MSI 790FX-GD70 Motherboard

Alright, check it out. This is the Phenom II board,
from MSI that’s out there for the overclockers. Now, we’ve already discussed
some slightly lower models such as the G65. But this is the G70. Definitely the board to have if you
want to do some overclocking. If you’re going to be doing some
hard core gaming or some overclocking you’re going to like the features
that come with this thing. Check out the layout. Incredible.
Four PCI Express 2.0 slots. Phenom II.
Really fast memory support, and I’m talking about
really fast memory support. Remember, the new memories
that are out there now are going above 2,000 MHz
if you can do more than 1.65 volts, which a lot of people
are concentrating on at Intel and stuff aren’t
really remembering that if you go above 2.2 or 2.1 volts you can crank out some
nasty frequency from DDR3. Also, on top of that,
you can check out, obviously, the big big Northbridge
and Southbridge coolers. There is an integrated
heat pipe coming through here, I don’t know if you can see it,
there you go, it comes all the way over here,
all the way to your Southbridge. Now this is the SP750 Southbridge. And this is the 790 Northbridge,
up here. It’s actually called the RD790. It is socket AM3.
It is 140 watt support. So you can do any Phenom II
that you want up here; X3 and X4, your 940, your 950,
all that good stuff are going to work on here. Even the big ones, the 955 are only
125 watts, and this will do up to 140. So this is a great combination of
Northbridge and Southbridge. You also have a host
of overclocking features that I will talk to you
about in a second. But before that let’s get all
the basics out of the way. Now, this is HyperTransport 3.0 up to 5200 MT/s,
which is about 2600MHz. That’s the latest System Bus from AMB
for the Dragon platform. Up to 16GB of DDR3.
We already talked about how fast it is. Let’s get specific now.
16GB. 1333, 1600, and 2000 MHz are native. And you can go all the way
up to 2133 via overclocking if you want to get down
and dirty and do it you can. Tons of voltage.
2 phase power for the memory, as you can see right here. You’ve got two sets of caps and chokes. So dual phase power. The CPU socket for overclocking,
let’s talk about phase there, is actually a little different. It’s got something called
Active Phase Switching. It’s a hardware based phase switch. So, very good for efficiency.
Very good for overclocking. We’ll talk about that more with the
overclocking features in a second. Let’s continue though on the basics. Let’s talk about SATA ports. Now, looking over here,
you got six SATA ports right there. You have another two right here. And they’re actually
on a different hardware. This is a hardware ray chip, right here. These are the software ones.
So these are going off the SB750. These are going off of a separate
controller, so if you want to do RAID 0, really nice off of these. Everything else can go through here. But you
can also do RAID 0, 0+1, 5, and JBOD through here, which is really nice. Slots. This is where
this board is phenomenal. Four PCI Express x16 slots on this board. If you fully populate them
and you want to do CrossFireX, which is what this board
is designed to do, you’ll be able to do
Quad Crossfire X support and it’s going to give you x16/x16/x8/x8
throughput and bandwidth. Um so that’s what you’re going to get.
You’re also going to get two PCI, regular standard PCIs,
and a PCI Express x1, which are all very very nice. And, I also discovered,
by looking at this board, I don’t know if you can see it,
but over here, if you read the inside of the slot, yeah you can’t read it, it says, “Foxconn.” So you know that Foxconn
builds these boards for MSI in their factory, which I hope you guys
know that Foxconn builds boards for a lot of people. Now, let’s take a look
at the back panel because there’s a lot of
good stuff back there too. Check it out. Starting from the top,
very very nice. You have dual PS2s,
which are useful occasionally when you’re setting up
a new computer. You have your multi channel audio outputs coaxial analog and your SPDIF,
which is your optical that uses the toslink cable. That USB 2.0 and eSATA is right here. More FireWires and USB 2.0s,
Dual Gigabit Ethernet is also right here
so you got double and you can team those
together if you want, or you can set up
a separate network. You can do a bunch of different stuff
with two Dual Gigabit LANS. And then this is your audio.
Again this is very nice audio. This is not regular audio. I doubt you can see it
but the chip is right there, that’s the ALC889A.
