MSI B85-G43 Gaming Motherboard REVIEW!

everyone answers until and today I’m going to be taking a look at the motherboard from MSI p85 g43 gaming is a ATX motherboard I got this multiple because well now that I have begin face I need the the USB 3.0 l adapters and my my mother board doesn’t allow that and also has two PCI Express sports so I can connect the gtx 950 and the 750ti at the same time and use them without opening the PC so you can see here’s the motherboard itself then take a look at that later and second then inside the box to have this you can just remove it and what we have in here wow this goes in the back of the PC as always very good cows like that then we have this SATA cable to SATA cables is here don’t start the SATA 3 cables so 6 gigabytes per second then we have the travels here I recommend just toss in this and get a new ones from the web page then we have the quick installation guide well tells you how to install it how to put the ramp the CPU with it’s right there and then we have user’s guide very thick users guide it keeps in it comes in many languages then we have this sticker pretty nice of them to add this I like it and then we have this which is very funny its hood and on your door you have hang this on the door I’m not here and I’m sorry busy gaming pretty interesting well the box is now I’m interesting let’s put this back inside you might ask what are you going to do with the other motherboard well good question I’m going to I’ll put this here so I can put the world we’re on I’m going to build a second PC with my i3 so I can do I three videos once again I just the other for rendering k7 so that’s pretty much when I am building on the PC this one will be for the i7 on my old car my old motherboard will be for the so the second piece can build and I got this alright alright here’s the model war let’s see each part of it so here we got two PCI Express sports I’m going to put the 950 here and the selfie TTI here then we have PCI pods this Lots I mean then here’s the one the chipset with with its heat sink if we can see em aside with the dragon here then we have the outer boost but this has good audio integrated there it seems here’s the socket we put the CPU here we have four run slots I think it’s up to 32 gigs of RAM then we also have the 24 pin connector and the egg pin connector up here for the CPU I found a CPU one fan these two are also PCI Express I think yes we say Express this one’s too then after removing this sticker what it says read SATA port six will be disabled when M SATA slots it’s in use as you can see there so the SATA port six will not be used when the mSATA slot it’s used because it uses that part of the inaudible then here we have theta 1 theta 2 we have the USB 3.0 header for the front if you have frontal USB she want to use the frontal USB 3.0 we have right here then what else we have here let me see well we have as if you can see here the USB 2.0 let me get a closer here it tells us B and then let me see if I find something else or just an audio port yeah we have everything here another sits on over here 4 pins I don’t think that’s pretty much what you want to know yeah there’s one USB 2 missing here for some reason whatever ok so in the back we have the audio the Ethernet slot the connector to USB 3.0 USB 2.0 we have 6 USB 2.0 so you can see two here two here hella PD ps/2 connector to fuse then and then we have display ups we have DVI DVI and VGA so we don’t have any analog here which also goes to our BGA and DBI so what’s good I like that and we have the audio port around here and oh one thing I forgot to mention as you can see here we have this 2 SATA port here but as you can see this vlog here are the other seaters as you can see it for here so we have a total of 6 SATA connections pretty awesome and well that’s pretty much what I have to show you I’m going to build it now I hope you enjoy you you you you you you you you as you can see many of the cabling management on well cables I had had to plug into the motherboard were skipped this was because I don’t have a tripod that went in the direction I wanted so I had to improvise I use some some duct tape in order to do that whatever I just showed you what my idea was was to have access to the USB 3.0 in the front of the model in the forint of the case that I couldn’t use because my previous one my previous one more didn’t have USB 3.0 for the front then I also needed to plug the gtx 950 and the 750ti i won’t use him in sli because it’s impossible those are different GPUs it’s impossible to put them in SLI this will be my job way easier since I don’t have to swap the graphics cards each time I had to test the game I just change the connection from the 950 to the 750 Ti and vice versa and I can just use it as normal as that way more easy for me I will be able to make more videos in a shorter shorter amount of time since I started studying um well something about PC and all that kind of stuff I will be doing one video per day instead of two or three per day but you will see get a lot of content also with the older motherboard as you can see I put the i3 with the stock cooler there so I’m going to build a second PC with the i3 so I can do I three tests once again so awesome that PC will be used by by my brother and I will use it to record some gameplay some times and render it into the Isilon machine so you don’t complain that I’m not using an actual i3 I would go back to a3 and well that this is the final result and as you can see it looks pretty awesome so well I hope do you enjoy the video if you like like the video if you don’t like dislike the video and if you enjoy my content please subscribe and well as always in the next one and bye

63 thoughts on “MSI B85-G43 Gaming Motherboard REVIEW!

