MSI Eclipse SLI LGA 1366 Motherboard

Alright we’re looking at the MSI Eclipse X58. This is a new offering from Micro Star, and… Is that what they stand for? Micro Star? I think so, right? It’s actually Micro Star International. That is what MSI stands for, in case you didn’t know, and pretty much they are supplementing their platinum and their silver, gold, whatever precious metal they usually use, they’re supplementing that. The platinum is no longer the highest of their line, they made a new top teer for their top of the line just awesome products, this is it, it’s called the Eclipse line, and their first offering is X58 and I think, that’s a pretty good idea for them to do. You know, their first board will be X58 with the latest chipset, supporting the new fastest processors which are really awesome, and I love them a lot. So, we are looking at the X58 Eclipse, socket 1366 LGA, this is your Intel core i7s, the 920 the 940 and the 965, both the 4.8 and the 6.4 giga transfer per second CPUs will work on this board, as you can see, it does look really sweet, it’s got a lot of good good cooling, it supports up to 24 gigabytes of DDR3. See these dims right here? It supports memory sticks that are not even out yet. That’s right. It supports those 4 gigabyte sticks, Ok so will be able to put in the future up to 24 gigabytes of triple channel DDR3 on here. 1333 MHz of native memory, it will support or it’ll do 1600 and up, with overclocking. This is your socket 1366. Obviously you’re going to see here very very nice cooling, it’s their Dr. Mose system, or Dr. Moss I really don’t know how you say it you will notice that it’s all linked up. Your South bridge which again is the ICH10R just like you’ve been seeing all the other X58 boards which is awesome ’cause you get ton of SATA ports, ton of RAID features. Their North bridge is also… Got a huge copper cooler on it and so do all the VRMs are cooled kind of separately, to kind of get the power… The fan will suck in the hotness from the VRMs through the CPU cooler. I mean through this, VRM cooler right here and it’ll just go right out the back, all your MOSFETs are cooled, and it’s a very nice design overall. It also has one of those really nice backplates, nice and sturdy and those also alleviate some of the heat issues from your CPU. Now let’s talk about some of the card buses on here, because I know you guys always want to see the card buses. Most people that are doing this X58 are doing it for the gaming, and that’s what this board is pretty much designed for. That and overclocking, ’cause you got a lot of great slots on here. So looking at this one right here, that is a PCI Express x16. This black one is a PCI Express x16, and this black one is a PCI Express x16. Now if you populate them, they will run electronically at x16, x8, x8. So if you’re going to do triple SLI, which you can do on these X58 motherboards, that’s how it’s going to run. x8, x8, x16. If you’re going to run CrossFire you can do both at x16 which is really sweet. Or if you’re just going to run to a SLI they will also run at full x16. So if you’re going to do a triple GTX280 monster, a dual SLI GTX280 monster, or a 4870x2s, whatever you’re sin is it’s up here you can do it, and that’s pretty good. And, what else can I tell you about this thing? Also on the board you’re going to notice there is something missing that you see on usual motherboards that is not there and it is the floppy connector. It is gone. That legacy device is gone, you do have an IDE. And ironically enough they provide you with a floppy cable in the box, but there is no floppy header, and to me that’s a good thing. I love it. Your.. Down here, this is your ICH10R it gives you 10 SATA ports. That’s right. Ten. So look at 4 right there, and 6 right there. Those are the backwards facing ones. The ones that face up you can use for eSATA or for a back panel connector, whatever you want. But, you have a ridiculous amount of connectors. 6 of those, these black 6 over here are going into the Intel controller, and the other 2 are actually going to a pair of ‘J’ micron controllers, which I think are here? And… I think it’s that one. So those are the two different controllers for your hard drives and they all support RAID 0, 1, 0 + 1, 5 and just a bunch of disks, so you have plenty of RAID options. Looking at the back panel, dual gigabit LAN. Very nice with teaming technology. You have 8 USB 2.0 ports, so there’s 4 here and there’s another 4 here that’s more than you’re going to see on a lot of boards, it’s a ridiculous number plus you still have 2 headers inside. So up to 14 USB 2.0 ports which is absurd. You have your PS/2 keyboard and mouse, legacy items. This is your button to clear your CMOS which is very very important. And then that’s