Very nice on board audio. It’s one of the few chips that
will actually do true Blu-ray audio and they’re very proud of it obviously
because they listed it right there. They’re very proud of that.
Even the newer boards on there that have all these SPDIFS and stuff
still don’t do true Blu-ray audio and HD. So that’s very important to
know that you have that. Now, let’s talk about these overclocking
features that I was . . . I was all so happy about. First of all, DrMOS system obviously
high-end VRMs and VOS-MOSFETs. All of the nicest hardware
you can imagine. So pretty much everything
you can think of. Ferrite core chokes hidden underneath there,
don’t know if you can see them. Right there, ferrite core chokes. The caps that are in front of them,
all these caps, all solid-state,
with the ferrite core chokes in the back. They are all very very nice. It’s obviously using DrMOS instead
of the traditional MOSFETs. So that’s slightly different. Multiple discreet chips versus,
like, one big one. Also on here, very nice,
besides the cooling, if you come all the way
down here to the bottom. I’m going to show you this is more buttons
than you’ve probably have ever seen. You have got quite a few besides
power, reset, and clear CMOS. You’ve got Green Power
for energy savings and you have the OC Gear button, which is actually going to let you
overclock your front side bus on the fly. So you’re going to hold the button and
you’re going to crank it over to the right or to the left to overdrive your . . . pretty much your front side bus. Now, here’s the thing though.
What’s special about this is it’s . . . it’s integrated into the hardware. So, you’re actually overclocking
without resetting the BIOS, without resetting the computer,
without doing anything. It’s actually overclocking on the fly. Another cool feature that
you’re going to see, obviously, that is becoming very
common in these things is a LCD poster. So that’s going to give
you all your post codes. It’s going to tell you
if anything is wrong. Another one, it’s a feature
that you can’t see, but between all your memory slots, between up here by your DRAM memory,
by your processor, by your VRMs,
your Northbridge and your Southbridge they are all LED indicators. They are very small.
You can’t really see them. But, they will tell you how much
voltage you’re running through here, how much frequency. And you get a bunch of
interesting stuff on here. So you’re always knowing,
you always have an idea of how hard you’re running your system
and how far you’re overclocking. So, definitely very nice stuff. Also a very nice BIOS. And multiple BIOS chips as well
are going to be really useful if you’re overclocking on this board. That combined with the
Active Phase Switching and the DrMOS, which is a very nice way of . . . and elegant way of doing
your MOSFET design. It’s got a bunch of
different little chips instead of one big
integrated circuit. And that increases your efficiency, it helps with overclocking, it gives you better more stable current. Really good stuff. You get a ton of PCI Express slots,
you have a great BIOS for oveclocking and of course it supports
the Phenom II platform, which is a great overclocker in itself. It’s really easy to get to 4.25
on a Phenom Quad-Core, on just a crappy little air cooler. And on water, um, you can probably
get close to 5GHz on water, which is really really impressive. You can’t do that at all with Intel, especially with Intel Core i7,
they run really hot and they just don’t
overclock that far. And, if you get extreme
with a board like this and you’re doing liquid nitrogen you can definitely get into the
above 6GHz range, which is huge. And, and that’s something
that a board like this is worth it. If you’re not going to be
overclocking extensively get the 65, the G65,
you don’t need the G70. But, if you want to have
a gaming monster with a lot of PCI Express connectivity,
very fast memory support, lots of Active Phase Switching
for the CPU, lots of power options,
DrMOS, all this good stuff. This board is . . .
you’re going to love it, it’s great. It’s the GD70 from the 790FX line from MSI. Very good stuff.
This is what’s replacing their Platinum. They got over that naming system.
They have a new naming system. And this is pretty much
one of their better 790 boards. So, awesome stuff. If you have any questions on it email me,
and I will see you guys next time. For more information on the
MSI 790FX GD70 Motherboard type in M452-6060
into the search engine of any of these major retailers. For Computer TV,
I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “MSI 790FX-GD70 Motherboard