  1. Te Las Regalan O La Compraste 😀 Y Cuanto Vale Pienso Comprarme Una Nueva Ya Que La Mia Es Suoer Vieja 😀 Like

  2. I have a question for you I have a i3 4150 I am thinking off buying GTX 950 one of you videos the CPU bottleneck the GPU should I buy GTX 950 or GTX 750 ti I am not thinking I upgrade my CPU

  3. "Bet your asking, what did I do with my old motherboard?" Nope, more like; will that dog shut up lol. I have the AM3 version of t his board and it's rock solid.

  4. I'll buy a buy MB in June, but i'll buy a cheaper one with an i5, and some coolers. I have Asus gtx 750 ti "too" 😀

  5. Eres un duro genial este video entretenido y aparte te enseña!!!! que usaste para retirar la pasta seca santiago??

  6. Pucha de hacer benchmarks para la gente sin pisto, te volviste pistudo, solo no te olvides de nosotros, los quebrados que tienen que descargar undertale crackeado y que ocupan soplar en el cpu porque no tienen disipador

  7. :O:O:O i love it. waooo that mother board xD que bien amigo te felicito jojo oye respondeme una pregunta, poniendo las 2 tardeas haces SLI? o que ganas poniendo las 750 ti y 950.? disculpa mi ignorancia.

  8. Asus Z170-P D3 Esta placa base es sufienciente para el equipo que voy a montar?
    Este es el equipo:;1&placa=86114;1&ventilador=0;1&memoria=79528;1&disco=48621;1&disco2=0;1&torre=71753;1&fuentes=72017;1&tgrafica=87946;1&tsonido=0;1&lector=0;1&grabadora=0;1&monitor=89491;1&teclado=87313;1&raton=0;1&altavoces=0;1&sintonizadora=0;1&adaptador_red=0;1&instal_so=no;1&montado=no;1&so=0;1

  9. congratz santiago , is this atx or ?
    and does ur old motherboard support cards like gtx 970 980?
    just asking 😀

  10. Hooo, yo tengo esa placa xD

    PD: me la compre hace unos 12 dias xD

    PD2: me acabo de dar cuenta de que tenemos el mismo PC exeptuando el gabinete

    750Ti MSI, B85-G43 MotherBoard, 8 Ram, i3 4170, Poseidon 2.0 WaterColling, Crossair CS series 750 Plus Gold

    Pero eso cuando pones tu setup bajo porque el otro me hace cagar el pc (el que tienes con el i7 y la 950)

    Saludos, me encantan tus vídeos, sigue así :D!!

  11. Hermano, tu video me confirmo mi nuevo Build.
    Y justo estaba pensando una GTX 750 ti.
    Buena Review :DD

    Por si quieren curosear aquí les dejo como voy a ensamblar mi nueva PC
    Esta pensado en ser una PC de gama Media/alta y los componentes no son caros, incluso el GTX 750 ti que aquí en México cuesta $3,000 y sigue siendo una bestia por lo que vi en otros videos y el i5 4460 hace un trabajo excelente e igual de barato !!.

    -MOBO: MSI B85-G43
    -CPU: Intel i5 4460
    -VGA: Nvidia GTX 750 ti
    -Fuente de poder: Corsair CX600 600W

    Lo demás como el RAM, gabinete.. pues hay muchísimas opciones para escojer.
    Si quieren ver un poco mas de lo que ya se les a enseñado en este video miren aquí sobre el B85-G43

  12. Los conectores de la fuente necesitas el de 24 pines y 2×4 para el del cpu ? Porque probe con una fuente que tenia solo 4 para el cpu y no prendio

  13. que tal es su placa aún no armo el pc pero esta placa ya la tengo… como te funcióno sobre todo eso del killer2205 LAN para jugar online es bueno ? saludos de chile

  14. Esta placa tiene VGA?
    porque si estuviera en la situacion de que mi tarjeta de video se malogre y quisiera usar la PC donde podria conectar el cable VGA? porque mi monitor solo soporta VGA

  15. hola amigos, please test B85 G43 GAMING with your GTX 1060 MSI GAMING and tell me if VGA BOOST worked, I have the same MB and I want to know if the VGA BOOST (an additional OC for who has a combo of MB+GPU MSI GAMING) works for 1060 GAMING MSI.
    Just insert the 1060 gaming in the B85 G43 GAMING MB and tell me the mhz wrote on MSI GAMING APP.
    Thank you very much from Italy.

  16. Processor: intel core i5 4440 haswell
    GBU:Gtx960 G1 Gaming 2gb
    Ram:8gb DDR3 1600 (Vengence 1×8)
    Motherboad:MSI B85-G43 Gaming
    Caseandpowersupply:BitFenix Comrade Window ATX Mid Tower Case (WhiteORBlack) + 500W PSU

  17. La placa madre sirve para la gtx 1050 ti si lo soportara perdon por comentar en video antiguos y cual es mejor preferencia para comprar la msi military class 4 o esta

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