Mother – John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band

Mother You had me But I never had you I Wanted you You didn’t want me So I I just gotta tell you Goodbye Goodbye Father You left me But I never left you I Needed you But you didn’t need me So I I just gotta tell you Goodbye Goodbye Children Don’t do What I have done I Couldn’t walk And I tried to run So I I just gotta tell you Goodbye Goodbye Mama don’t go Daddy come home Mama don’t go Daddy come home Mama don’t go Daddy come home Mama don’t go Daddy come home Mama don’t go Daddy come home Mama don’t go Daddy come home Mama don’t go Daddy come home Mama don’t go Daddy come home Mama don’t go Daddy come home Mama don’t go Daddy come home

100 thoughts on “Mother – John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band

  1. I found no sufficient words to express the deptness of John's music, it touches the heart deep down, John miss you n you are still the best

  2. Que profundo, penetra na mente e no coração, simplesmente linda como o amor de um filho pra uma mãe 😍

  3. for whatever reason you leave the woman/man, should not mean you also leave the child/children! maintain that natural connect. nurture that unseen but felt cord.

  4. I love this song because I can relate to every single lyric I can feel his pain and anger, It's from the heart 😎

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  6. I can’t go through this song for 25 seconds not tearing up. It’s like he sliced his heart open and the words to this song came out so pure and raw

  7. Love u John Lennon! Sorry the world took you for granted. ☹️ It could really use an amazing person like you right now…

  8. What a heartbreking touching song. Really does make you cry I really do love this song ❤ if you don't cry you really don't have much of heart

  9. I heared this song the first time when I was very young. Thinking in that time John get a bit crazy.

    Now, after all the years, divorse and lost my kids I see this song different: Parents should (must) take care of their children. They need us even when they are 20 years or older. It's our responsibility … or however you name it. I belive that's the message.

  10. My dad can’t listen to this song or at least the beginning with the bells anymore since he lost his mom (my nonna)

  11. if life has touched u this way, he must understand sometimes mothers can't come home, even from hospitals, fore

  12. Man, I always loved this song, but now as a parent to two little ones, you can hear his hurt and pain from being abandoned

  13. Mi madre esta muriendo por insuficiencia renal y no conozco al desgraciado de mi padre lo único que se es que nos abandonó cuando supo que mi madre estuvo embarazada de mi …..
    Esta canción si que me llegó 😣😭

  14. Que triste se aya muerto echo un completo pendejo…!!
    Odiando a quien Dios escogio como conducto de vida y amando a una vieja cuelera y aparte fea y sin culo…..

  15. John is a hypocrite, as he left his firstborn son, Julian. He was a terrible father to one of his children. In my book, you can’t be such a great person if you can abandon a child.

  16. Funny, he left his own kid Julian pretty much out of his life. You would think he would have known better. Sad.

  17. Esta cancion casi que la compuso para mi ….tuve Madre pero no la tuve …mis padres se divorciaron cuando tenia un año y quede creciendo en el olvido de un rincón ..Pero a los 10 años pude conocerla y fue ,es y sera la mejor madre del mundo…mi hermosa madre de hermosos ojos negros hija de hungaros y afros ,una ascendencia mágica..Madre siempre estas en mi corazon..

  18. If you came here to hate on John because he werent a good father to Julian, make sure to listen the part where he says "Children dont do what I have done. I couldnt walk, I tried to run", a.k.a, John knew he messed up, he didnt repeat the same mistakes with Sean, he knew how his childhood affected him in a bad way, he wasnt the John people THOUGHT they knew, he was in love with Yoko, he was trying to raise his own family -everything he wanted in his childhood-, his relationship with Julian was getting better… and then he was killed.

  19. Mother, you had me
    But I never had you
    I wanted you
    But you didn't want me
    I just got to tell you
    Father, you left me
    But I never left you
    I needed you
    But you didn't need me
    I just got to tell
    Children, don't do
    What I have done
    I couldn't walk
    And I tried to run
    I just got to tell you
    Mama don't go
    Daddy come home
    Mama don't go
    Daddy come home
    Mama don't go
    Daddy come home

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