pretty much it. That’s all you got you will notice that there is no sound and of course that’s because with a premium board like this you’re also going to get the extremely premium sound. So they gave you a discreet audio card it’s the Extreme FX2 X-Fi from Creative. This has just about everything it has your S/PDIF input and your outputs for your front panel connectors and then on the back it’s got 7.1 channel HD audio with a TOSLINK output so if you want to go to some really nice headphones, surround sound speakers or a home theater receiver, you can do it with this, plus the fact that it’s discreet. You know that means that you’re not going to be using your CPU cycles to, you know, do some silly sound effects when you can do them all here. Plus you’re going to get a lot less noise, all the interference from the board is not going to go through your audio. So you’re not going to hear that little… Like you’re probably hearing right now. You’re not going to hear that. If you’re in complete silence you’re going to hear complete silence, so it’s very cool that it comes with this. You’re also going to notice that it comes with a couple of other little features. This is the GreenPower Ginie. And this is a little power management box so it actually just monitors your power, and this is the D- led 2. This is kind of your post screen technology, tells you if you have an error code, it tells you what’s happening during the post, but it can also be used to overclock on the fly just like some of the other higher end boards coming out for x58 from other companies they have these little screens on them and this lets you pretty much, overclock on the fly while a program is running. You can even do it when a benchmark is running. Ok, so imagine you’re running 3DMark Vantage and you’re trying to go for some world record, you can, on the CPU section you can drop down your overclock, for your CPU to make sure that it runs stable. When you get to the graphics part, you crank it back up to get the highest score. Things like that, it’s going to help you with that and this thing pretty much monitors all your power. It doesn’t monitor the 12 volt, which is kind of why I figured it’s kind of… What’s the point? But it is there if you want to use it and very cool that they provided it with you. You also get the really cool ‘Q’ connectors, or that’s what Asus calls them, these are MSIs and they’re actually a little bit better. They’re labeled better. I like that. And they’re all color coated, so pretty much you connect your front panel connectors to these first, and then you have all those cables on one little bracket and then you plug this little bracket in, and that saves you time and headaches and cut-up knuckles and stuff like that. Let me go over it with you real quick, I want to show you on the board also, that you do have more than just your PCI Express ’cause some… Not everyone is just going to game, some people might want to do some other stuff. This is your first PCI Express x1 slot. This is going to be for the dedicated sound card that comes with it. You have a secondary one which goes right there. You can do just about anything with that. That’s a very powerful expansion card slot, and one more than everyone else. Which is pretty nice. This one has 2 PCI 2.2 slots. So if you probably have a video card you’re probably not going to be using them that much, but they are there, and you can add expansion cards, peripherals, RAID cards, you can add TV tuners, all that great stuff and if you look right down here… Moving it on down. There you go. There are all your buttons. So there’s you Power your Reset, and this is the button to use the overclock overclocking on the fly using the little screen. The dock to LED 2, you also notice you have a bunch of headers down here, for firewire, and for USB 2.0 as well as your front panel connectors. There’s a lot of great stuff on this board. It’s a very very good looking board, and they have a lot of colors on here. It looks really sharp and also, let’s talk a little bit about overclocking. Because this board has gone over 200 MHz host frequency, and that was just me personally on a 920 Intel Core i7. Some people have taken this as high as 220 MHz of that host frequency and on the 920 and on the 940 that’s over 4 GHz. That’s very very fast overclock. Also what’s really important on this board is… Actually I forgot to show that. Look in here. Look how many VRMs you have! You have a ton of VRMs and it’s not just for the CPU. You have 2 + 2 phase power for your North bridge, your CPU Encore. You have 6 phases for the CPU. So right down there… There you go, now you can see them. There’s 6. 