Mrs. Samantha The Christian, Mommy, Grammy Gamer!

Hear that? Is that a creeper or somebody exploding? Ugh! That’s creepy! AH! Oh! It’s a creeper! What am I going to do? Can you see me creeper? I want to go outside, and you’re in my way. Well, what you can do with creepers, if you catch them in time, if you kill them, They give you gun powder. Which I don’t know what to do with! But, um, you can get gun powder. Lets see, is he going to explode? Can you see me?! Can you see me buddy? HI! Are you going to explode? Are you going to explode? He CAN see me! He’s looking. Or maybe…. Can you see me? Can you see me? Hey little buddy! Hey little buddy! I’m talking to you. Ummmm… I think I will go out the side door. Which I don’t have one of yet, but…. I think I will go make the side door now! Cause I am not walking out by that creeper! I don’t know how to use the gun powder, So there is no point in me getting gun powder! Is there one here too?! OK. Lets see.

5 thoughts on “Mrs. Samantha The Christian, Mommy, Grammy Gamer!

  1. Замечательно видео! С нас подписка, полный просмотр и лайк:) Надеемся на взаимность:)))

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