  1. hey im planing to get this with the black edition of amd phenom latest one
    is this a good decision ? ?
    or should i just pay 200 euros extra and get intel core i7 setup ? ? ? ? ?
    plzz helpp !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Depends on what you are trying to do.
    The AMD 965 BE is SO MUCH CHEAPER then an i7 setup. The AMD setup costs a lot less and is the best deal you can get compared to the i7 setup. I have this board and the amd 965 be 3.4ghz.

  3. @GICTechTV

    Get the AMD Phenom X4 965 Black Edition 125W.. The i7 will get like 20 more fps in a game, but for the 200 euros you can spend that extra to your videocard.

  4. I guess because it says its going to a AM3 socket and 125w for the Phenom II X6 1075T clocked at 3.00GHz. Its coming out in May 2010 in the US. In my opinion this is going to be better than the Core I7 because the Core I7 only has 4 cores.

  5. @Tha0men nooo no no, get the 955- its the same thing but underclocked by .2 ghz. all you have to do is overclock a tiny bit and you save 15-25$

  6. the i7 only has 4 cores. the hyperthreading makes it have 4 more virtual cores. So core i7 has only 4 cores. Like my old pentium4 is hyperthreading and its a singe core, but in task manager it says it has 2 cores but in cpuz it says it only has one core and 2 threads. So core i7 has 4 cores and 8 threads and threads are not cores.

  7. The two upper slots were x16 and the other ones x8. Can I put a video card that says it requires x16 into the x8? Im not so good at computers.


  8. @HumenDoctor by default the memory clock in the bios on the motherboard is set to 1066mhz. you can use the ocz amd be 4gb on the 790fx. i have it myself and runs fine. you just have to go into the bios and set it to 1600mhz and set your timing voltages to the right settings and you should be fine.

  9. @snobizz9 its a matter of personal preference, there are a lot of things to take into account when choosing a motherboard (i.e. chipset, ram, onboard sound/video built in, specific ports on the I/O in the back, sli/crossfire) etc so on and so forth…. figure out what features you're looking for, then go from there.

  10. just finished watching this dude doesnt know shit. the crossfire if fully populated doesnt give you x16/x16/x8/x8. The truth is fully populated they al go to x8 that is to say x8/x8/x8/x8

  11. @lilliamXXX with the gigabyte you get more for your money. usb 3.0 sata 6gb/s but with the gigabyte you only get 3 pci e slots vs 4 with the msi

  12. @WheelchairAccessible its so much faster!!!! im just wondering why youd want this when its coming out in less than 2 weeks. why is this this buzzing??? also the 2000MHZ on this board has no real effect its fun to show but does NOTHING on the 790FX chipset however the 890FX should OC all the way to 25. Its not about NEEDs if you are looking at FX boards AT ALL. They should be wants u dont need any of this. The FX line is built for those who oc and want speed. this chipset is OLD.. very

  13. i think im gonna get this from newegg… i need 4 pci express x16 slots for shur! 😛 i dont but it wil boost the gaming of my comp if i do… its $170 on newegg

  14. @Daxter609 i hope so! no yea i think they are backwards compatable but before you buy i would google it and see what another website sayes.

  15. @Daxter609 Well is usb 3.0 compatible with usb 2.0 devices because i'm in a deadlock choice between getting the 790fx or wait for the 890fx which has usb 3.0 and they keyboard and most other external devices I want are 2.0 since 2.0 has been around for 7 years and 3.0 only for 3 years.

  16. @Thet3 well it isnt only about the mobo it is a combination of CPU, mobo, ram, HDD/SSD, video card/cards. If you have one item that is the lowest rated CPU for the mobo but yet you have everything else maxed out then you will see a frame hit fom the CPU bottleneck.

  17. @Warrior443 I know I will wait for that and get an amd x6 with it. Do you know what form factor it is? Is it ATX form or bigger?

  18. @Warrior443 Ok so I know its gonna fit in my Azza solano 1000r I though I was gonna have to sell it can't wait to get a the Amd x6 and play crysis on it 😀

  19. I bought one of these. The audio failed and it had serious stability issues. The RMA to MSI cost me about $20. I wasn't happy about this. My advice: Spend a little more and get a the Gigabyte UD5, you'll save in RMA costs later.

  20. i want this board and the phenom II x4 965 black edition with a radeon hd 5770. but my problem is i dont know what ram i need. i would like the ram to be plug and play. i dont want to mess around in the bios as this will be my first build. so if someone can please tell me what ram i can use that would be fantastic. i would like it to be ddr3 and as low cost as possible while still being good ram. not sure how many gigs i need but i want to be able o play gta4 really nicely. someone help?

