Welcome to unboxing review, my name is Cristian and today we are going to present you the motherboard z370 ROG
e-gaming by the hand of Asus which is compatible with the eighth generation of
Intel and it will allow us to use two graphic cards simultaneously under the
sli and crossfire technology so if are you thinking of putting together an assembly with
the eighth generation of intel stay there we are going to tell you everything
has to offer you this motherboard we started
we started with the unpacking of the motherboard which comes with enough
accessories of which we are going to talk then . First, it has a
complete manual in which we will find in detail the characteristics
from the mother and a CD with the drivers which we recommend to have them always
updated to be able to squeeze maximum the potential of it. How is it
custom in Asus we will find Pretty merchandising of the brand as
for example labels for cables some decals with the isotype the
republic of gamers and a poster for the Doorknob which is printed on both
sides. In addition to this we will find a backplate branded with the logo of
Asus two sata cables, one cable extension led rgb strip, a cable
extension of led addressable, a bridge sli and a wifi antenna with its respective
support, a tool to install the cpu and finally a support for cooler
which is installed in the mother tree to further improve the temperature of
the same if we talk about their compatibility they
we remember that the motherboard that we are testing
owns the Intel z370 chipset which despite owning the same lga1155 socket
it is only compatible with octave coffee lake processors
generation. As for the socket of its ram memories only ddr4 supports its format
It is atx and its measurements are 24.4 centimeters wide and 35 centimeters
long. In the visual section has the pcb of black color combining it with details
in dark gray color. Additional to this as we noticed in the upper part to the
left integrates a plastic housing which presents an edge in the form of
boomerang that has low rgb lighting the aurasync technology. The rest of the
dissipators that we see are entirely Constructed in brushed aluminum both
those that we observe in the high part like the of the lower part which has the
isotype delineated by republic of gamers. In general, it has enough
aluminum heatsinks which is excellent if we look for a good mother
refrigerated On the other hand for fans of rgb lights
and we tell you that unfortunately only It has an illuminated detail if we check
its technical section in the high part It has an 8-pin connector that
The processor will provide power. Your vrm has a 10-phase design of
power dedicated to the processor and a ram memory
additional to this incorporates two blocks of aluminum that when making contact with the
processor power phase dissipates in the heat in a precise way
granting us greater scalability and stability when it comes to overclocking.
To the right of it we are with four ddr4 sockets which are
ready to work with dual channel being compatible with
frequencies starting from 2133mhz up to 2666mhz without overclick
from 2800mhz to 4000mhz with overclock supporting a
maximum capacity of 64 gigabytes. On the lower part it has three PCI ports
express of which two of them they have the safe slot technology which we
will provide greater robustness especially if we use plates of
heavy video and in the case of wanting update our gpu offers us
compatibility with sli and crossfire. In addition to this, it integrates two m.2 ports
which have compatibility with intel optane and support with raid 0,1,5 and 10
and one of them has a very generous aluminum block which is removable
and thanks to the thermal pad that we have will help cool the ssd unit
that we have installed. In the section on audio has the rog supreme fx chipset
accompanied by nichicon capacitors Japanese giving us a sound
amplified and of higher quality. As internal connectors it has 2 usb 2.0, a
usb 3.1 first generation and a usb 3.1 type c of second generation.
If we check the right side has 6 sata 3 connectors which support
a maximum speed of 6 gigabit per second adding the possibility of
connect them in raid 0 1 5 and 10. On the rear panel it has two sma connectors
in which we will be able to place the antennas of wifi and bluetooth
u usb port 3.1 type-c second generation, a usb port 3.1 color red
second generation, a port of vide with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080p to 60 hertz a 1.4 hdmi port
00: 05: 28,130 ->00: 05: 35,780
with a maximum resolution of 4096×2160 to 24 hertz a port displayport 1.2 with a resolution
maximum of 4096 x 2300px to 60 hertz do usb 2.0 ports, two usb 3.0 ports
first generation blue color a rj45 port, an optical sound output
and finally 5 audio jacks which they offer us a very excellent sound
quality. In the section on Refrigeration has 4 sensors
temperature distributed throughout and width of the motherboard.
In addition to this he owns five connectors for fans of the
which in one of them we will be able to connect the pump of our
liquid cooling if we wish. Of course, all this is so that we can
manage it from the software owner of Asus called fan
Expert 4 that will allow us monitor and modify the parameters of
speed based on your requirement benefiting us in the consumption of energy.
In the section on lighting, it has two connectors for led strips rgb and
a connector for addressable rgb strips which once connected we will be able to configure them to our taste from the application
owner of asus called aurasync. Regarding the lighting of the mother
same is rgb and you are present only in the molding that
it has the upper part on the left. This is something that without a doubt the fans
of the rgb can see it as a possible Negative point. Now to close we are going to
review the software that provides us with their starting with your bios which has
UEFI architecture and between languages what are we going
Select is Spanish. On the main screen we see a summary
of the different menus that the bios has if we press the f7 key we’re going to
able to access the advanced mode. At main menu let’s find the
information from the bios along with their configurations. on the mb tweaker menu
let’s find all the options necessary to realize our
overclock being able to modify the baseclock and enable the profiles of
memoirs. In the advanced options menu let’s find the configurations of
the ports usb, sata and pci-express among others.
In the monitor menu we will be able to set the speed of the coolers and
temperature alerts. On the menu start we will be able to configure the
different boot options highlighting among them the one of fast start. In the peripheral menu we will find several tools
highlighting the safe erase of ssd that of the asclock overclock profile and the
Bios update. Lastly if we press the f6 key we will be able to
access the qfan control tool with which we will be able to monitor the
temperature of the sensors and set the speed of
the coolers that we have installed. On the other hand we will be able to download from the
Asus page the software called suite 3 with which we will be able to
unify the different applications of Asus that we have installed. Between them
we highlight fan expert 4 with which we are going to be able to configure the different
coolers that we have installed, counting with four cooling profiles.
We are also going to find the TPU and epu applications. With the first
we are going to be able to overclock our cpu and gpu in a simpler way and with the
second we will be able to configure the power consumption of our build.
Finally we highlight the aurasync application with which we will be able to
configure the different effects both in the molding that the mother brings
the led strips that we found connected. Finally after analyzing the
motherboard let’s move on to let them our conclusion As positive points
we liked the large amount of dissipators that you own, your vrm that is
quite generous, the fact of owning wifi and bluetooth connection,
its sound chipset and logically its design. We also highlight the design and
functionality of its bios and its complete suite of applications.
As negative points we would have liked that integrate some usb 3.0 ports
additional We could also mention the lack of a temperature sensor in the
feeding phases and finally a detail that perhaps is something more subjective
and it is that we would have liked it to integrate more rgb lighting in the case of a
model so to speak “top of range”. In short, the motherboad z370 of asus is
a very interesting proposal and that without doubts we recommend it. Until the video
if you liked, do not forget to share it Like and subscribe, we leave you a
greeting and until a next video


