MSI B450M Mortar Motherboard Review

AMD recently launched the B450 chipset for
their new Ryzen 2 CPUs which gives us a nice option under the X470 motherboards. I recently
covered MSI’s B450 Tomahawk board, and now we’re looking at their B450M Mortar, which
has similar design elements but in a smaller form factor, so let’s see what this board’s
got for us. Inside the box you get the motherboard itself,
IO shield, two SATA cables, MSI badge sticker, screws for the M.2 slots, installation guide
and manual. The board has a nice clean black and grey
metallic colour scheme, similar to their B450 Tomahawk, so nothing flashy going on here.
It’s also available as the titanium edition in white though if you’d prefer that. There is some RGB lighting toward the top
right hand side, and this can be controlled using MSI’s light sync software. In total
there are about 10 different built in effects, but you can always turn it off if you don’t
like it. It’s a Micro-ATX board, coming in at 24.4cm
by 24.4cm. Unfortunately I don’t have any specific Micro-ATX cases on hand so it looks
a little small in my H700i. Starting with the IO from left to right there’s
a BIOS flashback button, a PS/2 port, two USB 2.0 Type-A ports, DisplayPort and HDMI
1.4 outputs which are only usable if you’re using an APU with Vega graphics, four USB
3.1 Gen1 Type-A ports, gigabit ethernet port, USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-A and Type-C ports, followed
by the audio ports using Realtek ALC892. Here’s how the included black and white IO shield
looks. At the center of the board is the AM4 socket,
which supports both AMD’s new Ryzen 2 CPUs but is also compatible with the first generation
too, and for my testing I’m using the Ryzen 7 2700 CPU with the stock cooler. Next to the socket are the four memory slots
which run in dual channel, and can support up to 64GB of memory at DDR4-2666 speeds.
In my system I’m just running 2 8gb sticks as it’s what I’ve got available, and with
overclocking you can run up to DDR4-3466. I’ve heard that with the second generation
of Ryzen memory support has improved, so compared to say B350 you should have better luck with
memory overclocking, but as mentioned I don’t have any exciting memory so wasn’t able
to test that out. As a Micro-ATX board PCIe slots are limited,
from the top down there’s a PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, although it runs at x8 speeds if you’re
using Vega graphics from an APU, and the slot is also reinforced with metal. Next are two
PCIe 2.0 x1 slots, although if you use the bottom of the two the one above will be disabled,
followed by a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot which runs at x4 speeds, giving us support for two way
crossfire, no mention of SLI though. The first M.2 slot is found just above the
PCIe slots, while the second is found just after the x1 slots. The top slot uses PCIe
3.0 with 4 lanes straight to the CPU, while the second slot uses PCIe 2.0 with 4 lanes
via the chipset, but if you use the second M.2 slot then the bottom PCIe slot becomes
unusable. Along the top there’s an 8 pin power connector
and CPU fan header. Along the right hand side there’s 4 SATA
3 connectors, two of which are on a different angle, the 24 pin power connector, and a system
fan header. Finally along the bottom there’s the front
panel audio, second system fan header, RGB header, TPM connector, two USB 2.0 connectors
followed by a single USB 3 connector, the front panel connectors and second RGB header. There’s also a third system fan header just
above the PCIe slots. Using the SATA ports there’s support for
RAID 0, 1 or 10, and there’s also support for RAID 0 or 1 using the M.2 slots. The Mortar
also supports AMD’s new StoreMI technology, which basically uses an SSD to cache frequently
accessed items from a hard drive, resulting in faster overall performance. To boot into the BIOS simply press the delete
key during boot. It was basically the same as other MSI motherboards I’ve used, so
easy to navigate through and make changes, and I had no issues while updating to the
latest version noted here which is what I was testing with. The BIOS can be upgraded easily by copying
the update files onto a USB stick, plugging in and pressing the BIOS flashback button
on the back of the board, it just takes a few minutes to complete. This feature wasn’t
present in the B350 model, and gives us the ability to easily upgrade the board, which
is really useful given the AM4 socket will be supported until 2020, so when new CPUs
come out you won’t have any issues if you buy the board with say 3rd generation Ryzen
in the future. With B450 you’ve got the option of overclocking
too, in my testing I was able to easily get my 2700 to 4GHz on all cores, although I didn’t
do in depth overclock testing. We’ve got 4+2 VRMs here and I wasn’t able to measure
temperatures with Hardware Info because there didn’t seem to be a temperature sensor for
the VRM. Here’s what the heatsink areas look like at idle using a thermal camera,
around the mid 20s, then with the overclock applied under stress test this area went up
by 20 degrees after an hour. As for the pricing the MSI B450M Mortar motherboard
is going for around $155 AUD here in Australia at the time of recording, or $107 USD in the
US for my international viewers, you can check updated pricing in the description. There
are both cheaper and more expensive B450 boards, even in the Micro-ATX form factor you’ve
got a few options, but it seemed pretty decent for what you’re getting. Overall I thought the MSI B450M Mortar was
a nice board, it’s the first Micro-ATX board I’ve checked out and in many aspects I liked
it more than the larger ATX Tomahawk that I reviewed previously, especially as you’re
getting those two M.2 slots and more USB ports on the back. Let me know what you guys thought down in
the comments, and what other boards you’re looking at. Thanks for watching, and don’t
forget to subscribe for future tech videos like this one.

