at this moment🙏.
    Over $200,000 raised in 24 hours!!
    We can do none of these without the love and support from CHUWI fans, thank you!❤️

  3. This model seem good. but when i check and search by google. i found that another model which call onemix 1s look better than this one.

    1s seem better quality , also i like the stylus pen design. storage chose better than mini book. the most important is~~ it cheaper than mini book~~~

    God! i really dont know how to choose it

    guys, probably you can check this link to check it

    i m a customer of CHUWI. but i bought 2 tablet of CHUWI. but now i really feel 1s look better

  4. Hi. I am hoping to review your HI10 Air on my channel. To whom would I have to contact to get a review sample?

  5. I wonder if the m3 w/ Intel UHD Graphics 615 could do DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (MST) through the USB-C port. Would be awesome if I could do power and two external monitors with just one cable at home or the office.

  6. I need one, it would be great if they integrate the dual system, android and windows in addition to a touch pen. I love the size of 8 inches.

  7. not many company focusing on little thing anymore, but few company who see this potential know what theres doing

    I had big laptop and why I need this tiny laptop so much.
    1. I travel alot, I use dslr, drone with memory card to transfer to my big data of ssd by using this tiny laptop
    2. I use cloud storage, easy to do transfer
    3. I use a software and ftp to monitor my server on the go
    4. I use to connect with a bigger screen to see my footage at any hotel I go
    5. I use software PC wallet
    6. I don't need to carry heavy cable, big ass laptop anymore, simple usb C cable can charge this tiny laptop
    7. I can do many things on devices that use usb port such ass my audio DSP car, car odb, and much more to do maintained and fix a problem
    8. I just hope they can make it more thin laptop with 7 inch screen , decent AIO port and faster, WOW

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