  1. Que belleza la calidad filmica, el mother me gusto aunque para mi gusto le falto algo! que tal anda aura sync? yo tuve algunos temas configurando rgb fusion. Basicamente las memorias ram no iban acorde al resto de las luces

  2. Estaba esperandolo, te tardaste! ya habia visto los avances en insta.. muy bueno! mmmm estoy en duda entre este y el aorus mmmm

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  4. Tampoco esta tan cara, yo la compre la semana pasada, muy linda y vistosa. Con Asus Aura configuras los rgb de la mother y las memorias y los accesorios que le agregues. Las memos son Corsair Vengeance Rgb. igual por ahi se le chifla el moño y quedan los rgb estaticos y hay que reiniciar el Asus Aura.

  5. Bien!!! Volviste al beat copado. Mi nombre es Cristian (te imagino revoleando las manos mientras narras.) jaja. Abrazo! Ya arme mi 8va de iNtel. gracias por el video!

  6. Que buen canal! son Argentos no? tienen una calidad similar a los canales americanos de tecnologia. Te ganaste un nuevo suscriptor!

  7. Por cierto soy fanatico de asus, me gustan mucho sos productos! lastima que a Argentina llegue poco y nada de la linea rog..

  8. hola estoy por comprarme uno de este modelo pero no se cual elegir porque son como 7 o 8 modelos distintos y la duda q tengo es si son todos los mismos o si hay alguna diferencia?

  9. Hermoso mother! yo tengo el maximus x hero y le pasa el trapo a ese igual. Estaria bueno si pueden traer esa linea por el canal. Del video no hay mucho que decir sencillamente es lo mejor que vi en Argentina lejos

  10. Tengo la asus z370 gaming F y esta muy buena, lo que si les recomiendo de entrada actualizarle el bios a la ultima versión ya que han corregido algunos errores.

  11. La verdad que quede enamorado con estos reviews, muy bien logrados.
    Con el tema de comprar en Amazon a Argentina, tenes alguna experiencia?

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  16. ya la compré, la tengo funcionando, la verdad que increíble esta Mother tiene una sobriedad única y para los que se meten en el tema del Overclock la Bios no es tan complicada dentro de todo y ademas esta en español, espero que sirva para el que tiene dudas de comprársela!

  17. Buen video como siempre la calidad impecable. Te sigo hace tiempo y nunca te consulte nada. Se me jodió un Asus prime z370 a y estoy entre este o aorus pero no sé. Y la verdad una opinión tuya me resultaría sumamente valiosa ya que sos crack en esto. Un abrazo enorme y ojalá respondas!!! Saludos!!!

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