100 thoughts on “MSI B450M Mortar Motherboard Review

  1. Hello, I'm planning to buy the titanium version of this. May I ask if the MOBO (either this version or the titanium version) good for overclocking? My set for this are: CPU – R5 2600x, GPU – RX 570 8gb OC and 16gb ram 2400mhz.

  2. can you help me I just bought this motherboard and the aplication for change the rgb dosnt work how I cant change the colors of the rgb

  3. Still testing with the MSI B450M Mortar but have hit 3466MHz with 1T,
    13-12-12-12-21 @ 4GHz with 1.4Vm, 1.4Vc, 1.15Vsoc on the R5 2400G.
    Testing for stability now. Mosfet temperatures are really good
    considering there is no heat sink on the Vsoc. May jump to 1.5V on the
    memory. (Team Force Dark Pro (2x8GB) 3200MHz at CAS 14) Dropped tRC to 42, tRFC to 300. Have not fussed with the iGPU clock settings yet.

  4. Can i use a rx 580 8 gb in this Mainboard because the description says : maximum graphic memory 2048 mb
    I'm kinda confused what does that mean

  5. does it matter which m.2 slot you use if you only have 1 m.2? if i use the 2nd slot will my graphics card cover it?

  6. Bought this with a 2600 and a 1070, and absolutely love it. P.S You’re channel is super underrated and I think it’s awesome that you reply to every comment!

  7. I bought this graphics card but when first boot my screen in HDMI does not recognize the pc I can not access the bios

  8. I have this board and in hardware monitor it has a MOS temperature reading. From what I have seen it looks to be the vrm.

  9. I just ordered this board for an HTPC build using a 2400G. This will be my first MSI board, and first Ryzen build. Hopefully everything will work in Linux.

  10. Today 12/6/2018, just discovered MSI had "discontinued" B450m Mortar and B450M Mortar Titanium, why, since is was just announced in September, I've also noticed on B&H most of their MSI B450 motherboards are on backorder, can't find any info as to whats happening with MSI B450 motherboards. Can't get any info from 'MSI".

  11. Looking for a good micro-ATX board for a intel I-5 8600k. Any suggestions? I like this board look. Do they make a lga1551 version?

  12. If your getting this board I would buy it now, contacted 8 sellers and they all said this board wasn't in stock and there is a shortage of them until mid February, managed to get one with 24hr delivery for £100 on nova tech but there selling out really fast!