  21. The main thing to look for with RAM are it's CAS latencies and operating frequency. The lower the CAS but the higher the frequency the better. If you're using this motherboard I'd use Mushkin Enhanced Ridgeback modules (newegg).

    The amount of RAM you use is dependent on your Operating System. 4 GB is the max for a 32 bit OS but a good start for a 64 bit OS. PM me if you want more help.

  22. The time has come for me to enter the era of AM3 and DDR3 and thanks to this video, I've chosen my new motherboard 😀

  23. why the fuck do peope want to watch this shit and before you ask i was searching the foxconn factory about the apple suicided and this shit can up WTF?

  24. @wiifan62 I have the same build only with two 5770s and I chose 2x2gb ddr3 G. skill ripjaws @1600mhz they cost me $110 which is pretty reasonable for 4gigs of ddr3. Great ram and an overall great build 🙂

  25. @hansifansi hey dude i want to buy this board but i want to know if you need to update the biios for the phenom ii 955 processor and do you have any problems with this board?

  26. @radix100 You dont need to update your BIOS, but its easy; so why not ?
    I have no other problems with the bord 🙂 Love it <3

  27. @hansifansi thanks man because i can build a computer blind folded but the bios really freaks me out, but can any am2+/am3 socket take an am3 processor without the bios update?

  28. @radix100 Thats the good thing about AMD. Almost any CPU work with any AMD bord. Just update the bios.. But if you have a AM3 bord, the AM3 CPUs is the way to go, because the AM2 CPUs are a bit "slow" compared to the AM3s 🙂

  29. @radix100 download the bios files from, save them to a USB drive, go into the bios, find the "flash bios" thing..

  30. @hansifansi thats it, it so easy lolz so jus store the files to the flash drive and find it in the bios and click on it?

  31. For people looking to get this board, if you plan on getting a Phenom II x6, the 6 core processors require you to do a BIOS upgrade to make it compatible otherwise it will show as AMD processor unknown model @ 800MHz. This is what I had to do to get my 1090t working with it. And flashing BIOS on a $160 board is scary as heck. lol But after the BIOS update it runs fine. Nice board. Nothing against the board just be prepared to flash BIOS if your getting a hexacore.

  32. Fail at 0:20. The box is upside down. But what is the advantage if you plug your case fans into your motherboard instead of a LCD Fan Controller?

  33. okay just changed my mind. im getting this amazing board even if im using a nvdia geforce card. i guess ill change to radeon

  34. only thing I'm worried with this board is having a big graphic card and the south bridge will block it as you see its almost in the middle of the board.

  35. oi
    i never liked MSI because of the pricing but this board is like so awesome haha wish i got this btu they didnt have this i go with asus or asrock but i should try a MSI like this but its prob alot like 200 or something haha but this board something i might wanna get has alot of thigns to play around with
    the end

  36. @synveng I have an MSI NF980-G65. It can do up to tri-SLI (x16, x16, x8), and with an update to the latest BIOS supports hexa core processors. If you want SLI, make sure you get a board with an Nvidia chipset. If you want Crossfire, go for a board with an AMD chipset.

  37. I HAS A QUESTION he only mentions x3 and x4 processors but on tiger direct it says it supports AMD Phenom II so does that mean it will work with dual core?? RESPOND KTHXBYE 😀

  38. @darkblood931 why not just buy a new processor there only,(because i dont know the currency rate and im from brittain) at the most £150

  39. @ronniereiff Hi. I still use the bord today. Works very good =) Just update the bios and your bord is ready for 2011 😉

  40. after overclocking my pci-express drops to 8x. I have only 1 video card and nothing else. Can anybody help me?

  41. @KSDG84 turn on V-sync, It sounds like you are getting screen tearing, and it is common to happen , if that doesnt work, then you may have a problem

  42. What is/will the 2017 standards be for gaming motherboards? I have been checking tomshardware, and other tech blogs, but I still don't know. I am hoping with the fast SSD drives and ram, we will be close to an instant on gaming PC…I'd settle for a 5 second boot time..maybe. Anyone have a 3 to 5 second cold boot machine (from cold to launching a game in under 5 secs?) I have my ancient PC booting in 20 seconds or less using an older SSD from ADATA.

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