Monkey King: Hero Is Back – Launch Trailer | PS4

He named himself the Great Sage,
equal to the gods, and unleashed a great holy war However, despite Darshan being almost irresistible, In the eyes of the mighty Buddha… …he was no more than a mere monkey. Hey you! Are you really him, the real Dashan? What if I am? Darshan, could you teach me how to fight? You know what? While you were
sleeping, monsters have flourished. And…they abduct little children. Where are the children? I want to be able to beat up the bad guys too. Dashan, look! That better? Swings not right. Concentrate on what you’re doing. Such a poor, lost little monkey. Why don’t you show me…how strong you are. Dashan!!!!!! [“THE LEGEND”

100 thoughts on “Monkey King: Hero Is Back – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. It would have been epic if it was released as a Dragon Ball story with Toyama San to design the characters with the dragon ball voice actors

  2. The 2015 movie was amazing and deserves all the awards it got. It is still one of my favorites of all time. So I'm disappointed they were so lazy with the game. I mean just look at the goblin's halt animation. It doesn't exist.
    If you haven't seen the movie, you should. I HIGHLY recommend it.

  3. Now that Microsoft owns Ninja Theory I hope they remaster Enslaved and make Enslaved 2. For now this is probably the closest we'll get to that

  4. PLEASE tell me this game has Chinese language support.

    This game would be 10000x times better in Chinese with subtitles !

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