  13. This is probably going to be my last dumb question. So I'm planning to buy 3 rgb fans for my build, am I going to need to buy a fan or rgb splitter? Or is there a enough fan and rgb headers?

    Thanks man

  14. can you make a video on B450M gaming plus motherboard? i am gonna buy a new pc and im not sure about that board since there are not any reviews for it specifically

  15. Hi Jarrod
    I plan to build my first pc for design work (rendering ) and gaming

    Ryzen 7 2700
    With this mortar board or tomahawk ?
    I prefer this mortar titanium + ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 Dual Fan. They must be ok to run and matching white theme ?

  16. MSI B450 Tomahawk / MSI B450M Mortar / Asrock B450M PRO4 which one should I go for? I have Ryzen 5 2600, might upgrade later.

  17. where the cmos jumper located? can i downgrade my bios to a previous version ? the one im having right now messed up my system the newest.. 7B89v16   🙁

  18. Damn a nice motherboard 😁 umm question do I need to update the bios inorder to work?

    The build I will be going is
    Ryzen 2200g or 2400g
    MSI b450m mortar
    2x 4 ddr4 2666
    Rx 570 of 8g
    SSD 120gb
    HDD 2tb
    Evga 550w GD 80+

  19. I have a big dilema i want to wait for the ryzen 5 3600 and i have 2 choices right now the b450 mortar or the x470 auros ultra gaming , i rather save some money but if the auros is needed ill pay ( heard that good b450 motherboards with a bios update can handle the 3xxx series)

  20. Can't find this board anywhere–it seems to be out of stock everywhere 🙁 And it's totally absent from Newegg now. Weird.

  21. So i spent 2hrs looking for the Msi b450m mortar matx board. The titainium edition i did find, but its out of stock. The regular version i could not find ANYWHERE (i live in the usa btw). I only found ONE place that sold it, and it was amazon at a price of about $198.93 USD, there is also only 1 in stock. Either this motherboard is very popular or they only made a few and discontinued this board. Any luck guys?

  22. hi bought msi b450m mortar but the bios color is not red like in the advertisment its look like a normal bios interfacr

  23. Have you tried this motherboard with updated BIOS and the new AMD Ryzen 3rd generation CPU? I wonder if it works OK that way.
    But the newly released MSI B450M Mortar MAX motherboard is better with that CPU.

  24. I'm waiting for the new MAX version of this board to be released for my Ryzen 3700X build. It should be available by end of Sept 2019.

  25. No real impressed with my B450M Mortar.
    They could not spend $1 for Colour coded Audio ports, Have a Jumper on Board or setting in Bios to turn off stupid LED's nor print clearly in the manual what type of M.2 will work in what M.2 slot.

  26. Hey can you help me out a bit..
    My build is:
    Ryzen 3600 or ryzen 2600
    Rx 5700
    B450m mortar
    2x8gb 3200mhz or should i go for 2x8gb 3600mhz
    Nvme 240gb

    From what ive heard this motherboard doesnt support 3600mhz out the box unless its overclocked is this true and should i save some money and get 2600 or 3600 as it could get me the 3600mhz ram..more affordable but would like to get the 3600 for future proof pls help…

  27. This is my build worth 1,132$ with Monitor

    Ryzen 5 3600
    Msi B450m Mortar Max
    Tforce Delta Rgb 2×8 3200mhz
    Crucial BX500 240gb
    Seagate Barracuda 1tb
    Zotac Rtx 2060 Amp
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Rgb Black
    Cooler Master Mwe 650w 80+ Bronze
    Cooler Master MB520 Rgb Atx
    Hkc M27G3F 27 inch Monitor

    ID-Cooling Df12025 Trip pack Rgb
    Led Strip

  28. I only can find the mortar max. Can I use the max with Ryzen 5 2600. And can I use 4 system fans on it and is the b450m steel legend better or should I buy this one

  29. sir does it have the same peformance comparing to b450 tomahawk max? or tomahawk performs better because its bigger?

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