3 and 3, so that’s 6 phases for the CPU. You have the readout module, which is very important and in case you don’t know what CPU Encore is, I had a… First I was like: “What’s this CPU Encore?” It’s everything but the processor itself. So it’s the L3 Cache, the QPI, the memory controller and the North bridge. Those are all part of the Encore, and so obviously with more phases of power they’re going to run cooler, more efficient, and you’re going to get better voltages to everything. To your QPI, to your processor, to your memory, even to your video cards and your slots themselves are actually going to get better, cleaner power. If you have a good power supply, a good power conditioner, and good VRMs that are high quality like these are, and good cooling you’re going to get a really awesome overclock. You also have Ferrite Core Chokes all over the board, and polymerized capacitor all over the board as well. You’re actually getting the high-C capacitors what they call them, and the VRMs all have Ferrite Core Chokes as well all those Core Chokes that you’re seeing there. All these capacitors over here, are the high-C ones. They’re highly, what is it? Conductive polymer, and then everything else is aluminum capped, all the other capacitors were aluminum capped, what else do you get there? Temperature probes. Let’s get into the temperature probes, ’cause that’s a bunch of… That’s a whole other box to go over I forgot about that. Let’s go into these temperature probes and get stuff now. I’ll go over what you get in the box. You get a really good manual, pretty concise and thick. Some pictures. Good stuff. You also get a Sound Blaster manual for your audio card, in case you don’t know how to use your audio card. Make sure you plug in your front panel connectors to your audio card. It’s the only place they’re going to go. This is your temperature probe. So this is interesting just like a couple of the other great brands are, you get these temperature probes. And you can pretty much put these wherever you want. They plug into your motherboard via this header, and with that you can program them to do overheat protection, or to monitor temperatures through your Bias, or through the operating system so that’s very very useful, especially on highly overclocked systems that run hot. This is your audio loop cable. Which you will use to send sound to your video card. You also get these expansions for eSATA, which are quite useful. Nice and tidy. They have power on the back, you also get a bunch of these SATA power adaptors that go from 4 pin Molex to SATA. 3 of those in the box. I think that’s more than everyone else provides. Tons of SATA cables. Need SATA cables? They come with the system. That’s 2.. 4.. 6 SATA cables and they even throw in an eSATA cable which is really nice. Directions to using the Green ‘Ginie’ Power Box. I don’t think too many of the overclockers are really going to care about that too much. They don’t really care about the power they care about the frequency. Check out. More USB 2.0 to add to the back with a header and I love how they put the little USB symbol… There it is. Looks kind of cool. What else do you get? Oh, this is a SATA power, to 4 pin. This port, the reason it has that 4 pin Molex connector on the back, is so you can get a regular old hard drive, without being in an enclosure, you plug this in here, and then you power up that SATA drive, outside of an enclosure, outside of a computer with this, and you hook it up with eSATA. Oh my gosh. That is the most genius yet dumb thing I’ve ever.. I can’t believe no one thought of it earlier. What a great idea. Also included in the box. These are SLI and CrossFire, so you get both of them in the box. MSI is doing a good job. You also get a padded input/output shield with paint, and no foam on the back, but at least it’s painted so it looks nice. And a bunch of disks, and utilities, MSI extras, and this is your Creative Sound Blaster card. So, now you know everything that’s in the box, you know that it overclocks, you know what it looks like. It’s MSI’s newest line. The X58 Eclipse from MSI, it’s their new top of the line, it’s above the platinum. They still have the platinum if you don’t need the extreme overclocking, but it’s got all the features that you want, it’s got all the hardware on the board, all the expansions, all the conductivity, it’s an amazing board, and it’s priced a little bit cheaper than some of the other boards, for some reason, which I don’t know ’cause it’s a very high quality board. If you have any questions about it, go ahead and email me, at this email address, and I will see you guys next time. For more information on the MSI Eclipse X58 motherboard, go to anyone of these major retailers and type in: M452-6052 into their search engine. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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